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Reward your personnel with the best employee incentives

Do you ever find that your crew is disengaged? We take ordinary business activities and make them extraordinary. Our employee incentives offerings are geared toward fostering interaction, imagination, planning, camaraderie, inspiration, and having a good time all around.

Choose between a luxurious yacht trip in Saint-Tropez, a night out in the city of lights, a day paddle boarding in the blue waters of the Mediterranean, and much more.

What are employee incentives?

If you see one or more of your team members may have been experiencing burnout following a rough patch, or they may have seemed less driven than usual, we can help you. Burnout can lead to decreased productivity and higher employee turnover, especially among your best and brightest. Furthermore, low morale can lead to high turnover and low productivity, which can hurt your business’ bottom line.

The goal of employee incentive programs is to get your talented personnel motivated and retained. But what are they? Employee incentives are the perks and payoffs you offer your employees to encourage them to act desirably.

They can be in the shape of anything from financial aid to increased vacation days to a more relaxed dress code. For instance, employees are more likely to feel invested in the firm and its goals if they are offered incentive programs that reflect those goals and are consistent with the company’s culture.

We offer a wide range of exciting and unique outdoor corporate team-building activities in France that can become a part of your employees incentives plans. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular options.

–       Private Yacht Rental:

Get some fresh air and vitamin D while harboring in one of our luxurious yachts. Our business will make short work of planning your yacht-based employee incentive cruise. We have a variety of luxurious boats that can accommodate any group size and activities. In addition to taking in the beautiful coastline landscape, you can get in on the fun by joining in with the rest of your team, thanks to our knowledgeable and experienced crew.

–       After work Pub Crawls:

A bar crawl is a prearranged, all-inclusive night out, during which an individual pays a fixed cost to gain access to multiple bars and clubs, receive drink specials and discounts, and mingle among them. Choose between all our cities and we’ll organize the best night out for your company. You can sit back, relax and enjoy seeing how your team connects inside and outside of the office.

–       Stand up paddle in the Mediterranean

Your team may rediscover one another and nature on a stand up paddle board, a medium that is both novel and neutral. Taking a break from the workplace for a day of fun in the water can open up channels of communication between you and your team that would otherwise be impossible to pursue, they’re great employee incentives. When you return to the workplace, we promise you’ll find a more upbeat and productive atmosphere thanks to the increased employee involvement and team collaboration.

Anyone who wants to give it a try will find that stand up paddle boarding is a great activity. Offering both a hard test of one’s physical mettle to the adventurers in the party and a more sedate pursuit to those in search of rest and relaxation.

–       Other Team Building activities

For any corporate endeavor, the question of “how to construct a group, encourage teams, and gather a strong team and its members behind a mission, a shared goal, and this in the long term?” is of paramount importance. The team building will strengthen the bond between workers by participating in a variety of enjoyable, athletic, or imaginative activities.

The point? Encourage cooperation, create bonds, deepen understanding, and spice up office life. The mutual understanding and cooperation it fosters are two of its primary effects. Furthermore, it facilitates the new employee’s rapid assimilation into the “circle” of the organization.

Leave your workplace behind! Together we’ll create an unforgettable time!

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