What is a Walking Tour?

When travelling abroad, we all want to make the most out of our trip. We want to discover the main sights and attractions that the city has to offer. And what better way to do that than with a Guided Walking Tour? Along with a local and knowledgeable guide, you’ll be taken on an adventure through the streets of your chosen city. Where you’ll uncover its best bits, as well as the hidden gems that you never even knew existed. Its one thing to explore a city on your own. And its another thing to understand the unique and fascinating tales that go along with it!


Most cities offer several options in regards to what tour you can take. For example, many cities will offer Free Walking Tours that are solely tip based. Others may charge a fixed fee. Many companies also give you the option to book your very own private tours of the city. Which is always a great option for large groups or anyone who wants to make the absolute most out of their visit. Quite often, companies may even offer different themed tours of the city (ie: history tours, food tours, art tours, religious communities and their landmarks, etc).


So whatever aspect of the city you’re hoping to discover, chances are there’s the perfect tour for you!


Walking Tour in Paris the Capital

France’s capital city of Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, attracting over 20 million tourists annually. The city is a fountain of history and has more spectacular landmarks than we know what to do with! From the Eiffel Tour to the Louvre Museum and the Palace of Versailles, there’s never a dull moment. Which is why its such a great destination for Walking Tours!


Free Walking Tour Paris Latin Quarter


No Paris Walking Tour offers a more authentic Parisian experience than that of the Latin Quarter, one of the most historic and iconic districts of Paris. Walking through its enchanting cobblestone streets you’ll discover some of the most amazing sights in the city. From the ancient Panthéon to the Church of Saint-Sulpice. As well as the Notre-Dame Cathedral and stunning Luxembourg Gardens which lie on either side of the district. Learn about the foundations upon which the city of Paris was built and how its culture has evolved over its lifetime


Along with our experienced and bilingual guides, you’ll get to uncover these attractions for yourself. And along the way, you may even find yourself drawn-in by the vibrant atmosphere of the French cafes and chic boutiques lined throughout the Latin Quarter’s streets.


Private Tours in Paris

If you really want to make the most out of your visit to this historical city, then we highly recommend booking your very own Private Tour. But why book a private tour as opposed to a regular walking tour? Well, for starters, our private tour bundles are completely customisable. What we do and where we go is entirely up to you and your entourage! Whether there are particular sights you don’t want to miss out on or you want to stop for lunch along the way in a traditional local restaurant then all you have to do is ask and we’ll do our utmost to accommodate you.


With a private tour, you also benefit from having your very own personal guide. No need to worry about sharing the spotlight with a group of other tourists. Our guides attention will be all on you. And while you have the opportunity, be sure to ask them all the best tips and tricks for enjoying the best of Paris! No one knows the city better than they do.


You’ll also get to enjoy more out of your visit depending on whether you choose our half-day or full-day package bundles.


Free Walking Tour Lyon

free walking tour france
Source: LyonExplorer


The city of Lyon is one of the most renowned gems of France. Known for its gastronomy and historical landmarks, much of the city has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


The city of Lyon is home to a strong ancient Roman presence. Towards the hill of Fourvière, you’ll find amazing sights such as the Ancient Fourvière Theatre, the Odeon of Lyon, and the Amphitheatre of the Three Gauls. The oldest of which was built sometime around 15 BC.


But the Roman era wasn’t the only period to leave its mark on the city. Lyon is home to some of the most impressive architecture in all of France. From the Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste to the Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière to the Hôtel-Dieu and the Palais de la Bourse, the list just goes on!


Which is why a Lyon Walking Tour is such a jaw-dropping experience! Discover the city’s Old Town, its most spectacular monuments and even some of the most highly recommend bakeries and restaurants. After all, the cuisine of Lyon isn’t this reputable for nothing. Treat your taste buds to the very best of the local cuisine! Or, for something a little more mysterious, take part in a Lyon Evening Tour. Where you’ll uncover some of the city’s darkest secrets and eeriest tales. From stories of WW2 to the Revolution, you’ll be surprised by what you unearth.


And the best part about these amazing tours? They’re FREE! Just tip your guide at the end of the tour based on your budget and how much you enjoyed the tour.


