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Riviera Bar Crawl Paris – Pub Crawl Paris

The Bull's Brothers Pub, 27 Rue de la Huchette, 75005 Paris



Tour Type

Specific Tour

Group Size

100 people


English, French


Pub Crawl Paris Latin Quarter

The #1 Nightlife Experience in Paris Latin Quarter

How does it work? Your Pub Crawl Paris starts out at Bulls Bothers Pub, a bar famous for its spirited welcome. It’s just off the left bank close to Île de la Cité. We go on to various stops for drinks, games, and more fun stuff at a range of venues. We visit a selection of the Best Paris’s Bars located on the Latin Quarter and the rest, as they say will be history.  A great party needs great party people, and at Pub Crawl Paris we have some of the best. They’re the fun ones in the red tee-shirts who will welcome you, explain the plan and introduce you to all the other people.

Let’s have a good time Together !


During your Pub Crawl Paris, we have one major aim: to give everyone a great night out in Paris. Actually, much more than just “great”. We want it to be the night that, on the morning after, you say, “Wow, We had a blast together!!”

Come and party with us as we take to the pubs and bars and end the night in one of Paris’s Latin quarter Bar. Here is your ticket for a really good night out! If you want to know the best places to go? Don’t worry we have it all covered.

So, come and hang out with us. Join us as we party our way through some of Paris’s best nightlife!

Awesome hosts make the Pub Crawl Paris a smash hit.

If you want to party hard and meet new people, then this is for you. We guarantee, free entry to venues, crazy games, amazing drinks deals, and best of all we help you meet, mingle, dance and party all night long.

It’s so much more than just a night out.

Pub crawl Paris will create everlasting memories of a fantastic time when you met new people  and just laughed and laughed. Ever tried playing French Paquito, Flip Cup, Body Shot or Limbo? We guarantee you will never forget the fun!

Paris at night is an eclectic mix of sights and lights. From the bourgeois chic of the Latin Quarter cafes to its many pulsating clubs, there is something special for everyone.


You’re going out for the night in Paris so there is a dress code of course. We want you to have a wonderful time so please bring your best look and all will be well. Strictly, no flip-flops, tracksuits, football shirts, shorts or tank tops.

That said, it’s fairly laid back and casual.

The total walking time is about half an hour. About 10 minutes between each bar.

It is strictly forbidden to bring alcohol from outside. It is also strictly forbidden to use drugs. If someone does not respect these rules, no refund will be made in both cases.
There are limited spaces available each night, so we recommend that you Book online in advance as there is limited places

You must be 18+, but 80 is fine too. We really believe that you’re never too old to have a fun time.

We also do bespoke and original parties for private clients, groups, and corporates. Contact us anytime to see how we can put some fun into your next project.

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  • Experience the Nightlife of Paris with Professionals
  • Visit 2 or 3 of the coolest bars in Paris and a club (2 bars & 1 club during the week / 3 bars & one Club on the weekend)
  • Vip & Free Entry for every bar on the tour
  • Buy one drink and get a free shot (one per bar)
  • Amazing drink specials
  • Fun and Ice-breaking Drinking Games
  • Party with People from all around the world


  • Visit 2 bars & 1 club during the week / Visit 3 bars & one Club on the weekend
  • Buy one drink and get a free shot (one per bar)
  • Free entry to all venues
  • Great-value drink deals
  • Hen and stag party bookings – free place for the bride or bridegroom
  • Private hen and stag party add 100€ for our awesome private guide
  • Private hen party and stag party – stripper show – 300€
  • Drinks


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Tour's Location

The Bull's Brothers Pub, 27 Rue de la Huchette, 75005 Paris


What is included in the Riviera Bar Crawl Paris ticket?

The Bar Crawl ticket offers a guided tour of different venues, consisting of four bars/ Clubs. At each bar, enjoy discounts ranging from 30% to 50% on selected drinks, predominantly beer, wine and mixed drinks. But also receive a bonus perk: get one free shot with a drink purchase. Throughout the evening, various games are organized to enhance friendship within the group, alongside Fun entertainment, offering opportunities to meet and connect with new people. This is all complemented by Friendly hosts committed to ensuring a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.

Can I still join the event if I haven't pre-booked online for the Riviera Bar Crawl Paris ?

Certainly. Even if you haven't made an online booking, you're welcome to join the bar crawl at any point during the night. The price varies according to the season. From April to September, it's 35€ on the spot, and from October to March it's 30€ (excluding special events like Halloween, New Year's Eve, and St. Patrick's Day..)You can pay on the spot either with credit card.

What’s the cancellation policy at Riviera Bar Crawl & Tours ?

