History of the Monte-Carlo Casino

monte carlo casino

During the mid-1800’s, the Monaco royal family were facing imminent bankruptcy. The Princess at the time, Princess Caroline, proposed building a casino as a way to bring in revenue. And so, in the 1850’s, the ruling Grimaldi family built their first casino in La Condamine district. Unfortunately however, the lack of roads connected to Monaco made it inconvenient to get to. What’s more, if one were to make the long trek to Monaco, there were no quality hotels and restaurants to cater to these foreign aristocrats. And so the casino never truly took off.


By the 1860’s however, things took a turn for the better. There was now a direct road connecting Monaco to the rest of the Riviera. And even better still, there was now also the Hôtel de Paris and Café Paris to cater for visiting guests. This of course was a major stepping-stone, and the royal family made their second attempt at opening a casino. This one grander and more elegant than the last. Not long after its opening, the casino accounted for over 95% of Monaco’s revenue! Saving the country from bankruptcy and earning a reputation as one of the most prestigious casinos in the world.


Where is the Monte-Carlo Casino?

The Monte-Carlo Casino is in the district of Monte-Carlo of Monaco. Hence how it ultimately received its name. Monaco itself is found along the south-east corner of France, within a region referred to as the French Riviera. Despite being entirely surrounded by France however, Monaco is actually its own Independent Country. The second smallest in the world in fact, after the Vatican. Conveniently, the Casino is right between the Hotel de Paris and Café Paris. So guests never have to travel too far from their their suites to the casino. Its also a 5 minute walk from the train station! So perfect for anyone visiting from somewhere else along the Riviera.

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When was the Monte-Carlo Casino Built?

Prince Charles, son of Princess Caroline, commissioned the construction of the Casino de Monte Carlo in 1863. This rather impressive monument was the work of a well-known French architect by the name Charles Garnier. A man most famous for having built the Garnier Opera house in Paris. In fact, within the casino, you will find the Salle Garnier, a mesmerising concert hall built after the likeness of the Paris Opera. The Opera is still very much in use, and people are more than welcome to attend its shows.

monte carlo casino

How to get into the Monte-Carlo Casino?

The Monte-Carlo Casino is open to absolutely anyone. However, an important thing to be aware of is that you cannot gain entry unless you bring along your passport as proof of ID. A seemingly odd requirement, however, the reason behind this is that citizens of Monaco themselves are not permitted to gamble in the casino. Another little fact to be aware of is that there is also an entry fee of EUR 17.


If you don’t want to gamble and just want to take a quick look around in the casino lobby, then you’re more than welcome to do so. There’s absolutely no charge, and all you have to do is go through a quick bag search before entering. Super quick and hassle free!


How many casinos in Monte-Carlo?

monte carlo casino

Within the casino, there are over 6 different sections for you to enjoy:

  • Salle des Amériques – This is where you’ll find everyone’s favourite slot machines. Nothing quite screams casino like the flashing vibrant lights of the machines and the sound of the of the toggles rolling.


  • Salle Europe – This particular room may seem rather familiar to any of you James Bond fans. After all, its where several of the 007 movie scenes took place! The Salle Europe offers direct access to the casino’s restaurants and also the grand smoking area, as well the entertainment venues. But before you leave, you can’y possibly walk away with trying your hand at some classic Black-Jack or Poker!


  • Salle Blanche – Its here that you’ll get to enjoy the best views the casino has to offer. Overlooking the stunning Mediterranean Sea, this open air terrace is exclusive only to private members.
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  • Salle Renaissance – Within this section of the casino, we welcome you to admire the enchanting interior décor while you take a relaxing coffee in the Café de la Rotonde. Enjoy games here or head straight on over to the connecting room slot room.


  • Salle Médecin – This private lounge is where some of the most prestigious events are held. Between the delicate artistic compositions and the infinitely azure horizons of the terrace, it is without a doubt a rare venue.


  • Salle Touzet – Illuminate by its stain-glass windows, its everything an appreciator of the Belle Epoque era could dream of. Not to mention the range of table games which attract great players from all over the world.


What is the dress code for the Monte-Carlo Casino?

  • Salle des Amériques – Respectable casual attire – Proper attire after 7pm
  • Salle Europe – Respectable casual attire – Proper attire after 7pm
  • Salle Blanche – Proper/Formal attire
  • Salle Renaissance – Casual attire – Proper attire after 7pm
  • Salle Médecin – Proper/Formal attire
  • Salle Touzet – Proper/Formal attire


Who owns the Monte-Carlo Casino?

When the casino was established, ownership fell to the Société des Bains de Mer de Monaco. This society operates in the accommodation, dining, entertainment, and gambling industry. They run a number of Monaco’s biggest properties, the most notable being of course the Casino. But, they also operate the Opéra de Monte-Carlo, as well as the Hôtel de Paris.


Casino Royale

The Monte-Carlo Casino has featured in several classic Bond films. First featuring in ‘Never Say Never Again’, before showing up again in GoldenEye with Pierce Brosnan. However, its most notable feature was in the adaptation of the movie, ‘Casino Royale’. A fun little fact for all you Bond lovers, it was actually in Monte Carlo that the famous catchphrase “Bond, James Bond” was uttered for the first time.


Monaco Private Tours

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Monaco Private Bar Crawls

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