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Plan Your Business Meetings, Exhibitions, and Conferences in Monaco!

Monaco – the traditional destination for business exhibitions, conferences, events and meetings. Monaco offers you a chance to explore around, network and widen your business circle in Europe.

Gone are the times when business meetings were dull affairs. We offer a new way to conduct your meetings, exhibitions and conferences in fantastic locations. At our business meetings you can network, talk to potential clients and build long lasting relationships.

4 Reasons to Organize your Business Meetings in Monaco!

Monaco is a small country, but it has all the assets to become a world-class venue for business meetings and events. Monaco is located on the Mediterranean coast and surrounded by the French Riviera.

Here are 4 reasons why you should organize your next business meeting in Monaco:

1) A pleasant climate –

The French Riviera is known for its soft climate. With temperatures varying between 13 and 15 degrees throughout winter, it’s an ideal location to hold business-related events.

2) The ideal location for your next convention or event –

Whether it’s a large convention or small exhibition, there are all the facilities you need!

3) Modern facilities with a unique character

Whether you want to hold your event outdoors or indoors, there are venues available on both sides of the Port Hercules bay.

4) The best quality service –

With experienced staff who are dedicated to making sure that every aspect of your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

Places to host your Business Meetings in Monaco:

Here are some places where you can organize your business meetings or conferences in:

  1. Grimaldi Forum: This venue is suitable for medium-sized events (up to 400 people). It offers several conference rooms with high-speed internet connection, audio-visual equipment and other services. It’s located near the main train station so getting there by car or public transport is very easy.
  2. The Salle des Étoiles at Le Sporting d’Hiver: This venue has capacity for up to 200 people. It is located inside Le Sporting d’Hiver complex which also includes a casino and a nightclub. The Salle des Étoiles features modern equipment such as video screens, microphones and projectors. It’s also equipped with free WiFi connection so you can make use of
  3. One Monte-Carlo Conference Center: The Center is located in the heart of Monaco, just steps from the Casino Square and the Prince’s palace. The center provides a professional setting for meetings and conferences. The center has a total of 3,300 sqm of meeting space. The space is split over four levels, including a grand ballroom, large exhibition hall and several meeting rooms.

Business events that are outside the box!

Meetings, conferences and exhibitions in Monaco are not only about networking but also about fun and entertainment. If you are looking for interactive business events, we will be delighted to assist you. Your attendees can collaborate and have fun at the same time.

Between long-lasting negotiations and presentations, you can enjoy cruise tours, private bar crawls and vineyard tours to bond with your colleagues.

We offer a wide range of services to help you organize and run successful events in our Principality.

Contact us now and share your ideas of a perfect meeting in Monaco. We will help you choose between our various venues and advise on all aspects of planning your event.

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