4.1 An organizer is entitled to cancel or change the date of an event. Should this happen, Riviera Bar crawl & Tours will attempt to provide a suitable solution. If an event is cancelled or postponed, Riviera Bar crawl & Tours will do its utmost to inform you as soon as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the consumer will be informed before the start of the event and we cannot be held liable for any costs incurred. 4.2 Before confirming your booking, always check carefully that you have booked the correct tickets. All cancelations made 48 hours prior the event will be refunded 70%, there is no refund after this delay. If your ticket is damaged to such an extent that its authenticity can no longer be verified, you may contact Riviera Bar crawl & Tours. You will then be informed of further action to be taken.

Where is the meeting place and time for the Riviera Bar Crawl Paris ?

We meet at Bulls Brother’s 27 Rue de la Huchette, 75005 Paris from 20:30pm and 21:30pm (20H30/21H30). Afterward, we'll transition to the next bar.

How can I spot my guides ?

You can  find your guides once you step inside the bar. Keep an eye out for individuals dressed in distinctive red attire, whether it's a t-shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, or adorned with a badge  awaiting your arrival.

How is working the check in ?

The check-in process is quite simple. Upon arrival, you'll need to present your reservation to the guide, who will then verify your booking. It's recommended to have your tickets ready, and a screenshot on your phone is sufficient, printing is not necessary. Once your reservation is confirmed, they will provide you with a wristband, explain the details of the night's events, and offer you a welcome shot to kick off the festivities. Additionally, you can scan the map of the evening's route for reference in case you get lost and follow us on social media to get the group photo.

What is the duration of the Riviera Bar Crawl Paris ?

The bar crawl typically extends for around 4 hours. The bars / Clubs are open until 5 am, providing you with the opportunity to prolong the festivities at your own pace.

How do we facilitate connections among guests throughout the night ?

Your lively team will introduce you to fellow participants, creating a friendly atmosphere. We organize ice breaking games like beer pong and limbo to encourage interaction and connection. Additionally, your Fun staff will introduce you to other guests, ensuring everyone feels welcomed and engaged.

Who is the Bar Crawl suitable for ?

The Bar Crawl welcomes individuals aged 18 and above. There is no upper age limit; whether you're 84 or younger, if you're seeking a good time and aiming to meet new people, you're welcome to join us. Our attendees come from diverse backgrounds worldwide, so English is predominantly spoken. However, on specific nights, we also have French, Spanish, Italian, German and many more languages. The aim of the Bar Crawl is to provide an opportunity to socialize, have a good time, and party.

Can I pay by credit card in the Bars ?

Majority of the bars we visit accepts cards, however, in some bars there is a minimum amount to pay in case you want to use card. We also have one bar that does not accept cards at all, and therefore, to be safe, we suggest you have some amount of cash on you.

Will we play any games during the evening ?
Where can I find the group photo from the bar crawl ?

You can access photos through our Instagram account on the story the following day, or via our Facebook page 


Which bars are included in the itinerary for the night?
I'm running late for the Riviera Bar Crawl Paris. Can you please provide me with the timing of the bar crawl and let me know where you're currently located ?
Where do we finish the Riviera Bar Crawl Paris and how do I get home after?

We finish the Bar Crawl at a club conveniently located in Paris Odeon or Denfert rochereau. From there, you're within walking distance to the tube station. For a convenient and cost-effective way to return home, we recommend taking Bolt. You can easily book a ride via this link.


When do you operate the Riviera bar crawl Paris ?

Here's the schedule for our public bar crawls:

  • January, February, March, April, May, June, October, November, Décember : Tuesday, Thursday,  Friday, Saturday

  • July, August : Every day

  • September : Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

  • October: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday

  • November: Friday, Saturday

  • Special event NYE / Halloween / St Patrick’s

Additionally, we're open on February 13 for Valentine's Day and March 16 for St. Patrick's Day. We also operate the day before bank holidays on the following dates:

  • March 30 (Saturday)

  • April 30 (Tuesday)

  • May 7 (Tuesday)

  • May 8 (Wednesday)

  • May 19 (Sunday)

  • July 13 (Saturday)

  • August 14 (Wednesday)

  • November 10 (Sunday)


For private Bar Crawls, we operate all year round. You can book directly through our booking system.

How can I book a private Riviera Bar Crawl Paris and what does it includes ?


You can book your private Riviera Bar Crawl in Paris via our booking system on this webpage. We offer private bar crawls for groups starting from 10 guests. The price is 80€ per person and includes private guides, 3 drinks, 3 free shots, and VIP entry to clubs and bars. For each extra person the price cost is 70€.

