I’m sure most of you are familiar with the Principality of Monaco. If you don’t know it for being a playground for the rich and famous, then perhaps you know it for its F1 Grand Prix circuit. Either way, the country is certainly not somewhere to miss out on if you’re searching for that perfect holiday destination. But where is Monaco located? Well that’s the big question that we’re about to answer for you!

Where is Monaco located

Monaco is one of many beautiful destinations found along the French Riviera. Located on the South-East coast of France, the region is quite a popular spot, attracting over 10 million tourists annually. Which is no surprise considering the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur benefits from 330 days of annual sunshine and 115 kilometres of coastline and Mediterranean Sea.


A fun fact that not a lot of people know about Monaco is that it is the second smallest country in the world. The Vatican State being the first of course. It is so small in fact, that it could fit into Central Park one and a half times! The population here is only 40,000, but it is the most densely populated State in the world. So you’ll spot quite a lot of high-rise buildings about the place.


Though not being a part of France, the official language is French, along with the local dialect of Monegasque. The country does not have its own airport, but Nice Côte d’Azur Airport is only a 25-minute train ride away!


Exploring Monaco:

Monaco has a truly fascinating and enriching history unlike any other in Europe. Come and discover the terrible tale of how massacre brought about sovereignty in this country. Or how Monaco rose from rags to riches. Or how a terrible curse has befallen the male heirs of the Grimaldi Family. And the best way to discover such stories is by taking part in our fantastic Walking Tours.

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What Will You Discover on This Tour?:

The Monte-Carlo Casino

where is monaco located

Possibly the most famous casino in the world, the Monte-Carlo was constructed all the way back in 1863. Monaco at the time was facing bankruptcy. So when the casino finally kicked off, it was accounting for up to 95% of the country’s income. That of course is no longer true today, currently only accounting for about 5% of the Country’s revenue. Tourists are welcome to enter the casino lobby and have a look around if they wish. If you would like to have a gamble in the casino, then an entry ticket is only EUR 17. An important thing to be aware of if you wish to enter the casino is that you must have your passport. The reason for this? Monegasque citizens themselves are not allowed to gamble in the casino!


Café de Paris and Hôtel de Paris

The Café and Hôtel de Paris are located at either side of the Casino. When Monaco’s first casino was opened, it was a huge failure. This was for several reasons. The first major reason was that there was no railway line connecting Monaco to the rest of the Riviera. Secondly, if people were to travel all the way to Monaco, there weren’t even any nice Hotels for them to stay in! So with the construction of the Monte-Carlo casino, they made the wise decision to also build a high-end hotel for guest to stay in. And likewise, a rather fancy restaurant for them to enjoy their meals.


The Salle Garnier Opéra of Monte Carlo

where is monaco located

The Salle Garnier Opéra can be found actually inside of the Monte-Carlo casino. The opera was constructed by Charles Garnier, who is most famously known for building the stunning Palais Garnier opera house in Paris. If you fancy attending one of the fantastic performances that are held here than all are more than welcome!


Sainte-Dévote Church

Sainte Dévote is the patron Saint here in Monaco. Her quaint little Chapel is tucked away near the caves of the Gaumates valley. Here tale is a rather tragic one. But one of courage and loyalty none the less.

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F1 Gran Prix Circuit


Anyone who has any interest in Formula One car racing will surely be all too familiar with Monaco’s Grand Prix circuit. The F1 Grand Prix is held right here every year during the last week of May. During the tour, our guides will point out some of the main tracks and most dangerous turns. If you come closer to the time you may even see most of the circuit being blocked off.


La Condamine Market

Along the tour, we’ll of course stop off to let everyone enjoy some lunch. And there’s no better place to stop that at La Condamine Marché. An indoor market place, you’ll find whatever you’re craving. From delicious pasta to filling burgers to chessy pizza, you’re spoiled for choice!


The Prince’s Palace

where is monaco located

Located at the top of the city is the Prince’s Palace. The only thing more remarkable than the palace itself is the story of the Grimaldi Family who reside within it. What’s more the view from atop the hill is absolute breath-taking! The ideal place to capture that perfect Instagram selfie. Maybe if you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the Prince himself coming or going from the palace. Keep a look out for the MC 01 car license plate!


The Cathedral of Monaco

where is monaco located

The Cathedral of Monaco truly is a treat. The exterior architecture certainly is a site to behold, but it’s the interior where the real magnificence is. The walls of the interior are littered with a collection of unique and stunning shrines. Another fascinating feature of Saint Nicholas’ Cathedral is the final resting place of the royal family members is right here. If you take a walk around you’ll notice that the actress Grace Kelly’s grave in particular is often covered in lovely flowers and trinkets.


Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Prince Albert the 1st devoted his life’s work to exploring the high seas. In his honour, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco was built. The Museum is home to a fantastic range of sea related artifacts. From model ships to animal skeletons, it has it all. There is even a large aquarium for tourists to enjoy. Take a look at the shark tunnel or the Sea turtle island. You’re in for a treat!

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