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We all have the wish to discover as much as we can when we are traveling to a new city or a new country, And when you are traveling to France, finding and understanding the local culture is also going through discovering its gastronomy.

Whether you are a foreign traveler in France, a local who is hosting some international friends who come to visit us from time to time with the desire to discover the real France, food tours are the best way to get to know the locals, their city, and their culture through what they like to eat and where they like to eat it.

Why should you go on a food tour?

As a traveller and a tourist, we dream of Paris, Nice, Monaco, The French Riviera, as we could dream of Tokyo or New York and we do not want to miss their stay. We want to discover the French flavours, to taste good regional products, but also to try and experience excellent wines.

So, what could prove to be a complicated to plan, should quickly become both relaxed and fun thanks to the great concept of Food Tours.

To understand more about what a great food tour is, we have met some local tour guides who are hosting the best food tours in Nice. Riviera Bar Crawl & Tours is an expert for private guided tours, walking tours, pub crawls, and other fun activities on the French Riviera and in Paris. It is a young company with local talented individiuals that offers the opportunity to discover a city and the French gastronomy differently!

The concept of food tours

If you want to do a food tour on the French Riviera, you can choose to discover cities such as Nice, Monaco, Antibes, or more. To offer quality culinary tours in different cities and districts, a great food trip should be led by “gastronomes”, local guides, and lovers of the city you are visiting. These food tour guides should love their district but also the right products.

A food tour should also be made to discover a city and its best tradesmen in small groups. On the program, a visit of 5, 6, 7 or more boutiques, handpicked, and you should be able to taste some 10 to 15 different local products: macaroons, cheese, wine, olive oil, tapenade, etc.

But a food tour is not all about food and drink. You should get you to discover the local life and the food culture, through private tours, walking tours, stops at local food stalls, or even a cooking class.

A food tour should also be able to host people in different languages such as English, French, and Spanish but also other languages!

The concept of a great food tour should also take you to different neighborhoods of the city, to see the local food markets, so you can taste the food and feel the local atmosphere, with some focus on wine and food pairing.

The best food tour organizers carefully select each establishment and product presented. They ensure that they respect the values we wish to highlight: quality of products, traditional know-how, a regional approach of the products, a craft production, all elements that form the specificity of the French Terroir and the reputation of French gastronomy in the world.

All the workshops, food stops, have been developed specifically for the guests, according to their specifications, and are directly driven by the people you meet along the way and the products presented.

The food tour options

Riviera Bar Crawl and Tours is an agency specialized in the organization of activities and guided tours on the French Riviera and Paris. You can choose between walking tours, private guided tours to discover the best monuments and sites, or opt for food tours on the theme of French gastronomy, enology, and local products.

A food tour is a form of cultural tourism. The discovery of a region defines itself through the experiences of tasting and the highlights of the gastronomic heritage of France in  several ways:

  • Guided gourmet tours in vibrant cities such as Nice, Cannes or Monaco
  • Tasting workshops and atypical meals
  • Custom cooking classes
  • Excursions and gastronomic trips

In any case, when you choose a food tour, the highlights and the activities are:

  • An original and fun theme combining culture, gastronomy, and history
  • A selection of the greatest food lovers and local food artisans from the area
  • Expert guides in food and food cultures
  • Generous tastings to try local specialties
  • Smaller groups for better interaction
  • Routes and explanations adapted according to the public

All our services offered in a great food tour are carefully created. You should have the option to organize a custom food tour from A to Z internally by a multicultural team composed of experts in food cultures who share a shared passion for gastronomy and who wish to transmit their knowledge.

Each new gourmet destination is the subject of extensive studies and research beforehand, both historically, geographically, architecturally, and culturally. Expert guides of French culinary heritage should lead all walks and gastronomic tours.

From that point, the opportunities are endless, and you open yourself to incredible discoveries and a better understanding of the city and the region you are visiting. The themes for your next food tour are endless: French luxury food, Terroir and landscape, local eating, labels and quality, organic market, traditional food shops, the world of pastry, chefs, and even new modes of consumption with local food trucks and street food.