Or, if you’re interested in experiencing the best of Lyon with a private event, then take your pick from an Architectural Tour, Cultural Tour, Gastronomical Tour or even your very own Customisable Tour!


Avignon Walking Tour

free walking tour france
Source: Avignon City Tours


Avignon is truly one of the most unique cities in Europe. If there’s one thing in particular that the city is known for its strong Catholic presence that remains there today. During the 14th century, Avignon replaced Rome as the centre of the Catholic world. Even after the seat of the Pope returned to Rome, the Catholic Church maintained its strong hold over the city.

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Thanks to this, and the cities vibrant Provençal charm, an Avignon Walking Tour is a guaranteed treat for all the family. For just EUR 30, your dedicated guides will take you on an adventure through time, where you’ll visit the city’s most spectacular landmarks.


The city of Avignon is home to not one, but 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Possibly the most known is that of the 12th century Pont d’Avignon (Avignon Bridge) which once connected the city to Villeneuve-lès-Avignon. There is also of course the Palais des Papes. Once home to the 7 Popes which resigned in this ancient city. The palace is one of the largest and most important Medieval-Gothic buildings in Europe. Adjacent to the palace, you’ll find the impressive Cathedral of Avignon, with its gilded statue of the Virgin Mary sat proudly atop the Bell Tower.


Throughout your tour, you’ll discover all of these amazing sights, and many more! What’s more, the tour will take you to the peak of the Rocher des Doms, where you’ll have a mesmerising view of the city in its entirety!


Tours can also be booked as Private Bookings for all those interested.


Free Walking Tour Nice

We know that all good things in life are free, which is why, so are our Nice Walking Tours! As France’s second most popular tourist destination, you can bet that Nice has plenty to offer its visitors. From fascinating history to quirky tales, Nice is full of enjoyable attractions.


With our Nice Walking Tour, you’ll discover some of the best sights the French Riviera has to offer. From the famous Promenade des Anglais to the stunning streets of the Old Town, all the way up to the iconic Castle Hill with its 360-degree panoramic views of Nice. You get more out of this 2 hour tour than most people do during their entire holiday!


Or, consider taking part in our Nice Evening Tours where take a look at the city’s more contemporary history. Takes a stroll through our stunning Promenade du Paillon and all along the shoreline before ending at the world-renowned Negresco Hotel. Where you’ll learn of Nice during WW2 and the effect its left on the city today.


For anyone interested in exploring this gorgeous city in a fun and unique way, well then, you’ll be happy to know we also offer Food Tours and Wine Tasting Tours. Not only a great opportunity to explore the streets of the Old Town, they’re also the perfect opportunity to experience the very best of local cuisine. Whether is Socca fresh from the oven or our locally produced Rosé wines, if there’s one thing for certain its that you’ll be going home with more than a satisfied palette.


All our Tours and Activities are also available as Private Bookings. Which can be made via our email: info@rivierabarcrawl.com.


Free Walking Tour Cannes


Just some 30 km away from the Côte d’Azur capital, you’ll find the mesmerising city of Cannes. Known most famously for its prestigious Film Festival held annually, Cannes has played host to some of the biggest names on our TVs.


But the city is more than just its glitz and glam reputation. Its also home to a fascinating and longstanding history! During the Free Cannes Walking Tour, you’ll learn about the city when it was no more than the humble fishing village of Le Suquet.


Discover fantastic sights such as the cobblestone streets of the Old Town, l’Église Notre-Dame d’Espérance and of course, La Croisette (Cannes’ very own version of la Promenade des Anglais). As you wander through these ancient streets and discover its hidden attractions, our knowledgeable guides will be right there to also share the city’s most captivating tales! From the story of the Lérins Islands, one of which is solely inhabited my monks. To the chilling tale of the Man in the Iron Mask who’s ghost supposedly haunts the prison where he died. The stories of Cannes will have you on the edge of your seat!


And of course, no tour would be complete without visiting a local provençal market. We’ll be sure to take a quick break in the Marché Forville where you’ll have the opportunity to pick up some fresh produce or local specialties! It really is quite the treat.This tour is oprate with our partner what to do riviera .


The canens walking tour is available as Private Tour. Which can be made via our email: info@rivierabarcrawl.com.