For private Students bar crawls groups over 35 guests contact us at to get a custom rate

Can I still be a part of the bar crawl if I choose not to consume alcoholic beverages?

Certainly! Whether you drink alcohol or not, you're welcome to join the bar crawl. It's open to anyone who wants to have a great time, socialize, and meet new people, regardless of whether they choose to drink or not. 

When you check in, simply inform our guide of your arrival, and we'll be sure to offer you a non-alcoholic shot! The price remains the same as for the regular bar crawl.

How much walking is involved in the Riviera Bar Crawl Paris ?

You should allow between 5 and 15 minutes to walk between each bar. The bars are conveniently situated next to each other in Nice's Old Town. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes for your stroll!


Can I use a picture/copy of my ID or a driver's license for identification ?

Most bars do not accept a photocopy of your ID or driver's license as valid identification. If the bar's security does not permit entry, unfortunately, there is little we can do about it.


How many people take part in the Riviera Bar Crawl Paris ?

Each Bar Crawl is distinctive, with participant numbers ranging from a minimum of 4 guests required to run a bar crawl to as many as 200. In instances of larger groups, we can arrange two separate Bar Crawls starting at different times, guaranteeing that everyone can fully enjoy the bars/ Clubs without overcrowding.


Is it possible to receive a discount or obtain free tickets?

Certainly! Yes, discounts are offered for participation in some of our tours, and you'll receive a discount for your next reservation. 

Additionally, we provide group discounts for bookings with 15 people or more. You can book directly via this page and select the group tickets option, where the reduction will be automatically applied.

For bachelor or bachelorette parties (Hen Do/Stag Do), the spot for the groom or bride is complimentary. To avail, simply make an online booking and send us an email at with the booking number, full name, and surname. We'll then include the bride or groom in the booking.

For birthdays: Celebrate your birthday with us on the Bar Crawl, your ticket is complimentary! Simply email us at with a photocopy of your ID for a free Ticket. Please remember to bring your original ID on the same day for verification."


Is there a specific dress code for the Riviera Bar Crawl in Paris ?

Absolutely! We aim for everyone to enjoy themselves, so casual and smart attire such as T-shirts and shirts are perfectly suitable. In the summer, jeans, shorts, and chinos are acceptable, but tank tops, track suits, and flip-flops are not permitted. Please note that for specific events such as New Year's Eve, a smart dress code may be required.


What safety precautions should I take during the bar crawl? Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health

  • Prevention habits for your safety in the evening:

We recommend for your safety that you do not accept drinks from people you do not know unless the order was placed in front of you at the bar. We have a need for security to prevent ill-intentioned people from introducing illicit substances into your drinks. Our goal is for you to have fun and enjoy your evening. Our guides are present to assist you if needed.

  • Drink alcohol in moderation

text Consume alcohol in moderation to preserve your well-being. Knowing your limits, staying hydrated, planning your transport, informing yourself about the risks and encouraging each other are simple but crucial actions. Together, let's cultivate a responsible approach to safe and enjoyable moments.Take care of yourself,

How to recover quickly from a hangover ?

Iceman Wim Hof reveals the 5 steps to follow to get rid of a hangover quickly.

If the feats accomplished by Wim Hof encourage you to try his method for getting rid of a hangover quickly, here are the 5 steps the Dutchman advises you to follow:

Make yourself comfortable: It's important to make sure you're sitting or lying down in a comfortable position. When you're ready to start, take 30 full breaths using either your nose or your mouth. Make sure you start from your centre and work your way up into your lungs.

Breathe deeply: Next, take 60 quick breaths, also known as powerful breathing. This can also feel like hyperventilating, but you need to concentrate and make sure that the breath is coming from your belly, rather than your chest. After 60 breaths, take a deep breath and hold it for 15 seconds.

Hold everything: After another 30 breaths, exhale completely and hold your breath for 60 seconds. A minute is a long time, but you'll have a nice amount of oxygenated blood flowing through you after all those deep breaths beforehand.

Recover: When the minute is up, you can take 15 seconds to breathe normally and recover. You should now return to the starting point and repeat a new series of 30 complete breaths. You should not repeat the exercise more than three times in total.

Relax: Once the session is over, start to move your body slowly and assume the child's pose until your breathing returns to normal. You should feel like you're meditating at the end and relaxed.

Check the video


Do the venues we visit offer safety and security measures ?

Absolutely ! With a dedicated guide overseeing the experience and security personnel within the bars to manage any issues, it provides a secure environment to enjoy the nightlife with a group of people. We prioritize the safety of our guests throughout the entire experience. 

