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The best way of exploring any city is on foot. And walking tours definitely provide you with the best knowledge and experience of the new city. And, the best way to discover everything a new city has to offer is with a well-informed local guide. When participating on Walking Tours, you are in the hands of a trusted local expert with years of experience and vast knowledge that are ready to share with you all the interesting and need to know info about the city. The benefits of walking tours are endless!

Joining a walking tour is a great opportunity to meet fellow travelers. And The fact that you are joining a group with a common language also creates familiarity, especially when traveling in a foreign country.

Not only are the tours a great way to meet other travelers, especially if you travel alone, but they also give you detailed information, cool facts, tips and recommendations as what to do in the city, where to eat or grab the best drink. Plus, by walking, you can get great exercise for the day, and you won’t miss hidden gems and details like street art or interesting restaurants! You can see things more closely, experience public transportation, and squeeze into small alleys. In short, your tour guides want to make sure you are having a great time on the tour.

The whole route is planned out in an efficient way, so you don’t miss the main sights and still have time to learn about the city secrets only the locals know. Our walking tours also include a break in the middle to take a rest, use the toilet, experience the local markets and even satisfy your taste buds by trying some local delicacies.

Free walking tours / Paid walking tours

How do free walking tours work?
So “how can the tours be free?”. The tours are “free”, because there is no set price for taking a tour, or for making a reservation, plus you can show up on the meeting point even without making a reservation. So, you don’t have any prescribed fee to pay before having your experience on the tour. Instead, you are free to TIP your guide as you see fit after your tour. The concept of the word “free” means that in case you feel like the tour is not what you
expected; you are also free to leave anytime.

Tipping: something to consider when taking a free tour
As the tour guides don’t receive any other income for giving these walking tours (from any organizations), this means they must really earn their tips. As their income will tend to fluctuate from tour to tour, the guides have great motivation to deliver a top-quality tour. Furthermore, tipping your guide at the end of the tour means the power is yours. Although not obligatory, you decide what the tour was worth or what you can afford, if anything.

Paid walking tours
In general, when taking a paid tour small groups are usually guaranteed. You have more personal attention from the tour guide and more space for questions and recommendations. Plus, you don’t have to fight to hear the guide, get in the shade, etc. Even though these tours have a set price you pay in advance, it is always nice to give your guide a small gratuity, if you feel like they did a good job.