Free Walking Tour Antibes

free walking tour france

Discover the beautiful seaside town of Antibes. Located halfway between Nice and Cannes, this relatively small town is a hidden gem along the Riviera. As a somewhat less popular destination for tourists, it’s the perfect little getaway spot for anyone looking to escape the regular hustle and bustle of some of the larger cities. But in saying that, Antibes is not less breathtaking than its counterparts!


The town of Antibes is rather well-known for its Port Vauban, which just so happens to be the one of the largest marinas in the Mediterranean Ocean. The port is home to some of the most extravagant yachts in the world. Even co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen is known to frequent the port of Antibes quite often with his super-yacht.


You’ll discover all the best sights and attractions Antibes has to offer. Feast your eyes on the impressive Grimaldi Castle (now the Picasso Museum) and the 16th century fortress of Fort Carré. From there, lets trapes along the coastline and take in the stunning views from Cap d’Antibes. Before exploring the streets of the enchanting Safranier neighbourhood.


The town of Antibes truly is a patch of paradise here on the Riviera. Certainly not a spot worth missing out on! And of course, similar to our other tours, the Antibes Walking Tour is not only free, but can also be booked as a private event.


Walking Tour Marseille

free walking tour france
Source: Marseille Free Walking Tours


The largest city on the Mediterranean coast, Marseille is a dream destination for tourists. A perfect blend of history, natural beauty and jaw-dropping architecture, the city has it all! If given the chance, we highly recommend checking out the Calanques (rocky inlets) littered around the coastline. The deep blue lagoons surrounded by rocky massifs resembles something from a dream.


Further inland however is where the real magic happens. With the sheer size of Marseille and all that it has to offer, its Walking Tours are offered in three fantastic categories! If you’re looking for an insight into this 2,600 year old city, then the Historic Tour of Le Panier is for you. Learn about the city’s ancient Greek roots and hot its developed into the mesmerising city it is today.

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Also offered is the ‘South Side Tour’. Here, your dedicated guide will lead you along the Old Port, where you’ll discover even more fantastic sights and attractions. From the breathtaking view of the boats to the ancient Château d’If which lies on a solitary island just off the Bay, this tour is a unique experience unlike any other.


Lastly, you also have the Marseille Panoramic Tour. Here, you’ll enjoy some of the most picturesque views of the city. But, taking in the sights from the hilltop isn’t the only thing this tour has in store. From the gorgeous Notre Dame de la Garde, the tour will then descend the hill, uncovering the city’s WW2 monuments, as well as the Saint-Victor Abbey, one of the most important Christian monuments in the region.


Tours may be charged at EUR 10, but trust us, you get more than your money’s worth! Tours are also offered privately upon request.


Free Walking Tour Aix-en-Provence

free walking tour france
Source: Flickr – Ivan Herman


Located just 30 km north of Marseille, you’ll find the stunning city of Aix-en-Provence. An epitome of authentic provençal charm, Aix-en-Provence is a must for anyone visiting the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of southern France.


As a university city, Aix-en-Provence is a city bustling with activity. Whether its in the local bars and restaurants or just out in the main squares, there’s nowhere that you won’t find a lively atmosphere. The city is also a great option thanks to its central location to some of Provence’s most amazing attractions. Not only is it fairly central to the lavender fields of Valensole, Sault, Gordes and Luberon, Aix-en-Provence is also relatively close to the famous Gorge du Verdon! With many day trip options frequently going from Aix to these destinations.


In the city itself, the impressive architecture and vibrant ambiance are what make an Aix-en-Provence Walking Tour such a treat. Along with your guide, you’ll find yourself captivated with every turn. The quaint Old Town streets have a life of their own, retelling the long-forgotten tales of the city’s historical roots.


Enjoy the grand Paroisse Cathédrale Saint Sauveur which resides on the site of the 1st-century Roman forum of Aix. Or the equally as magnificent Fontaine de la Rotonde. If its history you’re searching for, then Aix-en-Provence has plenty of it. And in abundance no less.


And all this free of charge! It really doesn’t get any better than this.


Free Walking Tour Montpellier

free walking tour france
Source: Montpellier Free Tour

Similar to Aix-en-Provence, Montpellier is a major university city. In fact, figures estimate that almost one third of the city’s population are students. So once again, you can bet to see a lively atmosphere throughout the city.


