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Throw The Perfect Bachelorette Party Abroad With Us!

The point of a bachelorette party is to make memories that will last a lifetime. If you are planning or going to one bachelorette party this year, it should be a memorable night no matter how or where you spend it. Many places come to mind when you think about a bachelorette trip, but we’re here to inspire you with the best bachelorette party destinations!

Want to get away to the beach? What about a luxurious yacht trip with your best friends in “la Côte d’Azur.” A crazy “final toast?” Try Bar Crawling in Paris! Do you like wine? Consider a wine-tasting experience.

What’s a Hen Do or a Bachelorette Party?

During the wedding planning process, there are many ways to celebrate the couple and married life. However, the bachelorette party is the only event that is all about the bride. The bachelorette party has changed a lot from when it was just a dinner or lunch the day before the wedding to when it is now a full-fledged destination weekend with matching swimsuits, private boat charters, limousine trips, and even its own hashtags.

A bachelorette party is a celebration for a woman about to get married. Most of the time, the bride’s closest friends and family are there. A common joke is that the bachelorette is your last night of freedom. However, it’s much more than that; it’s a way for women to honor other women and spend time with those they care about.

How does a Bachelorette party work?

Men in thongs, shot glasses around the neck, and rhinestone-covered gear that says “Team Bride” can be the first thing that pops to mind, however, they’re not the rule. The best parties are a carefully choreographed mix of catching up with friends and getting drunk (what happens at the bachelorette stays at the bachelorette). So it all depends on your mood, on the things you like, and on how you’re willing to spend your day/night!

Who should plan it?

The maid of honor, a small group of bridesmaids, or a small group of close friends usually plan the bachelorette party, but there are no hard rules. It’s fine if the bride wants to plan the hen do on her own. The most important thing to remember is that a lot of ideas can quickly turn into a disaster, so try to keep it simple. Most Hen dos take place one or two months before the wedding.

So depending on how big the bachelorette party will be, you should start planning anywhere from three to six months ahead of time. This will give enough time to find out what the bride and guests want and make the necessary reservations or bookings to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Organize your hen do abroad!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve always wanted to go to Mexico or if the bride has been to Paris a million times. If she wants to go to Paris, that’s where everyone goes. The best international places for a bachelorette party are very different, from Las Vegas to luxurious destinations like Saint Tropez.

When choosing a location, the first thing you should think about is how many people will be there. Different kinds of people might go to different international bachelorette spots. So, if you want a party that is lively and full of energy, you should probably choose a place outside or on the beach.

Choose between an idyllic destination – The French Riviera, or one of the cities that has inspired most people – Paris

Are you looking for new ways to celebrate your bachelorette? Together we’ll create an unforgettable experience for the bride and her friends. A Day they’ll never forget!
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