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The city of Nice is known for many things. Its unique pebbled beaches, year-round sunshine, fascinating history, delicious cuisine. But did you know that its also a centre for art (and thereby street art) along the French Riviera? Nice has long since been a source of inspiration to artists of all domains. With many writers, painters and sculptors alike moving to the Cote d’Azur in search of their muse. Take the world-famous artist Matisse for example. Having lived in the city for many years himself, many believe some of his most renowned paintings are based on scenes of Nice.


Nice is home to range of over 14 municipal museums. Some dedicated to natural sciences, and others to evidence of prehistoric settlements. But the majority of the museums here in Nice are dedicated to a range of art collections. The Matisse and Charles de Gaulle museums are of course dedicated to the artists after which they are named. The MAMAC is dedicated to modern and contemporary art in France. While the Villa Masséna is devoted to the history of Nice during La Belle Epoque, the period from the time Nice first became French in 1860 up until the First World War.


But art here in Nice is not just confined to indoor collections and exhibitions. Take to the streets and you’ll discover equally as beautiful and remarkable sculptures and works of art. Take the Open Sky Art Museum for example – a collection of unique outdoor exhibits littered throughout the city. Or the famous ‘painted windows’ of the Old Town. And last but not least, we can’t of course forget about our local Street Art.

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Street Art Tours

Street Art here in Nice has a reputation of being powerful and thought provoking. An element of class sets it apart from just your regular vandalistic graffiti. These works of art can be seen throughout the city. However, once a year there is in fact a Street Art Tour Convention courtesy of the Vus pas Vus association.


As a company who have specialised in Nice Walking Tours for many years, we know the city like the back of our hand. We and our team enjoy what we do and are always looking to broaden our horizons and share the history and culture of Nice with all our wonderful tourists. Think you might be interest in discovering more about Nice and its Street Art scene? Then don’t hesitate to get into contact with us! Get in touch via out email ( and we’ll do our utmost to organise the ideal tour for you and your group.

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