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Here at Riviera Bar Crawl & Tours, we have years of experience in providing some of the best guided tours along the Côte d’Azur. And at some of the most reasonable prices on the French Riviera Private tours. Some of our services are even offered for free! That’s not something you’ll find with most other companies here along the Riviera.


Nice Walking Tour

french riviera guided tours

Some of the best things in life are free, and so are our Nice Walking Tours! Our Nice tours offer you a great way to explore this beautiful city and also discover its unique history. Beginning in Place Massena, follow our local guides as they bring you towards the famous Promenade des Anglais. Ever wonder how this coastal walkway received its name? Well its your guide’s job to tell you just that!


From here, you’ll get to explore the popular Cours Saleya flower market. Stop and smell the roses (quiet literally) and maybe even grab a small snack to keep you going. The market has a great selection of fruits and snacks for you to choose from. While you’re here, why not try some of the local Niçoise specialties?!


On the way up to the famous Castle Hill, you’ll get to weave your way through the enchanting streets of Nice’s Old Town. Taking in Nice’s charming old quarter, you’d never believe it was once labelled the ‘Babazouk’ or ‘Monster’s Lair’. At the top of Castle Hill is where you’ll really be blown away by the beauty of Nice. Being the highest accessible point in the city, you get a perfect 360° view of Nice. It’s the perfect place to take that Instagram pic to make everyone back home jealous!


Nice Night Walking Tour

One Day in Nice

Believe it or not, we offer more than one free walking tour here in Nice! Our Nice Night Tours offer more of an insight into the importance of contemporary art here in Niçoise culture. As France’s second biggest tourist destination, its no wonder the lifestyle here is influenced by so many different cultures. We’ll  take a closer look into how several cultures have shaped the way Nice is today. A topic which you’ll be guaranteed to find interesting!

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Unlike our day tour, we meet in Place Garibaldi, a beautifully lit up plaza between the Port and the Old Town. Beginning at 6pm, you’ll get to see a different side of Nice than before. Walk through the Promenade de Paillon while the fountains light up in the same colours as the French Flag. Also take a look at our Open Sky Art Museum when its lit up! Its certainly a different experience to seeing it in the daytime.


Nice Food Tasting Tour

french riviera guided tours

Looking for a great way to explore the city but not interested in the whole history side of things? Then our Nice Food Tour is definitely something to look into! Our guided tours are a great way for you to experience the local mix of French and Italian cuisine. You simply cannot miss out on trying the Socca or Pan Bagnat! What’s more, you’ll also get the opportunity to explore the city’s Old Town, a combination of quaint restaurants, chic boutiques and souvenir stores.


Monaco Walking Tour

Monaco, home to the world’s rich and wealthy. But did you know it has an equally as rich history? Our guides will take you all the way to the past, before Monaco became the principality State it is today. Discover the country’s rise from rags to riches and learn of the so-called curse that has befallen the Royal family since they first claimed power. And all on one of our amazing Monaco Walking Tours!


french riviera guided tours

Starting at the Nice-Ville station, our guides will accompany you on the train to Monaco. In the meantime, try and bag a window seat, the views along the French Riviera truly are mesmerizing! No matter which city you’re passing through. One of our first stops is of course the famous Monte-Carlo casino. Would you believe that the Mont-Carlo was actually not Monaco’s first casino? But that’s a story that you’ll have to find out about on the tour.



You’ll also get to take a look at the impressive Royal Palace of Monaco. Perhaps if you’re lucky you may even catch the Prince being driven around. Make sure and keep an eye out for the MC 01 license plate! Speaking of the Royal family, the St. Nicholas Cathedral has special ties to the household. Not only is it where they are all baptized and married, it is also where they are buried. The interior certainly makes for an impressive sight.

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Despite being the second smallest country in the world, our Monaco tours usually last around 4 hours. And even then, we barely even touch the surface of Monaco’s amazing history. But don’t you worry, we will be stopping halfway through to grab a bit to eat in the delicious Marché de la Condamine! Take your pick between Italian Pasta, American style burgers and even some Asian options. You’ll be spoiled for choice.


Cannes Walking Tour

Ready to walk amongst the stars? Well then take advantage of our Free Cannes Walking Tour. Not just for the movie buffs, Cannes is also home to some of the world’s most stunning beaches. Not to mention its unique architecture and historical foundations. As with most cities along the French Riviera, Cannes has a unique ancestry that you won’t find anywhere else.


french riviera guided tours

As you follow our guides, listen closely as they recount life in Cannes before all the glitz and the glam. Looking around, you wouldn’t believe that the city was once no more than a feeble fishing village. Hard to believe when you think of Cannes today right? Explore the buzzing activity in the Marché Forville. Between the selection of fresh fish, fruits and vegetables, flowers, herbs, and other local specialties, your bags will be full to the brim!


At the peak of Le Suquet, you’ll be blown away by not only the view of the city, but also by the beautiful Gothic Notre Dame de l’Espérance Church. From this outlook you’ll also get a great view of the Lérins Islands. One of which is known for the eery tale of ‘The Man in the Iron Mask’. Be prepared for your guide to tell you the mysterious tale of the unknown figure who’s ghost supposedly haunts the tower of the Fort Royal prison.


And of course, what would a Cannes tour be without visiting the spot where the famous Cannes Film Festival takes place every year. What where some of your favourite actors/actresses have walked. Or search for their handprint along the Allée des Étoiles du Cinéma.


Antibes Walking Tour

Antibes is certainly one of the most beautiful destinations along the French Riviera. Not only has it the second largest port in Europe, it also has some of the best sandy beaches. So, we highly recommend taking a stroll along the seaside in your free time. Better yet, join one of our Free Anitbes Walking Tours and make it both fun and fascinating!

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french riviera guided tours

As you may have noticed with our guided tours, we always like to stop off at the local Markets. And the Provencal Market of Antibes is no exception. Take a quick break to explore the buzzing hive of activity and really get an insight into the local cuisine. Also typical of our tours is our route through the Old Towns. But I assure you, there’s good reason for it. The Old Towns have some of the most enchanting architectural style that you’ll ever see. Don’t believe me? Well I suppose you’ll just have to come on the tour yourself to find out.

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