The Monaco Oceanographic Museum

The Principality of Monaco is home to a range of fantastic attractions. From their Monte-Carlo Casino, to their Formula One Gran Prix circuit to their beautiful botanical gardens. But possibly the most impressive feature has to be the Musée Océanographique (Oceanographic Museum). This mesmerising Baroque style building sits right within the cliff side of Le Rocher, completely overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

oceanographic museum monaco

This Oceanographic Museum Monaco is one of the most renowned marine scientific institutes in the world. Founded by Prince Albert 1st in 1920, it houses the largest collection of specimens collected during the 20th century. A rather free spirit, Prince Albert dedicated most of his life to exploring the vast open seas. He both commissioned and himself embarked on numerous expeditions to study the ocean and the sea creatures which lurked beneath.  Over the years, him and his teams amassed a collection of over 6,000 species of sea creatures! All of which is on display in the museum.


Museum Exhibitions

The museum houses a terrific and diverse range of exhibitions, which each floor sporting a different theme. Firstly, you of course have the museum section itself. Here you’ll discover an impressive assembly of marine skeletons and fossils. Likewise, they also have the Prince’s first exploration yacht on display, along with gear and tools they would have used on their journeys.


From the museum, you can make your way over to the aquarium section of the museum. Now this is where the real fun begins! The aquarium houses a great selection of different marine enclosures. Take a stroll through the enchanting shark tunnel. Come face to face with some of the most terrifying creatures in the ocean. Or enjoy the Sea Turtle Odyssey area, home to the largest species of sea turtle in the world. Want something a little less intimidating? Then check out the Mediterranean or Tropical Seas exhibits. Here you’ll discover an array of some of the weirdest and most wonderful specimens found in the ocean. From cute little seahorses to crafty little octopi to graceful dancing jellyfish, it’s quite the sight!

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oceanographic museum monaco

And possibly the most popular feature of the Oceanographic Museum? Its petting basin! Now don’t worry I know what you’re thinking: “You can’t touch the fish!”. However, don’t you worry. Overseen by the professional staff, all the creatures within the basin are completely safe and harmless.


Ticket Prices and Basic Info

A great thing about the Oceanographic Museum is how affordable it is! With basic adult tickets at EUR 14 and child/student tickets at EUR 10, you can’t go wrong! Also, if you’re interested in also checking out the botanical gardens of Monaco, then they do a combo deal ticket for just and extra EUR 3! Definitely something worth checking out.

You can of course also book your own private tour of the Museum if you’d be interested in discovering the history of the museum with a knowledgeable guide. And speaking of tours, why not consider taking part in a Monaco Walking Tour?! Learn about the unique history of this minute country. How it broke away from France and how it gained independence. How the Grimaldi family become the leaders of the country. And how a so-called curse has been placed upon the male heirs to the throne. So what are you waiting for?! Book your Monaco experience today!