The city of Montpellier has flourished since the 12th century when it became a centre of trade. Thanks to its trade links all across the Mediterranean, Montpellier soon cultivated a blend of several religious communities. From Jews and Muslims to Cathars and later Protestants. From there, the city has only branched out and grew into the diverse multicultural region it is today.


Throughout the city, you’ll find a number of iconic landmarks. Most notably are the medieval Tour des Pins and Tour de la Babotte, the impressive Saint Pierre Cathedral and Montpellier’s very own Arc de Triomphe. There is also of course the famous Mikve (ritual Jewish bath) which dates back to the 12th century and is one of very few in Europe.


During your Free Montpellier Walking Tour, you’ll get to enjoy all these spectacular sights and more! Uncover how Montpellier became a central European city of medicine in as far back as the 1100’s. And how this ultimately kickstarted the city’s reputation as a university hub in the first place.


But this isn’t the only tour offered by this wonderful city. Looking for something a little more creative? Well then for just EUR 10 you can enjoy a Montpellier Street Art Tour! Feast your eyes on the striking works of art adorning the narrow Old Town streets. Enjoy pieces by internationally known artists such as Salamech and Crying Sailor. Or, tours are also offered as Private Bookings for anyone interested.


Free Walking Tour Bordeaux

Source: HUBordeaux Free Walking Tours

Bordeaux is renowned for its magnificent architectural presence and thriving wine industry. In fact, the city has been producing wine since as early as the 8th century, accumulating over 14.5 billion euros each year. While the most historical parts of the city have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List as “an outstanding urban and architectural ensemble” of the 18th century.


During your Free Walking Tour of Bordeaux, follow your native guide through the city’s winding streets. Uncovering the city’s many hidden gems and ancestry, you’ll be blown away by the captivating tales Bordeaux has to offer. And as you travel through these ancient streets, be sure to have your cameras at the ready! The Bordeaux Cathedral, Basilica of Saint Michael, Place de la Bourse, and Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux truly are breathtaking. This sights in this amazing city are sure to make everyone back home jealous.


Or, if you’re looking for something a little extra, then we highly recommend a Bordeaux Haunted Medieval Tour. For just EUR 15, you’ll get to enjoy the best of Bordeaux in a new light (literally). Taking place during the evening hours, your guides will recount chilling tales of the city during a time when witchcraft and voodoo plagued the people of Bordeaux.


And of course, you can’t visit one of the wine capitals of France without taking part in a Wine Tasting Tour! Not only will you be offered an introductory lesson into French wine culture, you’ll also get to sample some of the region’s most exquisite flavours. Trust us, your palette will thank you later.


All tours and activities are also offered as private bookings.


Walking Tour Strasbourg

free walking tour france
Source: Unsplash – @sebastiano_piazzi


Located at the border with Germany, Strasbourg is one of the most diverse multicultural cities in France. Thanks to its truly unique and cultural roots, all the city’s best bits couldn’t possibly be covered in one single tour. Which is why you’ll be happy to know you can enjoy not one, but 12 different themed Walking Tour options.

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The Classic Tour takes you on an adventure through the city centre. Where you’ll discover the city’s ancient history and how it has developed into the cultural hub it is today. Or, for a unique experience, the tour is also offered as a theatrical production! Bringing the city’s history to life.


Next you have ‘The Little France Tour’, which takes you through the medieval streets of the French district. Or take an ‘Alsatian Tour’, where you’ll learn a little more about the German influence on the city.


With the ‘7 Centuries of Heritage Tour’, you’ll soon learn why Strasbourg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its perfect blend of significant architecture ranging from the 14th to the 20th century, you simply won’t know where to focus your attention. Or perhaps you may be more interested in a ‘Secret Tour’ where your guide will share some of the city’s darkest tales. Tales unbeknownst to many other than the locals.


The ‘Bestiary Tour’ uncovers the abundance of animal imagery used throughout the architecture of Strasbourg. And what significance these animals held in different time periods. There’s also the ‘Cathedral Tour’ which brings you to the many magnificent places of worship littered throughout the city.


With a ‘Signs Tour’, your guides will explain the significance behind many of the unusual emblems seen at every corner of the city. While the ‘Street Name Tour’ will elaborate on some of the curious names allocated to certain streets and how they derived from specific eras.


