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Riviera Bar Crawl Toulouse

Toulouse, France

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About Toulouse

Located in the south of France, Toulouse is often overlooked as a tourist destination ! 

Toulouse is beautiful and is known as the “Pink City” because most buildings in the city used pale coloured bricks. It’s a great city to wander and look at the architecture. 

The very photogenic city hall is very similar to Buckingham Palace in London, England.

Toulouse is a large modern city. While Toulouse is known for art, history and culture. 

Today it is the fourth largest city in France, partly because of the aerospace industry.

  • Toulouse is known for its rich culinary culture. This is a city where you can eat French cuisine. When in Toulouse look for classic French cassoulet, duck confit and the Toulouse sausage.
  • Locals love rugby.  Stade Toulousain is home to the beloved “Les Rouges at Noirs.”