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Free Nice Night Walking tour

Created with Sketch. Fontaine du Soleil, Place Massena, Nice, France



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  • Since May, 19th we finally start operating our free Nice Walking Tours again!
  • PRIOR BOOKING IS MANDATORY – Please make sure to book in advance

Preventive measures against Covid-19

  • Visitors are required to respect social distancing
  • To avoid crowds, the number of visitors is limited to 10 people per tour

Obligations of the traveller

  • Visitors are required to bring their own mask


It’s time to discover Nice by night, and see the city in a different light.

There is so much more to Nice than meets the eye; this vibrant city has gone through a lot of changes since its inception. Having been ruled by countless cultures, it’s safe to say the city is a true melting pot of its past influences.

Did you know that Nice only became French a mere 160 years ago? Well, it’s from this point of Nice’s new found identity that we begin to explore the history and the way it changed Nice into the city it is today.

Not only will you discover how Nice became French but we will take you through the city’s more modern history from the roaring twenties, the World Wars, and the most recent developments that have changed the face of the city…for the better.

During this tour, you will discover so much more than expected:

We take a look at the city from the lens of its visitors and how their presence helped shape the city into the holiday destination it is today.

Of course, we all know that the best things in life are free…and guess what, so is this tour! Our team continually works hard to ensure our tours are the best and if you decide to come along and enjoy the service we provide, we’d encourage you to leave our guides tip as a gratitude for their service.

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  • Place Masséna
  • Jardin Albert 1er
  • Beau Rivage hotel and Wintering tourists
  • Promenade des anglais
  • Opera House
  • Cours saleya
  • Prefecture Palace of Nice
  • Saint Francois Square
  • Palais Lascaris
  • Garibaldi Square


  • 2H00 guided tour of Nice at Night with a local guide
  • Meet at 5:55pm 17H55 at the sun fountain on Place Masséna in front of Apollo statue
  • Your local guide will wear a red T-shirt and carry an umbrella
  • Immediate confirmation by email: printed or mobile confirmation forms are accepted
  • Personal expenses
  • Food or drink
  • Tips Gratuities


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Tour's Location

Created with Sketch. Fontaine du Soleil, Place Massena, Nice, France


How does the free night walking tour work?
The Free Walking Tour of Nice works on the Tip bases, which means that after the tour is over, you can give your guide the amount that reflects how you enjoyed the tour. If you REALLY enjoy the tour, you can leave even 20 euros, and on the other hand, if you haven’t enjoyed yourself at all, you don’t need to Tip your guide at all!
Do all the Tips go to my guide?
We operate free walking tours, however, there is a cost to everything. To successfully operate the tours, we need to pay for administration, like the websites’ fees, materials and other things which we sometimes need to cover by a percentage of the tips. However, our guides still keep a fair share of what they make. In 2019 we also started a new initiative called the Social Riviera Project where we give 10% of our tips to a charity. We chose new charity every 3 months to make sure we are helping out in all the different areas we can.

I tried to book the tour for a group and it showed me that I should pay 7,5 euros per person. What does that mean?
We want to accommodate and offer our free tours to as many individuals as possible, therefore, in case of bookings for groups of 5 and more people, we charge 7,5 Eur per person.

Can I join the free night walking tour although I have not booked the tour online?
Yes. We will always welcome you on our free tours, whether you booked in advance or not. The only thing we will ask you upon your arrival to the meeting spot is, your email address.

Why do you need my email address?
We use your email address to send you a group picture from the tour AND to send you a little helpful guide to Nice and French Riviera, where you can find tips on where to go for typical Nicoise food, how to get around in Nice and much more.