Also security staff Bars have the authority to deny entry to individuals who seem excessively intoxicated, inappropriate, or potentially risky. Our guides will accompany you to ensure your safety and you can get assistance from them. 


Do you organize bar crawls in different locations?

Yes, we organize bar crawls in various locations. We plan public bar crawls in different cities, check via our website Additionally, we arrange private bar crawls in specific cities, accommodating groups of varying sizes. For inquiries or to plan a private bar crawl in a particular city and specify the number of attendees, please contact us via email at 


Do you need assistance for something else ?

Please refer to our FAQ page for general inquiries. You can find it here: 👍


Based on 38 reviews
Very Good
Pub crawl Paris

Amazing pub-crawl!

We came to Paris with 46 Dutch students and took a pubcrawl with Riviera. The communication while planning this went very efficiently. The pubcrawl itself was a lot of fun. Two guys gave the tour, their English was excellent which was very convenient. They kept the group together so the usual leaders got to enjoy too. Definitely recommend taking the pub-crawl!
Pub crawl Paris

Greatest Experience with Greatest Host

It was wonderful experience, I did twice within a week and Our host (Jack) was very friendly and has introduced us to different bars. Great crowd and very friendly atmosphere.
Pub crawl Paris

Marketing director

was such a great experience. I was on a solo trip to Paris so I joined the pub crawl to meet new people. I was in great company all night with the one of the best people I have ever meet the guide of the group jiiiiiiiiimmy
Pub crawl Paris

A night full of bliss

We had an amazing experience and met a lot of incredible and enlightened people. We are truely grateful for this opportunity and organization which puts so much effort in group dynamics. Therefore, everyone felt home in the group and enjoyed themselves. Big shout out to George and Amine who made a great effort in making the party and being the life of the party. It was a blessing to be part of this unforgettable experience. I wish it excists in every part of the world.
View More
Pub crawl Paris
Fay Van der lugt

You need to do this when you visit Paris! :)

I went to Paris with my bestfriend and we booked this pub crawl: we had the best night! Met great people and our host Emma and Amine where very friendly and took good care of everyone. A must when you visit Paris!
Pub crawl Paris

Would do it again and again!

My best childhood friend and I went on the bar crawl and it was great fun exploring through the city! We made new friends that we still catch up with months later despite living in different parts of the world. Lea and Amine were so friendly and lovely people to get to know :) When I visit Paris again, whoever I’m with, I’m bringing them on this fun night out!
Pub crawl Paris
The 6pm Delivery


Pub crawl Paris
The 6pm Delivery


Pub crawl Paris


Excellent experience! The best bar crawl in Paris! Special mention to Amine
Pub crawl Paris
Heather Cook


I had the best night in Paris on this pub crawl! Amine is the best guide :) He made everyone feel included and made sure we were all having the best time. It was an amazing night to remember <3
Pub crawl Paris
William Jodelais


Anthony was a very good guide for the evening, he made us present each other it was very cool
Pub crawl Paris

Great Night Out

Me and my sister had an amazing Friday night on the pub crawl. George and Amine were great guides, they created a really fun and safe atmosphere. Would highly recommend and was an unforgettable night out.
Pub crawl Paris
Philipp & Samira

10/10 would book again

Even though we did the tour on a Monday it was a very nice experience. The guide (Amine) was very helpful in plenty of situations. He did a great job. We will never forget this evening in Paris and it was a great experience meeting new people :) PS: Maybe see you on Oktoberfest ;)
Pub crawl Paris
Mons Supani


Had a great time at the bar crawl - big shoutout to George who made it a great experience. Will defo be back to do it again!
Pub crawl Paris

So good I went there 3 times!

Was in Paris for a coule of weeks and each time I went it was an absilutely smashing time! I've been to pub crawls in many cities but this one is by far the best of the lot. Special shoutout to Amin and george for being great hosts!
Pub crawl Paris

