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Throw The Perfect Bachelor Party Abroad With Us!

Planning a stag party abroad? Stop looking and start booking! We offer the best bachelor party experiences across the French Riviera and Paris. Our activities are curated and designed to make your stag extra special. Get ready to have the stag party of a lifetime with us. We’ve got a range of activities including bar crawls, canyoning, parasailing, and more. It’s time to get away from it all and let loose with your friends so make sure you take a look at our perfect stag do ideas today!


What’s a Stag Do or a Bachelor Party?

A stag do or bachelor party (also known as a buck’s party) is a party held for a best man in preparation for his upcoming wedding. The subject of much entertainment and media interest, stag dos are associated with male-bonding, camaraderie and alcohol consumption.

A stag do can take place anywhere in the world, at any time. The aim of the event is to help him relax, enjoy some good quality time with his close friends and take his mind off all the wedding preparation. This event can be anything from bowling to skydiving, but it’s up to the groom himself to decide what he wants to do with his final few days as a single man.


How does a Bachelor party work?

A bachelor party is traditionally a private event, with lots of drinking and partying. The celebration will typically involve social activities designed to bring the bride and groom closer together. Often this event is held when the couple has separated for a day or weekend (from the wedding day), which allows the groom one final fling before settling down into matrimony.

Stag Do is aimed at creating a fun, memorable and carefree event for the groom. 

Our stag parties are planned down to the last detail in order to help ensure that you and your groom have an unforgettable time together before your big day!


Who should plan it?

A bachelor party is usually planned by the groom and close friends or family. It would be their responsibility to organize the bachelor party, but in a way that also includes his fiancée.

A bachelor party is a time for the groom to have fun with his best mates before the big day, so it’s only fitting that all of the guys should get involved in planning and organizing it. It can be daunting to plan an event for a group, this is why most of the people trust event companies.

Organize your stag party abroad!

Your best man and all the lads are off on a stag weekend. Time to pack your rucksacks and get ready to party. Stag weekends can be stressful, but don’t worry! We’ll guide you every step of the way, to plan the best trips and events. With helpful tips from our team of stag weekend experts we make it easy for you to plan a top notch weekend away with your mates.

We provide you with a package of activities you choose at the start of your stag weekend. The location of your party is up to you and can be organized anywhere in the French Riviera and in Paris. Activities may include but are not limited to bar crawls, striptease shows, limousine rides, party bus, boat tours, or an alternative activity based on what everyone would like to do!

We will take care of everything! We’ll arrange transport, the best activities in the destination, lead all the events and organize an amazing night out on the town. 

Choose between an idyllic destination – The French Riviera, or one of the cities that has inspired most people – Paris

Are you looking for new ways to celebrate your bachelorette? Together we’ll create an unforgettable experience for the bride and her friends. A Day they’ll never forget!
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