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Organize the best stag do in Monaco

A stag do in Monaco is an experience you’ll never forget. With stunning scenery and a country with history, what’s not to love about the place? If you’re looking for the best man party activity in Monaco, then this is the stag do to choose.

As you search for stag do’s in Monaco (or stag weekends), it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Every site seems to offer something different: paintballing, boat parties, and pretty much every other party past time you can think of. 

It’s a big challenge because your best mate just doesn’t know what he wants to do but one thing is sure, it needs to be unforgettable! This article will tell you everything you need to know about organizing the best stag do in Monaco.

Throwing a stag do in Monaco that sits atop the list of greatest nights in their life? It’s not just the glitz and glamor that makes it an appealing destination for a man about to be married either. Little do people know that it’s also home to some of Europe’s best beaches.


5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Monaco during your Stag do

What better place than the playground of the rich and famous? This tiny principality is home to the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, the world’s most prestigious Formula 1 race. It also has some of the most glamorous casinos in Europe, including the famous Monte Carlo Casino and Hotel de Paris.

Here are five reasons why you should visit Monaco during your stag do:

The Grand Prix

The Monte Carlo Grand Prix is one of the most important races on the F1 calendar and attracts some of the biggest names in motorsport. It runs over three days in May every year and is an exciting way to spend your weekend with all your mates. There are plenty of hotels around where you can stay during those three days so that you don’t miss any of the action!

The Casino de Monte Carlo

The casino in Monaco is one of the most popular casinos in Europe and it has been running for over 160 years! The casino has been visited by royalty, stars and even presidents; these days, however, it’s most famous for its high rollers and glamorous atmosphere. The casino’s opening hours are 9am-4am every day and there are slot machines available as well as roulette tables and blackjack tables if you want to try your luck at gambling.

Take a boat ride along the coast

There are many ways to get around Monaco; you can take a taxi or even walk if you want to explore more of the city on foot. However, one way that will give you some spectacular views is by taking a boat ride along the coast!

This gives you an opportunity to see all of Monaco’s beautiful architecture up close while also enjoying some fresh air at sea level! There are several companies that offer boat rides along the coast; all of them start from either Port Hercules or Port Hercules.

Monaco has stunning scenery

Monaco is an absolute paradise for outdoor activities. Whether you fancy hiking through the mountains or relaxing on the beach, there are plenty of things to do here. The gorgeous landscape makes this destination perfect for all kinds of holidays – from adrenaline-fuelled adventures to relaxing holidays by the sea.

It’s easy to get around

Monaco has some of the best public transport systems in Europe. There are buses and trains running 24 hours a day between cities like Nice, Cannes and Menton, which means that getting around is simple even if you don’t have your own car. You’ll never have any trouble getting back from your wild nights out at local bars!


Things You Should Know Before Planning a Stag Do in Monaco

Monaco has a reputation for being an expensive place to visit, but there are plenty of stag activities that won’t cost you much at all.

There are plenty of things you should know before heading out to Monaco for a stag do, but here are some key points to help you plan ahead:

It’s expensive: 

One thing you need to get used to when you’re planning a stag do in Monaco is the fact that it’s an expensive city. Everything from food and drink to hotels and taxis will cost more than normal, so make sure you have enough cash on hand before you go!

Taxis are pricey: 

If you’re planning on getting around by taxi during your stag weekend then make sure the driver turns his meter on! Taxis in Monaco usually charge by the kilometer instead of per minute like they do back home, so be careful not to get ripped off!

The weather is mild year-round: 

The average temperatures are hovering around 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius). The city has a Mediterranean climate but with more rainfall than other Mediterranean countries.

Stag Do Weekend Ideas in Monaco

If you are looking for a stag party that will make your stag look like James Bond, then Monaco is definitely your choice.

We offer a VIP service from the beginning to the end and organize your bachelor parties.

You can book a tour of Monaco for 3 hours with an English speaking guide including entry to the Casino and other attractions. You can use this time to explore the casinos or just enjoy some sunshine on the beach before heading back to your country of origin.

We can also organize private bar crawls with or without strip shows. 

You can also book a boat tour between Nice and Monaco to spend your day in the Mediterranean Sea.

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