February 1st bar crawl

Had an absolutely amazing time on this tour! Met so many people and loved the hosts. George was a stellar guide and excellent wingman, 10/10 recommend this tour.
Pub crawl Paris
Vivi was so nice did a great job in ensuring everyone is having fun and feeling good at all times. Especially loved the beer pong game!! I had a great time and did not want it to be over – will join again I promise!
Pub crawl Paris
I attended the bar crawl tour last night and I am still a bit hungover to be honest. Anyway it I wanted to say thank you to the organizers for this unforgettable night!! i would recommend this activity to everyone visiting Paris and looking for a local experience.
Pub crawl Paris
Good fun with exceptional hosts who led us to 4 fantastic locations. Well worth the money. Gozde was just great and so were all the participants. Everyone was happy and singing and dancing. I had a great night thanks to all of you !
Pub crawl Paris
I had such a great time, met a lot of people, talk, laughed and danced like crazy! Hahah I'm so happy for meeting Grace, that introduce me to all of this! Also the drinks were all on point (really good)! Everything was perfect ♡ Thank you, Grace!!! :)
Pub crawl Paris
Perfect activity if you are looking for a fun nightout with strangers. Viviana & Jordan showed us around some of the best bars in paris. Received nice discounts and specials all night long. I definitely recommend 🙂
Pub crawl Paris
I met the best group of people on my pub crawl on Thursday! It was such an awesome way to interact and have a laugh with people from all over the world, without a language barrier! Perfect with a friend, or even solo. Our tour guide Grace helped us fit right in and make it a night to remember. Thanks a lot guys!
Pub crawl Paris
It was a monday night so i wasn’t expecting much but we ended up with a good sized friendly group of people which made the night well worth it. Shoutout to angel one of the guides for making the night even better by getting us all involved. All in all the night had a great vibe and id definetly do it again.
Pub crawl Paris
Cool pub crawl, well organized and structured with well selected bars and clubs. There were many attendees that night which I liked because the vibe was just craaaazy. Thanks you grace for the this experience. I recommend!!!
Pub crawl Paris
I went on the pub crawl Saturday and it was a really good night, big group with a mix of people, some locals and majority other travellers. Grace the host really made an effort to make sure I was having a great night – thanks again Grace ! Highly recommend
Pub crawl Paris
I joined this crawl on Thursday. Literally everyone was in such a great mood so the vibes were awesome right from the beginning. Grace is always talking with everyone and keeping the group together. She really does a great job. Awesome night!!
Pub crawl Paris
I went there alone but I met other people and the experience was great. Grace helped me to settle in and was very funny. We were a small group but like one of us said, it's all about quality than quantity. I enjoyed my experience a lot!
Pub crawl Paris
It was so cool and I also made a few new friends, which I am always open for. Angy and Jordan are fabulous guides, caring and always making sure everyone feels comfortable and has fun 👌
Pub crawl Paris
The bar crawl was a lot of fun- Grace brought a lot of energy to the night and everyone was very friendly and chatty!
Pub crawl Paris
I went to this pubcrawl invited by Grace yesterday and I had so much fun! It’s a very fun way of exploring a cities nightlife and the local bars. Also as a lone traveller it is a great opportunity to meet new people. Definitely will recommend this to other travellers too (:
Pub crawl Paris
Phoebe N.
A great experience in every way! There were so many people but the guides had everything under control and made sure everyone felt comfortable from the start.I would encourage everyone to join when in Paris.
Pub crawl Paris
This was definitely one of our most memorable experiences in Paris. We had a great girls night out with Malek and Angel. They showed us a great time and made us feel so welcome! Great drinks, fun games, karaoke, dancing. We will definitely be back later this year to hang out again!
Pub crawl Paris

an all-round enjoyable night

The night starts with ice breaking games and we all had really fun knowing each other. After that everyone was in the mood for dancing simply having a fun time. Besides the cool team, I was lucky to have so funny participants. Laughed a lot this night - thanks X
Pub crawl Paris
puablo 111

great pub crawl with great people

It was such a great experience. I was on a solo trip to Paris so I joined the pub crawl to meet new people. I was in great company all night long. You should definitely try it when you are in Paris.
Pub crawl Paris

cool animation and lovely staff

Nice animation, most of the people participated in the games but it was not mandatory so nobody was forced to take part. I met several people from different nationalities - was super interesting to talk to them. Altough I was th only French person I managed to integrate into the group very quickly thanks to the caring Staff x x x
Pub crawl Paris
Brian N.

large number of people but very well organised!

Well organised, bit thanks to Lucas!! I will surely come back and bring my friends :) The choice of bars and club was perfect, very good atmosphere... Even with the large number of participants in the tour it was very well organised and I think everyone had an unforgettable night.
Pub crawl Paris
Sissi M.

This is a must when visiting Paris!

This is a must when visiting Paris! What a fun experience! There were around 30-40 people in our group and our host Maria took good care of everyone and always made sure that nobody was left behind when moving from one pub to another. We visited 2 pubs and 2 nightclubs. I loved every single one of them! I had the best of fun all night long - thanks to everyone!
Pub crawl Paris
Ross C
So good we went two days in a row! Started at a bar right next to our hostel and went to 4 great bars and a club. Free shot in every place and great deals on drinks. Great atmosphere and met some incredible people from all over. Shout out to the all the staff who really made the experience!
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