Paris Bar Crawl

When you’re in Paris, it is almost compulsory for you to partake in at least one Paris Bar Crawl. Whether you’re here alone or with friends, Bar Crawl (pub crawl) is a great experience. It is a way to socialize with locals, students, and travelers while enjoying discounted drinks and complimentary shots.

Paris Nightlife

Are you rather seasoned visitor when it comes to Paris, or is it your first time? Either way, nightlife in the City of Lights can be a bit tricky, if you don’t know where exactly to go. Most Paris pubs, bar, and clubs demand an entrance fee and the drinks can be quite costly. But let’s be honest, we all know that it is expensive in Paris. So how can you deal with it?

Party Like a Local

What if I told you that you can experience Paris like a local, only for a fraction of the price? Imagine, you would get free entry to 3 bars and a club. You would get a free shot in each venue and you’d be offered special drink deals and discounts. And as a bonus, you’d also meet up with a friendly bunch of locals, Parisians students, and backpackers. Sound great doesn’t it?

paris bar crawl

Paris Pubs

Paris is known to be very expensive. However, even when you get past that, you might face another problem. Some pubs and bars are rather accustomed to a specific clientele. It can be hard to find a venue that would suit your taste. Some bars cater to locals only and you might not be let inside. Or worse, you would pay an entry fee to get in, only to find out that inside, you are looked upon as an unwelcome intruder.


Tourist Traps

On the other side of a spectrum are the clubs suited to tourists. Locals can go inside but why would they? The drinks are unreasonably expensive, the whole venue is crowded with loud, sweaty people. The locals and any reasonable beings avoid these places for all costs. No one wants to pay 2-3 times more for diluted drinks.

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Over all, there is a ton of bars, pubs, and clubs in Paris. However, to truly enjoy your night, you need to have a specific “know-how”. That’s where we come in!

Paris Bar Crawl

A bar crawl is definitely something everyone needs to try at least once in their lifetime.

How does it work? You get to an agreed meeting point, where you will meet your night-guides, along with other travelers, students, and locals. You show the guides your reservation, or you pay on the spot. In return, you will be warmly welcomed with your first shot of the night! Now, sit down, chat with other bar-crawlers and get to know each other.

Enjoy the Atmosphere

After a while, the guides will gather everyone to finish their drinks, or to get them into plastic cups and the whole group is good to go to the 2nd bar. There, another shot awaits you. The guides always make sure everyone has a great time. Don’t worry if you’re an introvert or just shy, our guides always know how to engage with everyone, so that no one feels alone during this amazing night! The same happens in the 3rd bar, after which you continue to the last venue.

Where to End the Night?

Now, during the week the last venue is a special bar, that is opened until early morning. It this scenario, you get a 4th shot you can enjoy with your new friends. If you attend the Paris pub crawl during the weekend, the guides will take you to a club (as the 4th venue). There the regular entry fees could reach 20€, however, with our bar crawl, you will get inside for completely free! Isn’t that great?

paris bar crawl

Why Are We the Best?

With our bar crawl, you won’t have to worry about any tourist traps! We’ll always make sure you have fun and awesome time with unique people from all around the world. What’s more, we are the only Pub Crawl that operates in the Latin Quarter – the heart and soul of Parisian nightlife!

What more could you wish for? Don’t hesitate and join our Paris Bar Crawl tonight!

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Final Word

Paris Pub Crawls are really the best way for tourists to mingle with the locals, talk with backpackers who just crossed Europe and to meet new people. In short, simply have an awesome time! Whether you visit Paris alone or with friends, to join Riviera Bar Crawl Paris is the best way to meet with the locals in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

By the way, don’t forget to toast to your newly found friends with good health and avoid 7 years bad luck (or bad sex depending on who you ask). Santé!