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Find the Bed & Breakfast in Nice


The concept of bed and breakfast, a “Chambre d ‘hôtes” in French, is to open his home to visitors passing for one or more nights. It is typical in rural areas, but it is also present in the city and on the coastline of the French Riviera, such as some great bed and breakfast in Nice, Antibes, Villefranche sur Mer and more.

bed and breakfast in nice

The concept of B&B

The people who host the travelers in their bed and breakfast welcome them as guests. It is a concept of conviviality and sharing, and the reception is personalized. The price of the room also includes breakfast which is taken in the family dining room.

Sometimes the owner offers a complimentary service called “Table d’hote.” The hosting family then shares their meal with the guests. It’s always a pleasant moment, and it is also an opportunity to discuss with the owners and other guests of the area, what to see, what can be discovered. Most often, it is an excellent opportunity to taste the dishes and specialties of the region.

The bed and breakfast diversity

Each owner defines his bed and breakfast. The reception is neither standard nor impersonal. Every owner has his way of doing things, and that is what allows such a success to this formula.

There are several labels for bed and breakfast as a cottage in France, from countryside houses, castles, and mansions stay. City life such as some fabulous “chambres d’ hotes” and bed and breakfast in Nice, on Cours Saleya or the avenue Jean Medecin, some of the principal streets of the city center (centre ville) of Nice.


Some bed and breakfast choose to join one of the national and international groups and B&B associations. Still, more and more others are dispensing with the adhesion and constraints imposed by such a label to make their rooms known. They often prefer to focus on the originality of their performance and thus offer their guests a different concept.

In France and on the Cote d’Azur, many guest rooms are open every year; it is a particularly dynamic sector. Only the seriousness and the reliability of the owners guarantee the success and the durability of a B&B project.

Bed and Breakfast hosts know that the best advertising for such an establishment is word of mouth. If it often allows the success of the owners who offer a credible offer, it may as well turn against those who provide only a service delivery and medium quality accommodation.

bed and breakfast in nice

Choose a Bed & Breakfast in Nice

Bed and Breakfast in Nice are the best solutions to stay in the city center, few minutes walk by foot from the best sites and monuments in Nice, while being able to control your expenses and yet enjoy more of the local lifestyle and culture.

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The hotel offering in Nice is known for being more expensive than average and counting many upmarket resorts. Besides, you could find some economy hotels, offering a per night price of fewer than 90 euros, but some addresses are slightly off-center on the heights; some are unclassified, and others have 2 or 3 stars. You should also be careful to check the services offered because they are often very heterogeneous.

With a Bed and Breakfast in Nice, you get all the usual things of a hotel and more. You have your free wifi. The options are many for B&B in Nice. You can find a room in a charming Nicaean villa and a Bed & Breakfast on Place Massena, only 900 meters from the Promenade des Anglais. You can opt for a Chambre d’ hotes in Nice on Cours Saleya, 15 minutes walk from the beach, or another Bed and Breakfast only 900 meters from the Old Nice district.

It is a whole new set of options to stay in the Nice best neighborhoods while sharing and discovering the French Riviera lifestyle and being hosted by locals.

bed and breakfast in nice


Which neighborhood for your Bed and Breakfast in Nice?

Whatever your choice is, in this beautiful city you will easily find a range of accommodation with different levels of comfort, accessible to all budgets.


  • Treat yourself to the best of the city in the most beautiful neighborhoods

In a postcard decor made of palm trees, white sand, and the sea of ​​a stunning azure blue, book your vacation rental along the Bay of Angels, especially, on the side of the Promenade des Anglais, emblematic figure of the city.

In this city which has an excellent infrastructure, you will have a wide choice of great Bed and Breakfasts accommodation, including rooms at the inhabitant: the Chambres d’ hotes and bed and breakfast.

The city has all the standards of housing. The most demanding can book luxury villas or residences either by the sea or in the upscale neighborhood of Carré d’Or. The arts and music district is another option. The Old Nice is also one of the most beautiful locations in the city, and settling there gives you easy access to all points of interest in the city: the beach, monuments, chic and trendy restaurants of the old town, etc. You can also book your accommodation around Place Masséna or in the Old Port and its surroundings.

Our tips about B&B in the Cimiez district

The district of Nice Cimiez is undoubtedly one of the neighborhoods of Nice, most known for its archaeological site, its arena, its beautiful buildings and mansions, its breathtaking view on the Bay of Angels. But did you know that this is a neighborhood accessible to all?

The Cimiez district is the most famous and positively the most bourgeois, and it is a residential area par excellence, with few bars and restaurants, but many local shops.

It is a historic area with an outstanding view!

At the time of the Romans, it was not prefecture of the maritime Alps: Cemenelum. From this period remain thermal baths, an amphitheater, and the remains of a Roman road. But it was not until the end of the nineteenth century that this place, in the meantime, became a space for growing olive trees and vineyards, and a place of retreat for religious, became what it is now: a residential area.

