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What is a boom party and who can participate in this party?

Teen parties in St Tropez, a seaside town of France have exploded on the entertainment scene like never before. This has led to the interest of foreigners to this kind of events.

A teen or boom party is an event created for young people to meet similar-aged peers from different countries and cultures. The main goal of our company is a cultural exchange of youth and certainly, the promotion of peace and friendship between people. Due to this wish to connect children, we have established themed boom parties in St. Tropez!

Our boom parties in St. Tropez are a place where teenagers can relax after school or college. They give an opportunity to young people to have fun and dance together. The atmosphere and environment in this party are filled with laughter and happy emotions.


What can you expect from our boom party in St Tropez?

You can expect to have a great time with your friends, and to not be the only one who’s having fun. We’ll have soft drinks, candies, music, and so much more. You’ll have a great time!

You can expect a night of fun, friendship, and dancing. Our party in St Tropez is the perfect opportunity to make new friends, learn how to dance and sing karaoke, enjoy delicious drinks, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Our teen party in St Tropez will be the perfect opportunity to bring your friends together and have a great time. You can expect:

-A fun-filled evening

-A range of games and competitions

Our teen party in St Tropez is also a great way to celebrate your child’s birthday. We’ll take care of everything: the food and drinks on request, music, games, and decorations. All you need to do is show up!

You can expect a fun evening of games, dancing and music. We’ll provide everything to make the party memorable, including a DJ who will keep the energy up all evening long.

We’ve been throwing parties in The French Riviera for over 10 years now and we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes them so much fun for kids and their parents alike—and we want to share it with you!


Why should you attend one of our boom parties in St Tropez?

It is important to note that the French Riviera is one of the most popular destinations in European terms of events. This place is known for its world-class beaches, beautiful landscapes and amazing restaurants.

In addition to that, it also has some of the best nightlife venues where you can have fun with your friends. We will provide your child with everything you need to make your party experience memorable.

There are many reasons why our adolescent parties are unique compared to others:

Our French teen party packages in St Tropez are a great way to experience the local culture and meet new friends. Our team of experts can help you create a unique, memorable party that your teens will enjoy. 


Important information you should know before attending our boom party in St tropez

  • We offer different themes for each event so that everyone can enjoy themselves at their own level.
  • The dress code is casual.
  • Our DJs are well-trained professionals who will keep your guests entertained throughout the whole evening.
  • We have a bar where we serve drinks and candies throughout the event.
  • The location is strictly secured, we will have a security team onsite.
  • The children need to bring a passport or ID card to enter the venue.- There will be a bar serving non-alcoholic drinks and candies during the event. We do not allow any hard alcohol or drugs at our events.
  • You must be under 18 years or less to attend our parties. If you are over 18, access to the venue will be forbidden. The class instructors can be present during the event.

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