The ‘Absolute Tour’ is possibly the most enriching option in that it combines all the best bits from each tour into one unforgettable experience. Or, if you want to be the curator, then Customisable Tours are also offered.


Free Walking Tour Lille

free walking tour france
Source: Flickr – Gillyan9


Near the French border with Belgium, Lille is the capital city of the Flanders region. It is considered one of the more ‘unique’ French cities in that it is heavily influenced by Flemish culture. Making it an experience unlike any other French region. A prominent feature of this which can be seen clearly in through the red and brown brick used in many of the city’s buildings. The city was even given the title of the European capital of Culture in 2004.


With its fascinating history, there’s no better way to discover Lille than with a Free Lille Walking Tour! Through the course of your expedition, you’ll be amazed by some of the monuments located throughout the centre. From the Lille Cathedral and Théâtre Sébastopol to the Palais des Beaux Arts and La Vieille Bourse, the city if a fountain of spectacular landmarks.


And speaking of fountain, we certainly can’t forget about Lille’s iconic Column of the Goddess. This impressive monument which was built as a memorial to the Siege of Lille in 1792. A siege which is considered a major event during the French Revolutionary Wars.


Listen closely as your knowledgeable guide retells the tales of this fierce battle. As well as stories of the city as it lived through Vikings, the World Wars, its Great Depression, and many other life changing eras.


And of course, it goes without saying, but this amazing tour can also be booked as a Private Event upon request. A great option for anyone who wants to uncover the secrets if Lille in even more depth.


Free Walking Tour La Rochelle

free walking tour france
Source: Twenty20 – @SteveAllenPhoto


Located in the west of France, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, you have the portside city of La Rochelle. As one of the most well-preserved cities in France, walking through the ancient streets of La Rochelle feel like you’ve stepped through time.


The Old Port is one of the most picturesque parts of the city. A part of the city which just so happens to be surrounded by some of its most impressive structures. These include The Chain Tower, The Lantern Tower and Saint Nicolas Tower. All of which served as fortifications to the city. But you’ll learn all about these impressive towers and their functions during your Free La Rochelle Walking Tour!


Also, if interested, just off the port lies the small islands of Île d’Aix, Île de Ré and Fort Boyard. The perfect little getaway destination for anyone looking for a fun little day trip.


La Rochelle is home to yet another harbour called La Pallice. While not quite as old as the Old Port, it doesn’t hold any less historical significance. The harbour of La Pallice still houses the large submarine pens which were built during WW2. While the port of Les Minimes is home to the largest marina for pleasure boats in Europe. It truly makes for quite the spectacular sight!


Further inland, you can’t help but admire the architecture of the city. From the Saint-Louis Cathedral which has been a National Monument since 1906 to the Grosse Horloge Tower, there’s never a dull moment in this breathtaking city.


So what are you waiting for? Book your tour today and discover all the city has to offer and more!


Free Walking Tour Nantes

free walking tour france
Source: Twenty20 – @robertomefe


140 km north of La Rochelle, you have Nantes, France’s sixth largest city. The city of Nantes is one of the greenest and most stunning areas in all of France. With over 100 public parks, gardens and squares covering 218 hectares, the city seems like its own little patch of paradise! Of some of these parks you have the Parc de Procé, Parc du Grand Blottereau and Parc de la Gaudinière. But certainly the most spectacular is that of the 200 year old botanical garden ‘Jardin des Plantes’.


But Nantes isn’t just known for its spectacular natural beauty. The city is also home to over 122  buildings listed as ‘Monuments Historiques’ (Historical Monuments). From the Château des Ducs de Bretagne and its towering Main Gates to the Saint Nicolas Basilica and the Église Sainte-Croix de Nantes with its impressive Belfry, Nantes has new wonder at every turn.


During your Free Nantes Walking Tour, you’ll discover all the incredible sights and more! Beginning near the castle, your guide will lead you through the city’s ancient streets. Weaving your way through the historic centre and down along the Loire River, you’ll stop and hear captivating anecdotes about the Nantes Cathedral, the city under Roman rulership, the Place Royale and so many more. There’s no down the tales of Nantes will have you on the edge of your seat.