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Riviera Bar Crawl & Tours: Fun Experiences by day and night
Imagine discovering your next travel destination or city in an unusual way with globetrotters, meeting new people and making new friends. Choose from exclusive tours, exciting experiences and memorable parties.

Live new fun experiences day and night with new friends. Join Riviera Bar Crawl & Tours.

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Fun social experiences that promote bonding and help celebrate the lives of everyone in the world.


  • To develop fun experiences for entertainment, leisure and wellness
  • To bring together people of all nationalities and socio-economic backgrounds
  • To encourage the discovery of tourist destinations and promote local culture and heritage
  • To participate in the development of a social and solidarity economy
  • To respect people, the environment and local lifestyles
  • Develop the concept in Europe and in the world


Team Riviera Nice & Côte d’Azur

Team Riviera Paris

RBCT 2023 Corporate Culture

The Values :

– 1) Create a creative team driven by a family spirit: We want to create a caring and friendly environment with access to nonviolent communication. We encourage diversity of ideas, opinions and constructive points of view. We support team members who take the initiative to solve problems and actively participate in the success of their team and the company. They take ownership of situations and work with the team to overcome challenges. Ask yourself, what can your creativity contribute?
– 2) Non-violent communication: expressing our feelings and needs rather than being judgmental. Empathy: listening with kindness to what the other person is saying, being attentive to their point of view. It is about understanding their feelings and needs. Responsibility: taking responsibility for what we say, what we do and our intentions.
– 3) Learning and improving: We become our own experts each time we practice. The greatest expertise we ask of our recruits is that of learning, adapting and finding solutions. In order to help the company grow and thereby grow on its own. We learn from our mistakes.
– 4) Innovate and drive change: Make an improvement at least once a week to be a better company. The genius is in the details And it is in the details that we innovate. Innovate and improve continuously. Ask yourself what you can do to work more efficiently. How can the company as a whole be more efficient? How can you personally help the company be more efficient?
– 5) Stimulate the joy of life: Create fun experiences and play like children
– 6) Passion and determination: Passion is what drives us because we love what we do and determination to achieve our goals. We don’t give up because we know there is always a solution. Inspiration << Choose a job you love, and you won’t have to work a day in your life>> Confucius (Are you passionate about your work? Are you happy? Are you inspired? Do you love what you do and the people you work with? Do you believe in what the company does and the goals it sets? Do you belong in this workplace?
– 7) Humility: Be proud of our individual and collective successes, but this does not give us the right to be arrogant and treat others differently than we want to be treated ourselves. We are a team and we know that our success depends on each other.
– 8) Simplicity: Simplicity is the basis of speed of execution and trust. And of course the simplicity of the organization and the internal processes of the company is the condition of the performance and gives sense and motivation to the collaborators and the partners
– 9) Discipline: Discipline, in other words respect for rules, is an important value for excelling in one’s work! It is essential for the practice of a professional activity. It involves listening, respecting the rules and respecting managers and the team.


Riviera Bar Crawl & Tours provide exciting ways to experience the best of the French Riviera and Paris. We offer a mix of exclusive tours, great fun day trips and memorable parties. With us you can explore the “real” French Riviera and Paris.
Your guide will do everything to make sure your tour is good fun and gives you a great experience. They are here to help you and they are dedicated to your enjoyment.
Trendsetters. We share our favourite ways to spend time on the French Riviera and Paris. As locals we love to share our local knowledge and experience. Get our insider tips on the best things to do, best places to see and where to go out.
Joining us is a straightforward way to meet interesting people from all around the world. You can discover new cultures and make new friends. Because our tours are friendly and our guides are such good hosts, you’ll find yourself making new friends easily and have an exciting time doing it.
We love to travel and as global travellers ourselves know what makes an unforgettable trip. We really enjoy what we do. We deliver unforgettable adventures. Join us and we guarantee that you will have a great time, every time.
After a beautiful day we start a big night out with our famous Bar Crawl Party. We start out in the Old Town where there is the best choice of bars and clubs. We’ll have a big party with lots of friends on holiday in Nice and visit 4 great bars then finish off in a hot club.
Right across our range of services we guarantee to our clients competitive prices and the best value for money.
Let us take the strain. We organize all our services for your convenience. You don’t need to waste your time figuring out train and bus schedules to find your way. We take care of all that, so you’re free to explore without worries and stress. And of course, we make sure you will never miss a single sight, sound, or smell, guaranteed.
We offer fabulous packages. We are successful because we believe in delivering really excellent value for money. If you’re on a tight budget you’re in the right company. We’ve put together a variety of activities perfect for your Riviera adventure. Choose from the range below.
Get ready to put your party hat on! Riviera Bar Crawl & Tours make unforgettable experiences. Trip Advisor rates us the Number 1 nightlife event in Nice and we feature in the top 20 Trip Advisor tours in Nice. You expect top quality tours and we deliver just that. So grab your hat, we’re going out . .
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