Strasbourg – a French city with a German flair

Strasbourg, located on the border of two cultures, has stood for tradition on the one hand and modernity since the 20th century at the latest. 

In addition to a picturesque old town with its magnificent cathedral, European institutions’ mighty buildings now have a strong influence on the cityscape.

Strasbourg Walking Tour

Strasbourg Walking Tour

Today, our local tour guides in Strasbourg are showing us their city and give you the best tips to explore the town through the best Strasbourg walking tours such as:

  • A free walking tour Strasbourg and Old Town
  • A ree walking tour Strasbourg English
  • A free walking tour Strasbourg Espanol or other languages
  • A cultural and monuments free English walking tour Strasbourg


Some great ways to get some useful tips and information to organize your self-guided walking tour Strasbourg for your next days in the French city.

Tours in Strasbourg

Strasbourg Walking Tour

The nice thing about Strasbourg is that you can explore the whole city wonderfully on foot, and you should too. You can only really feel the flair and charm of the city when you stroll through the narrow streets of the town. 

To list all the museums and attractions in Strasbourg would go beyond the scope, but our local guides would like to introduce you to some of their favorite places and show you what you can do in Strasbourg. 


  • The Strasbourg Cathedral – La Cathédrale Notre-Dame – is the city’s sight and is one of the most important cathedrals in European architectural history and one of the largest sandstone buildings in the world. 


  • The Grande-Île – the old town of Strasbourg. It is the historic center of the city, an island enclosed by the Ill and the Canal du Faux-Rempart. 


  • Besides, there are many medieval churches on the Grande-Île, the Palais Rohan, the half-timbered Maison Kammerzell, the historical museum, and wonderfully beautiful Renaissance buildings and patrician houses. 


Insiders’ tip: The best way to explore the island on foot and drift through the alleys is to discover something on every corner.

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  • La Petite France is the picturesque old town district and certainly the most charming area of ​​Strasbourg. La Petite France is popular with locals and tourists alike. You will find many excellent little restaurants and cafés and superb shops that invite you to browse in the pretty winding streets with the beautiful half-timbered houses.


  • The Barrage Vauban is offering the best view of La Petite France. The four towers of the covered bridges and the cathedral can be enjoyed from the Barrage Vauban viewing terrace. 


  • The “Cave Historique des Hospices de Strasbourg”: once a hospital, people often paid in kind for hospital stays and care, and the hospital bills in the Strasbourg hospital were usually paid in wine. The bottles were stacked in the hospice kitchen’s storage cellar, so this gradually became a wine cellar.


Insider’s tip: Strasbourg can be perfectly explored on foot in one day and yet you should also change your perspective. On the water, Strasbourg shows itself again from a completely different side. We also recommend a tour with one of the boats to get an overview of the city

But not only Strasbourg itself is worth seeing. If you are ever in Alsace, you should get out of the city and explore the pretty little villages and their wine cellars on the Alsatian Wine Route.

The Alsace Wine Route stretches over 150 km from the north to the south of the region. There are around 70 wine villages along the road, which are among the most beautiful Alsace villages. 

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