You don’t have to be worried. We do not send out unwanted newsletters nor advertisements. The only thing you might get is a nice Christmas email wishing your great holidays!
Where can I find the photo from the tour?
During every tour we take a group picture as a memory of our time spend together. We always post these pictures on our facebook page and we also send you an email with it.
Where is the meeting place for the Free NIGHT Walking Tour of Nice?
We meet at Massena square Sun fountain, right in front of the apollo statue,7.2706213,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x77566707bed909ce?sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjXoo-XqsTzAhUFHxoKHQo_DKEQ_BJ6BAhnEAU

How do I recognize my guide?
When it comes to free walking tours of Nice, our guides will be waiting in front of the fountain, in a red company shirt and with a red umbrella. You basically cannot miss them!

What time is the meeting for the Free Night Walking Tour of Nice?
We meet at 17H55 (5:55 pm), since we need to make sure we checked everyone’s reservation. Please make sure to be there on time

How long is the free tour going for?
The tour lasts for about 2 hours.

What main points will we see in the tour?
The tour starts at Place Masséna and then moves through the Promenade du Paillon and then we head to see the sunset on the Promenade des Anglais.

The tour finishes at Place Garibaldi .

Is the tour suitable for everyone? / Can I join the tour? / Is the tour stroller friendly?
The Free Night Walking Tour of Nice is fully suitable for all ages. Strollers or wheelchairs won’t have any problems getting around on the road we take.

How can I get to the meeting place?
From the Port of Nice
You can easily walk to the meeting spot.

From the Main Train station
Go to the Gare Thiers tram stop and take a tram in the direction of Hopital Pasteur. Get off of the tram on the Masséna stop.

From Promenade
You can easily walk to the meeting spot or take tram number 2 in direction Port Lympia. Get off of the tram on the Jean Médecin stop.


Based on 12 reviews
Very Good
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris


The night walk tour was interesting! The building deemed significance when we knew the stories behind them. Our tour guide, Paula was very knowledgeable and friendly during the walk tour. It is free of charge and very beneficial to add to the Nice experience!
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris


The service was excellent, Maja is competent, professional but also very humorous. She kept everyone entertained from start to finish. We highly recommend the tour. Next time I do the Nice day tour and I will also try the day trip to Monaco.
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris


The tour guide was very professional and well-spoken. He told us many historic facts and fascinating stories of Nice in good english and sometimes translated difficult parts for non english speakers . He gave us interesting notes and advice about Nice. It was worth going!
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris


A mix of exciting stories, interesting history and fun facts. The guide was super nice and chatted with us for a while afterwards over a pint. Definitely recommendable.
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris


Doing the tour at night was something different and we wanted to check it out. It was really cool, because in summer it's so hot during the day that I prefer to lie by the sea, so I think the offer is really great and i loved the route. It was a very informative and amusing tour.
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris



watched the most beautiful sunset together

GREAT TOUR! It was such a good idea of my friend to participate in this night walking tour. I will always remember it because we witnessed the most beautiful sunset I have probably ever seen. It was magical. Julia, the lovely guide was also super kind and knowledgable about all the sights and places.
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris



Nice at night

such a cool and interesting tour through Nice at night. We did the tour in winter time which is probably the best time to do this night walking tour since everything was full of christmas lights. Very beautiful and very informative.
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris



super interesting tour and light hearted fun

We really enjoyed the tour. It was a different experience since it was during the night but we kind of liked that about it. The city is as beautiful at night as it is by daylight. Mark taught us a great mixture of history, culture, interesting stories, local food recommendations and some light hearted fun. He was excellent with tips for anything from day trips to local restaurants!
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris



Thumbs up

Very very very cool, fun and interesting tour! Would definitely join again sometimes.
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris


We had a very nice tour with Rich! He told us a lot about the history of Nice and showed us gorgeous places. Highly recommend it!☺️
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris


I took two free walking tours with Isabela in Nice: the night walking tour, in english, and the morning walking tour, in spanish. They were amazing! Isabela is super sweet and intelligent and told us about the beautiful story of Nice and many curiosities. It was a great experience and the best way to feel connected with the city. Totally recommended!!
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris

Pia R

We did the free walking night tour on Wednesday with the guide named Rich who was super enthusiastic about Nice and told us very interesting stories about the history of the city. Recommended!
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