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What is a boom party and who can participate in this party?

A boom party (sometimes referred to as a youth party) is a type of party and an event for teenagers. These kind of parties are organized by companies. They  are attended by young people that are looking to spend quality time with peers. If you’re a teenager and would like to attend parties in Nice, here’s everything you need to know.

When it comes to teen parties, they are a great opportunity for teenagers to have fun in the presence of their peers. The venue, theme and the games that are played all depend on the age of the participants.


What can you expect from our boom party in Nice?

Our boom party in Nice is the party you’re going to regret not having been at when you grow older.

Are you a teen from Nice and you want to know what this boom party in Nice is all about? 

So, let’s start by listing all the fun things we are going to do: 

There will be live music played by a DJ. We will organize dancing party games like Pass The Bomb, guys against girls. Everyone will surely have everyone laughing and having a fun time. You will have access to an unlimited soft drink and candy bar.

The party will be animated by our animators who have experience in working with teenagers from different ages.


Why should you attend one of our boom parties in Nice?

You might be thinking about having a party for your child. You have come to the right place because we have something for everyone. There is no shortage of activities at our Boom Parties in Nice.

Here are some of the reasons why you should attend one of our parties:

  • It’s fun! Our Boom Parties in Nice are very entertaining, we guarantee it! Our games will keep every child entertained.
  • We will provide a safe environment! Kids love having fun and they can do so without worrying about anything bad happening to them. They can run around and play games without having to worry about being hurt or falling down stairs or off balconies.
  • We provide all the equipment needed to make your party a great success! We provide all the supplies including tables and chairs, balloons, streamers and more! 
  • The teenagers will meet new people during the party! 


Important information you should know before attending our boom party in Nice

  • The party will be held in a private nightclub or hostel according to their availability.
  • You must bring your ID card or passport to enter the party. Without it, you won’t be allowed inside.
  • Drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden. Our security personnel will check every bag before letting in. So that you can enjoy yourself at the highest level possible during our boom party in Nice.
  • This is a teenager-only party. The access of adults is forbidden.

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