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Antibes Private Walking Tours to visit the historical city!

The French Riviera has many beautiful spots and places to visit. Antibes should definitely be on your list if you are interested in the pre-historic times of the Romans and the English. Enjoy the beauty of the landscape with its vinyards, villas and ruins. The history of Antibes is documented in various museums, which are definitely worth a visit.

Historical art collections as well as contemporary art are embedded into the scenery of the whole region and show artworks of Matisse, Renoir, Signac and Picasso.

Furthermore, with the scenery of the hills and the coastline, Antibes is also a popular place for cycling and walking tours.

The region of Antibes has also a lot of nature parks and reserves to offer, such as the Gorges du Loup in the Cannes Region or the Lac de Saint-Cassien Nature Park.

To visit the city of Antibes on foot, a Private Tour with a professional tour guide is the best way to do it.

Enjoy a day in Antibes to explore the beauty of the historical city that is surrounded by the sea and the mountains by booking a private tour now on!

What you will see in your Antibes Private Tours?

By booking a private tour with our guides you will be able to see the most popular and also hidden spots of the town. After you get to know your guide you will start to visit the beautiful sites of the town.

Antibes Old Town

Strolling through the narrow streets of the old town of Antibes you will be amazed by the architecture of the buildings and the stunning facades which have many hidden details on the walls and doors.

Discover the charm of the small village, have a coffee in a local café and visit the markets to get to know the french cuisine and the unique, regional specialities.

The Old Town is located within the city walls and is built up around the Chateau Grimaldi. The historical building is from the 12th century and was the residence of Monaco’s royal family back in the day. Today, inside the old castle there is the Picasso Museum, a contemporary art exhibition which also shows modern art pieces from artists of the current century.

When you walk up the XIIth century towers of the chateau you see the view over the mountains in all directions – this is definitely worth a look!

The Provencal Market

During the Private Tour through Antibes you will also visit the Provencal Market. It is the perfect place to explore and taste local products. From cheeses and spices to herbs, fish, meat and flowers – the market is a beautiful place to pick up traditional Provencal style products.

The market is known to be a bit pricey, but even if you don’t want to buy products you can just wander through the market street and soak up it’s colours and smells.

Port Vauban

The old port of Antibes is the largest marina in the Mediterranean Sea. It stretches from Port Marine to Bastion Saint-Jaume. The huge port has been an important marina since the ancient times. Back in the day it was used as a naval base and for commercial use.

Today it is the home of the yacht club of Antibes. Many of the world’s largest and most expensive yachts are anchored there.

Stroll along the piers of the harbour and admire the impressive boats – from fishing boats to the most expensive yachts of famous people like Roman Abramovich (a Russian oil businessman) and Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft).

Fort Carré & Antibes Fortification

The Fort Carré is a military fort which was built in the 16th century and was the residence of Henry II. It is built up on the Saint-Roch peninsula. Also, it is located on a rock which rises 26 meters above the sea.

The walkway up to the Fort Carré rises to 43 meters and never fails to impress with a 360 degree panoramic view.

Picasso Museum from outside

During the walking tour through Antibes you will also visit the Musée Picasso Antibes from outside. Located right next to the sea it is very impressive to watch.

The artist Picasso worked and also lived there from September to November in the year 1946.


About your private guided tour in Antibes

  • Professional guide: the best way to discover everything a new city has to offer is with a well-informed local guide.
  • Duration : Around 2h hour tour.
  • Discover Antibes: with a private walking tour for 1 to 6 persons AT A SPECIAL OFFER PRICE of only 200€
  • Discover Antibes : with a private walking tour for 7 to 15 persons AT A SPECIAL OFFER PRICE of only 300€


  • for each additional adult €20/extra person

If you would prefer to start your tour from Nice:

  • add €12 for a train ticket

Book your private tours in Antibes, Cannes, Nice and Monaco now!

Enjoy unforgettable moments and visit the most beautiful places now with Riviera Bar Crawl & Tours!

Contact us for a custom-made quotation of your group exceeds 15 participants :

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  • Antibes Old Town
  • Port Vauban
  • The Provencal Market
  • Fort Carré & Antibes Fortification
  • Picasso Museum from outside


  • 1 to 6 persons AT A SPECIAL OFFER PRICE from only 33€ per person (based on total price 200€)
  • 7 to 15 persons AT A SPECIAL OFFER PRICE from only 20€ per person (based on total price 300€)
  • Drinks
  • Food
  • Personal expenses


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Antibes, France


What is a walking expert tour guide ?
A local expert who shows visitors around topics of interest in an area
What is the difference with a classic tour?
It will be just you with your guide tour ! If you would like to wait a short or a long time in one place is possible . It's a private tour so you are free to do whatever you want and make the most of your time with this local guide.


Based on 20 reviews
Very Good
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris
Heard a LOT of stories and facts about this fascinating village. But the stories have been very easy to listen to so it was not tiring at all. Memorable experience for me and my family.
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris
Worth the money. Guide was perfectly prepared and was besides that super nice. Antibes is probably even my favourite town on the Riviera after that :)
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris
• very good tours. Participated in the Saint Tropez tour as well. Had two different tour guides but both of them were great in what they are doing. Respect!
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris
The 2 hour long tour was amusing and really informative. It was the first time for us in Antibes and we fell in love with it immediately. If you are on the Riviera this should definitely be on your list!
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris
Beautiful town, interesting stories and a nice personal recommendations. Would do it again
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris
Apart from the extremely hot weather we had on the tour it was a lot of fun and very interesting as well ! Warmly recommend to everyone who has not been in this beautiful little town.
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris
Amazing. The village, the guide, the tour. Would recommend to everyone who wants to get out of the main cities and experience a small town with lots of cool things to see.
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris
Extremely interesting tour. The town is really nice as well - we stayed there afterwards for a bit to have dinner in one of the restaurants he recommended and we have not been disappointed thank you
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris
Thank you for this incredible trip. I am so glad we decided to do this tour - Antibes is such a nice place with marvellous beaches!!
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris
Cool guide, wonderful village with an interesting past. Definitely worth visiting!!!!
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris
A great way to get introduced into a marvellous village. Definitely underrated by the way - at least as beautiful as the more popular cities!
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris
Booked this private tour for me and my friends. We all have been very satisfied with the service. Will definitely do the nice tour as well!
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris
Highly recommend. Excellent tour with a super nice tour guide. we all stayed for a couple drinks after, including the guide. We really enjoyed it thank you
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris
. I participated with my friends who have never been to Antibes. I know the area quite well i thought but the tour proofed my wrong. Heard loads of interesting things that were new to me. So it was very interesting for us all
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris
Amazing experience. Good value for money. Lovely guide with high expertise about Antibes. He could answer all the questions and was very chilled with refreshment breaks. Liked it !
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris
The different stops on the tour was perfectly chosen. You get a very good overview during the 2 hours. Really cool, can only recommend.
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris
Exciting tour with lots of amusing stories and historical facts. We stayed the entire day there after the tour and had dinner in the restauraunt the guide recommended us. It was delicious thank you
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris
We booked this private tour a week in advance and the whole communication process and everything was perfect. The tour was really cool as well since we got to know so much about Antibes and its past. Thank you so much
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris
Cool guide with great knowledge of the city. Very interesting from start to end. TOP!
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris
Thanks for this lovely introduction into this cute little village. Totally recommend!
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