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From the most basic to the most prominent events, congresses, incentives, and product launches, we host the best business events in France, one of the world’s top tourist destinations!

Choose between an idyllic destination – The French Riviera (Nice, Monaco, St Tropez, Cannes, etc.), or one of the cities that has inspired most people – Paris!

What is MICE Tourism?

Most of us associate tourism with holidays, a disconnection from work, and a moment when we have fun with friends or family. However, many people travel not only for pleasure but also for work. And that’s what MICE is all about. MICE Tourism stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (or events) that can be held outside one’s regular working place.

The MICE industry has played a significant role in developing some tourist destinations, as there are more and more tourists who travel to carry out work or professional activities, to attend business meetings, congresses, conventions, incentive trips, and other similar conferences.

Types of Business Events (MICE):

Within business tourism, there is a wide variety of types of business events. Depending on the objective and the activities carried out, these are the main ones:

  • Business Trade Shows:

These are events where different companies in the same sector present their products or services to the market, promote them, and seek new business opportunities.

  • Conventions:

Conventions are business events that a private company typically organizes. They usually have a strong business focus and present case studies, research and development results, and other company achievements.

  • Exhibitions:

On the other hand, exhibitions have a more cultural/educational purpose; these events show the public both works of art and research articles related to science. They can also be commercial in nature.

  • Congresses:

 A congress is one of the business events that brings together professionals from the same industry. They usually last two to three days, and their main objective is to exchange information, research, new insights, and knowledge on that industry.

  • Conferences or seminars:

Conferences and these professional events gather people around a particular theme that aims to expand knowledge in that area. This type of event requires the participation of attendees and speakers.

  • Incentive trips:

Incentive trips, in contrast to the previous business events, are organized and planned for motivational purposes for a company’s workers. This can include team building, celebrations, business trips, etc.

Organize your MICE in France!

France offers a wide range of venues from north to south, being an ideal destination for business events, corporate trips, meetings, conventions, congresses, exhibitions, and incentive trips, welcoming visitors not from a national background but also international.

Corporate events are on all year long.

MICE tourism is not dependent on the season of the year. Your corporate events can be organized in any month of the year. With idyllic destinations in the Côte d’Azur or a world-class city like Paris, you can have your MICE organized in a top destination. We’re committed to creating and running France’s most innovative and unforgettable business events.

Leave your workplace behind! Together we’ll create an unforgettable experience, regardless if you’re planning board meetings, conferences, exhibitions, product launches, team building activities, or others.

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