Paris at Night Things to Do

Paris has more than 2,185 monuments. The most famous appear on photos of travelers from all around the world: the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Notre Dame. Paris is also the top romantic city, where lovers meet on the Pont des Arts, or more discreetly on the benches of Montmartre. The French capital is also one of the fashion capitals with its Fashion-Week, its large avenues dotted with department stores such as the Champs-Elysées, and the luxury boutiques of the Marais or Saint Germain des Prés. But Paris at Night is also one of the best cities in Europe to party. So there are a lot of Paris night things to do.

Party and nightlife in Paris

If you have walked the Grands Boulevards by day, you may have noticed the many bistros and breweries which, installed for centuries at the foot of the Haussmann buildings, are the meeting point of people from the neighborhood and all around the world.

You may have heard of Pigalle and the champagne- themed soirées of the Moulin Rouge, the world’s most famous cabaret. Les Bains Douches was a must-see for any Parisian stallion where Mick Jagger and De Niro waved alongside Jean-Michel Basquiat or Andy Warhol.

The Carmen is also a high place of nightlife since 1875 high ceiling and moldings full of history.

Once night falls, the “City of Light” deserves to be lost in its narrow streets dotted with lively bars and restaurants for an original night tour and off the beaten path!


  • About 1 bar for 200 inhabitants

Did you know that Paris has more than 2.000 bars? With so many friendly beer bars, wine bars for connoisseurs, trendy cocktail bars, tapas bar for parties with friends, Paris at night can be rather tricky to navigate.

Most bars offer extended happy hours to party while not emptying your wallet. Some clubs, such as the Rex Club, and bar concerts, have nothing to envy in Berlin or London and some secret rooftops, nestled on top of unsuspected buildings offer breathtaking views of the city!

There is something for all tastes and all desires so how to find the best bars in the capital?

There are many opportunities that can make us want to go to a bar: a date, a birthday, an after-work drink, and one of the best ways to do it is to select the right pub crawl in Paris.

Your night out in Paris Already Set Up for you !

paris at night thing to do

Knowing which are the best bars and finding your way around the city is not as easy as one would think. Paris is a very big city and there is a huge range of bars all around town. Like any major city, entry fees and drinks can be pretty expensive.

Once you think you’ve found the rare pearl, we must face the facts. We are rarely the only one to have found a good plan . If you are Parisian, you must have been confronted: going out in a group can be a real ordeal if you have not organized a little. If you are a big group you can privatize a bar entirely.

To spend an unforgettable evening without a headache in a bar: just book your Paris pub crawl Tonight.

– Finding the the Best Pub Crawl in Paris – 

Pub crawl specialist, Riviera Bar Crawl & Tours, is offering the best Pub Crawl in Paris.

Your Pub Crawl will kick off at one of the best English sports bars in Paris: The Long Hop. Located in the heart of Paris, close to Île de la Cité, this is the best spot to start an evening before going on to various bars for more fun, drinks, and games. Get ready to discover a range of venues and atmospheres, to meet new people and party in the best bars in Paris. Then you will head to one of the best clubs in Paris for a legendary night with stops and free drinks. Also, free entry to the bars and clubs and other great deals for drinks are included.

The best neighborhoods to where to party in Paris

paris at night thing to do

Paris is a beautiful city that many countries envy us. Being a big city, we do not always know where to go for this or that activity. For example, in which Parisian neighborhood is it necessary to go to have the best party.

  • The Latin Quarter

Located in the 5th  arrondissement of the French capital, the Latin Quarter is the trendiest place. This is where all the students and young people meet to share a drink in a bar or to talk on the edges of busy streets.


  • The Marais district

Very chic and very upscale, the Marais district is also the rendez-vous of those who like to party at night. This district has indeed some of the best bars in Paris to spend unforgettable moments.


  •  The district of Pigalle

You cannot party in Paris without going through the Pigalle district. This area is really made for parties and for outings with friends. Bars, pubs, clubs, … it’s up to you to make your choice according to your desires.


  • Republique neighborhood

Making the junction between several districts, the Place de la République is perfect to party and spend good evenings to have fun and have fun. Many bars and clubs await you.


  • The Montmartre district

If you like the French capital, you must not miss the Montmartre district to truly immerse yourself in Parisian life. Small bistros and some of the best pubs in Paris are all around to have a good time with your friends or meet new people.


paris at night thing to do

  • The Châtelet-Les-Halles area

In this district, you will be able to find some of the best nightclubs in Paris, with themed evenings and some of the best DJs in Paris.


  • The Champs-Elysées area

In this very upscale neighborhood of Paris, you can go to one of the most famous nightclubs: The Queen. You will be able to live a truly exceptional experience in this mythical place of the capital.


paris at night thing to do

  • The Saint-Germain district

In this trendy area of the capital, you can spend evenings in private clubs and some of the trendiest bars in Paris. Not to mention the many bars are open late at night.


paris at night thing to do
  • The 20th arrondissement

Paris 20th district is the capital’s most popular venue with a famous nightclub that has many different styles. Don’t hesitate to go to the 20th arrondissement to party and enjoy the best addresses.


Where to drink a cheap beer in Paris?

The 8 € pints during the happy hour is no go for many of us. So, to avoid passing for a stingy, or broke person, here is our selection of addresses where to drink a (really) cheap beer!


  • Au Taquet

If you only have 20 euros in your pocket, you have to go to the Taquet to enjoy a full evening at little cost. In this small bar in the 9th arrondissement, the happy hour lasts from opening to closing. In other words, it’s the right spot every night! The cheapest pint is € 2.50, the cocktails are € 4 and the mixed boards at € 9. A great evening at a very sweet price.


One thing is certain, we are not the only ones to know this good plan in the 9th arrondissement. It must be said that at € 3 a pint every night, this excellent pub is attracting a lot of people. We advise you to arrive early (before 9 PM) to get a table.


  • The Wall

In the heart of the very touristy Latin Quarter, you can find a pint of beer for 3 €, probably one of the least expensive of Paris. The wall attracts many students coming from all around the world. Beyond the price, what we like is the setting and the crazy parties.


  • O P’ti Paris 

The happy hours at O P’ti Paris, in the 10th arrondissement, are unavoidable! This small bar without offers pints from  € 3 in happy hour, and only one euro more the rest of the time. Here, you can enjoy a beer on the terrace or on the sidewalk.


  • Le Pantalon

Built on an old brothel in the 5th arrondissement. The Pantalon is a very surprising bar where you can drink a beer at € 3 a pint in happy hour. There are always plenty of people in front but do not hesitate to step in, as there is often room left in the background.


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