Milan Local Experiences

About Milan

I think you have already heard the expression “la dolce vita.” It’s true in Milan! This Italian city is really famous in the world for a lot of reasons. Its historical, cultural, and architectural landmarks, as well as extraordinary fashion and culinary scenes, make the Italian city world-famous.

Monuments? The majestic Duomo Cathedral in first also known as Nativity of Saint Mary, is one of the largest and most magnificent Gothic churches in the world. The marble building can accommodate 40,000 people. More than 130 spires adorn its roof, which rises 354 ft. (108 m) above Piazza Duomo. The Duomo is one of the top reasons to visit Milan! For real! You have a lot of other famous monuments too. For example the outstanding opera La Scala! The 18th-century La Scala has hosted every famous Italian opera singer. Many of the greatest performers from around the world have also charmed the Milanese audience. That is the reason Milan is home to one of the best opera houses in the world.

You also have the beautiful marvelous Sforzesco Castle. Dating back to the 15th century, the massive medieval fortress is one of Milan’s top attractions. The gigantic structure houses more than 10 museums inside. And while entrance to the castle is paid, exploring its breathtaking exterior and courtyard is free. There is a monument in Milan which is in the UNESCO, do you know it? Santa Maria delle Grazie. A large, 15th-century edifice houses the Holy Mary of Grace church and Dominican convent. The temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Milan was the capital of the Western Roman Empire. Yes of course! Maybe you are asking why? The Roman Colonne di San Lorenzo, where the high, marble columns date back to Roman Times. 

Mode? I’m sure you know Italian fashion! Prada, Versace, Dolce Gabbana, Gucci . Since the 1990’s Italian clothing, leather goods and accessories have been very popular abroad. 

If you love football it’s definitely the exceptional San Siro Stadium. The official name of the sports arena is Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, but it’s commonly known as San Siro Stadium. It’s the largest Italian stadium and one of the biggest in Europe.

The best way to explore such an amazing place as Milan , is to take a tour with a knowledgeable and fun guide that will make sure you get the most out of your trip. Check out what we have to offer!