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Night Walking Tour of Nice

Discover Nice In Its True Light

During the Night!



Due to the current SARS-CoV-2 crisis and for the sake of everyone’s health, Night Walking Tours are cancelled until further notice. We are sorry about that but very much looking forward to see you all again soon, hopefully.


  • Nice Night Tour will commence from July 2nd and will operate 7 days a week
  • Maximum of 9 guests per tour group
  • PRIOR BOOKING IS MANDATORY – Please make a reservation in advance so that we can be sure not to exceed maximum capacity

Night Tour of Nice

It’s time to discover Nice by night, and see the city in a different light.

There is so much more to Nice than meets the eye; this vibrant city has gone through a lot of changes since its inception. Having been ruled by countless cultures, it’s safe to say the city is a true melting pot of its past influences.

Did you know that Nice only became French a mere 160 years ago? Well, it’s from this point of Nice’s new found identity that we begin to explore the history and the way it changed Nice into the city it is today.

Not only will you discover how Nice became French but we will take you through the city’s more modern history from the roaring twenties, the World Wars, and the most recent developments that have changed the face of the city…for the better.

During this tour, you will discover so much more than expected, as we explore and uncover the importance of contemporary art in Nicoise culture. There’s no denying that the city has some incredible pieces of art dotted around the town, but do you know the significance of the artwork? Our tour guides will unveil the stories behind the art and the impact it’s had on Nice as we take a walk around the MAMAC and the Open Sky Art Museum.

Tourism has been the beating heart of the city for the last 200 years. Following our exploration of contemporary Nice, we take a journey through the twentieth century from the extremely wealthy English who holidayed here in the winter and the Russians who built their own community that’s still very prominent to this day.

We take a look at the city from the lens of its visitors and how their presence helped shape the city into the holiday destination it is today.

Of course, we all know that the best things in life are free…and guess what, so is this tour! Our team continually works hard to ensure our tours are the best and if you decide to come along and enjoy the service we provide, we’d encourage you to leave our guides tip as a gratitude for their service.

Where we meet for the Night Tour Of Nice :

We meet in front of the Garibaldi statue, at the Place Garibaldi between the Old Town and the Port of Nice. Your guide will have a red shirt and a red umbrella so that you can spot them easily.


What is the difference between the Free Walking Tour of Nice and NIGHT Free Walking Tour of Nice?

Well, both tours offer you a good insight into the history and stories of Nice in a fun and interesting way.

The Free “day” Walking Tour gives you a broad overview of Nice from prehistoric time to the modern history, all that while giving you local tips for where to eat, go for drinks or what else to do after the tour and for the rest of your trip! What’s the story of the most famous French criminal? Why is the famous Promenade named after the English? Was there ever a castle on the Castle Hill? All these questions and much more will be answered during the “day” tour!

The Free NIGHT Walking Tour explains how Nice became French after being part of the Swiss/Italian Kingdom for almost 500 years and how the city was changed following this event. Focusing more on the modern history of Nice and tourism, you will gain a greater understanding of the city, next to more tips for your stay! What was the Savoy kingdom and where did it go? Why is the city so favored by tourists? What about the art, Nice is filled with? Join the Night tour and discover all the answers to more than just these questions!

Place Garibaldi


This is a Free tour. However, if you enjoy the tour, you can tip your guide according to your budget and based on how much you enjoyed it.


Free Night Walking Tour of Nice in English


Around 2 hours


All Year

Meeting Time

The start of the tour is at 6pm (18:00)
Be sure to be at the meeting point at least 5 minutes before the tour starts 5:55 pm (17:55) 

Meeting Point

We meet at Place Garibaldi, in front of the Garibaldi statue 


If you have any questions regarding the tour, please check out our FAQ section

Email: Or call: Whatsapp +33 649 244 407


Although it is recommended to book online in advance to ensure your spot, you can also join us without a reservation.

Nice Night Walking Tour – seasonal variations

February, March, April,
May, June, July, August, September,
October, November, December,

Promenade du Paillon during the sunset


Promenade des Anglais light up at night


Garibaldi Square and Statue


Nice Free Walking Night Tour


Free Night Walking Tour of Nice


Place Massena with ferris wheel


Nice Streets During the Night


Place Massene Light Up During Our Night Tour


Night Tour of Nice Villa Massena


Night Tour of Nice Water Mirror


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