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The green spaces and its elevated position have given this place a particular charm, recognized worldwide as Cimiez became a holiday resort, particularly appreciated by visitors from all over the world. Many palaces were built to accommodate all these beautiful people: the Majestic Hotel, the Riviera Palace, the Regina, and more.


Cimiez is a place of celebration of Niçoises traditions. Still, it is above all a dynamic district that mixes cultural spaces (Chagall museum, Matisse museum and archaeological museum), university spaces (faculty of Valrose, conservatory of music), and green spaces (park of the arenas of Cimiez).


  • Find your accommodation in the heights of Nice

Enjoy a breathtaking view of the city and the Mediterranean by choosing to settle in the heights of Nice. If a large part of this beautiful city of the Côte d’Azur is organized around its bay, another part has gained height. Most of these neighborhoods exude a certain charm and enjoy a beautiful environment, tranquility. The area on the side of Mont-Boron hill is particularly impressive.

Facing the sea, enjoy a forest environment, the places there offer an exceptional setting to the travelers who settle there. Moreover, beautiful homes, charming houses, and pretty villas, mostly opulent for the most part, will constitute for you a real little cocoon of comfort, a small piece of paradise that will add cachet to your trip.

Nice is a hill town. The neighborhoods there offer beautiful views, on the Promenades des Anglais for example, for Saint-Antoine to the west of the city. The Cimiez district also provides gorgeous views of the Baie des Anges.


  • Our tips about B&B on the hill of Mont Boron

For many Nicaean people and tourists from all over the world, having a home on Mont Boron de Nice is a luxury. Let’s see what makes this district so attractive and what explains the high price level.

The central park of Eastern Nice, Mont Boron, is known and appreciated for its many panoramas on the city of Nice over the Bay of Angels and the bay of Villefranche. This park, surmounted by a fortress, is also a residential area with many Belle Epoque villas and luxury residences. It is also part of our top 5 neighborhoods where it is good to live in Nice.

It is the high position of the houses in this neighborhood that make it attractive.

The view is splendid on the city of Nice, and the exposure of the dwellings towards the West allows us to see and benefit from the softness of the setting sun on the Esterel massif in the distance. The houses on the south side face the sea, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. One can have the impression of being on an island in the middle of the immensity of the sea.

On the top of Mont-Boron, a park of 57 hectares is available to niçois wishing to walk in nature in the middle of vibrant and varied vegetation. This forest lists many Mediterranean species and dominates the city of its green mass. The park offers exceptional views of Cap Ferrat, the Bay of Villefranche and the Bay of Angels to Esterel.


This neighborhood is appreciated for its residential and quiet character. There are very few trade and restaurants, and this area will attract urban dwellers in search of houses and luxury villas. Its location east of the metropolis of Nice makes it a sought-after area for those wishing to be able to go quickly to Monaco, for work or leisure.

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  • Other neighborhoods and peripherals

Nice is a beautiful city. Most of its neighborhoods are pleasant and offer an excellent living environment: good public transport network, beautiful surroundings, well-equipped amenities, easy access to the city center and the beaches from the four corners of the city.

The Liberation district near the center, the Fabron district in the west of the city of the Imperial Park and its surroundings, are excellent ideas for drop-off points. If you prefer the outskirts to the big city, you can correctly book your holiday rental in one of the many neighboring municipalities of Nice, such as Saint-Laurent-du-Var, for example, a small town located about ten kilometers from Nice.

You will find all types of accommodation with a bonus, a lower price compared to vacation rentals in the heart of Nice. So you can have a beautiful frame and comfort for cheap. Even on the outskirts, always make sure you book in advance your accommodation for summer stays, the French Riviera, Nice, in particular, is a very coveted destination and very busy during this time of the year.

  • Our tips about B&B in Liberation, a famous and lively district

It is a neighborhood of Nice that I particularly appreciate for its atmosphere, its market, its central position, and its population. In short, an area where life is excellent thanks to its animation and its development prospects.

It is a district, at the end of Avenue Jean Médecin, located around the Place Charles de Gaulle, that the people of Nice call Libération – Borriglione. This district takes its name from the ancient name of this place (Place de la Liberation) and the name of the avenue that extends Avenue Jean-Médecin.

It is a neighborhood both bourgeois and disparate, which includes warehouses in the process of disappearing, and opulent villas on the area that adjoins the flanks of Cimiez Hill. One finds there thus magnificent bourgeois buildings with beautiful apartments proposed at prices much lower than those of the district of the Musicians, for example, for a level of benefits often equivalent.


When walking around this popular district, we immediately notice that it is a particularly lively neighborhood. This district, which has about 12,000 inhabitants, has a lot of shops. It is also composed of many restaurants, cafes, and bars, which is appreciated when you visit. There are always terraces in the world, which is often a call to sit there yourself.

But in the heart of this district, we appreciate the large open-air market on Place Charles de Gaulle and the adjacent streets. It is an attraction of the city of Nice not to be missed on weekends, as the atmosphere is friendly and pleasant!

In my opinion, this is an ideal neighborhood for anyone looking for an urban lifestyle. You can stay there pleasantly, have fun, and go out without leaving the area.

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