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Wine Tasting in Nice and French Riviera





We will arrange a custom tour in as little as 72 hours in advance of your custom tour date and time.

Discover Nice and THE French Riviera with wine 

Your five star wine tasting in Nice french riviera is waiting for you. Come and experience its flavors, local products, markets, and its craftsmenship that are all found in Old Nice and the villages of the Côte d’Azur. 

On your holidays on the french riviera, you have a lot of things to discover and enjoy, but you should not skip a Wine Tasting in Nice with some of the best local and french wines.

It is a great way to discover and appreciate the flavors that are essential to the life here in the South of France. 

On one side, you have the olives, and AOC classified olive oils. On the other hand, the visits of the vineyards of Nice and the Var region, to find out more about the tasting of their wines. The artisanal and traditional approach to the products here make great gifts to bring back in your suitcase! 

Choosing your holidays in Nice and on the Côte d’Azur, it is to discover all the delicacies of the South of France and the French Riviera.

Why should you try our wine tasting TOURS AND EVENTS ?

Joining some of the best and friendliest wine tasting in Nice and french riviera, is going beyond just drinking wine, and truly experiencing it. 

During the wine tasting you will have the chance to taste an array of thoughtfully selected wines with an introduction to the world of wine culture. 

It’s one thing to know what you’re tasting, and it is another to understand what is behind the flavors and to know how your wine is composed, why it feels this way.

Who should join a wine tasting?

Events and tours are open to everyone! We are on the French Riviera, but these wine tastings are crafted to fit all types of people and guests. The events and activity can be provided in different languages :

  • English
  • French
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • And other languages as per request


Our wine tastings are perfect for anyone with an interest in wine, no matter the level of expertise. So, if you are tourists or part of the business elite, you are welcome to join the best wine tastings in Nice.


How much does a wine tasting cost in Nice?

The standard price for a group private tasting starts with a minimum of 300€ for three guests. There is an extra of 100€ per additional guest.

A private wine tasting will take you to a selected venue to enjoy some of the best local wines and other wines from France. And giving you the key to the understanding of the complexity of each wine and its purpose.

The idea behind these wine tasting events is to bring together people who want to connect to a community and immerse themselves amongst locals: “doing what the locals do.” It is a unique opportunity to embrace the simplicity and humble nature of local cuisine and wine. 

Business and corporate Wine Tasting events are focused on the wine lovers and companies who want to set up a classy, elite, and high-end event. But without being pretentious or intimidating. These wine tastings are designed to fit all levels of knowledge. 

What is a wine Tasting ?

The Wine tastings are revolving around four simple steps (look, smell, taste, evaluate), so you can improve your knowledge of wine, as well as your palate. Improve your confidence in approaching a wine list and navigating the world of wine.

1. Organize a wine tasting to make it a real event

Beyond the pure desire to respond to this desire of the people, to make the taste of a glass of wine is also a superb opportunity for a wine cellar. For example, to be known and appreciated as part of the local culture and traditions.

We can organize regular thematic tastings around this or that wine region, or to arouse curiosity by organizing more exceptional events around the wine. 

In the same way, to taste a bottle of wine will allow a vine grower to make himself known, him, and his production, and to demonstrate the extent of his range to delight the taste buds of his customers.


2. The different wine tasting themes 

With the best wine tasting organizers, you will have the opportunity to discover the local wines and producers, but you will also find a full list of wine tasting events.

  • A Tour of France – 5 Wines from France’s top producing regions. Indulge your palate and your curiosity of French wine with an overview of France’s principal producing areas. With an introduction to the ways of wine culture in the region
  • Sparkling wine and Oysters: a Champagne introduction with oyster and seafood pairings 
  • Wine and Cheese: Experience the world of wine and cheese with four carefully selected wines and four cheese pairings.
  • 6 Wine Blind Tasting 
  • Old World vs. New World


3.Wine tasting , a friendly way to share one’s passion 

Finally, and this is perhaps the most important reason, to make a wine tasting, it is above all to organize a moment of conviviality around a shared passion. By inviting wine consumers to meet them, wine professionals will have an ideal opportunity to convey to them all their love of wine, to explain their history, the particularities of each vintage, the production techniques, etc.


4.  Wine Based Events

Our events and tastings are regular events so that you can join them all year long. You will easily find different wine tasting themes to choose from, but there are also some options and add-ups that bring your wine tasting to another level.

  • Tourist Market & Wine tastings are some of the best wine and food pairings events.
  • Wines from the world with an emphasis on French and local wines. 
  • A food an dining option, for groups from one to ten guests, can also be organized

·Business/Corporate Market- Wine events. These are often the top selection of vintage classified wines from France and around the world (from 1 to 30 Guests).

Another idea that you can look at is to organize you “Private wine tastings” in a rented villa, with the option to have a chef cooking a local or defined meal with dishes for each wine — two options available: the classic 4 course meal, or the gourmet 7 course meal.


When can you do a wine tasting tour?

As we said, wine tasting events are happening all year for business events, and from March to October during the tourist season. The sunny South of France has no lousy season, and there are always many locals and travelers ready to join these great wine tastings.

Where are the wine tastings organized?

Most wine tasting organized for travelers and guests of tourist activity, the wine tasting is going to take place in Nice, in restaurants and bars. However, from time to time, some of the wine tastings will be set up at the vineyards.

For the business events, we can  organize and set up these custom wine tastings anywhere in France and Monaco, and some high end places such as a castle, or a luxury villa.

After that, if the Wine Tasting is a big success and if the demand keeps growing as it does now, the organizers will extend the Custom Wine Tastings to other countries for specific events. 





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