Thessaloniki – Greece’s second-largest city

Thessaloniki Walking Tour

What do you think of when you think of holidays in Greece? Probably one of the many great Greek islands. The interior of the country also has some great corners that are just waiting to be discovered. There is, for example, Thessaloniki, the capital of Central Macedonia.

Few people know the beautiful maritime city in the north of Greece. These Thessaloniki tips from our local guides will help you get to know the Greek town. Choose from the many free walking tours Thessaloniki and private Thessaloniki walking tours. 

Thessaloniki Walking Tour

A beach vacation is a good idea, but it’s just as great to appreciate a travel destination’s culture, history, and buildings. That is why the Greek metropolis’ sights also belong on the list of Thessaloniki tips we are giving you today.

Although Thessaloniki is not necessarily one of Greece’s most famous travel destinations, getting to Thessaloniki is pretty easy.

Our Greek local tour guides give us the best tips and useful information to find and choose the best free Thessaloniki walking tour … 

Tours in Thessaloniki


Thessaloniki Walking Tour

Are you ready to discover the second-largest Greek city? Take your Thessaloniki walking tour map, and let’s explore the city with our local tour guides.

  • Aristotelous Square is the heart of Thessaloniki. Here you find old traditional hotels. The square is the starting point for our city tour.
  • The Modiano and Kapani Market is one of the two central markets, just a 5-minute walk from Aristotelous Square. It is best to visit them in the morning. The markets are set up a bit like halls, and the dealers are crowded together. But there you can move around in a relaxed manner, even as a tourist.
  • The Roman Forum and Galerian Palace Complex are perfect if you are interested in the history of Thessaloniki. It is worth visiting the numerous archaeological sites. These are often right in the city on busy streets, next to shops, and in residential areas.
  • The Hagios Demetrios is an imposing basilica. The church stands on the spot where St. Demetrius (patron saint of Thessaloniki) was martyred. The church looks rather unimpressive from the outside, but it is stunning and worth seeing from the inside.
  • Agios Pavlo is another imposing church. What is especially remarkable about this place was the incredibly beautiful view of the entire city. The design of the area with the courtyard and garden is very lovely.
  • The Galerius Arch is triumphal (also called Kamara). It was built in Thessaloniki in honor of Galerius, and it shows his victory against the Persians. 
  • The Eastern Orthodox Church on the way to the White Tower. Its inside is gorgeous. 
  • The White Tower was formerly a fortification and prison. It now serves as a museum. 
  • The Umbrella sculpture is a perfect spot for a popular photo motif in Thessaloniki. It is located directly on the water. It is also a highlight at night because then the sculpture is illuminated from below.
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At Riviera Bar Crawls & Tours, we believe that guided-walking tours are the best way to get your first impression of a new city, and they are useful to build your own self-guided walking tours Thessaloniki.

That is why we are listing for you the best walking tours in the Greek and European cities.

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