Paris night cruise without dinner

paris night cruise without dinner

Are you in Paris, travelling with friends and looking for a night out? Here, we are going to show you some of the best places and the coolest bars to discover the nightlife in Paris.

Paris may be one of the most expensive cities in the world, but the French capital remains an excellent destination for a city trip with friends, and we have some great options and places listed for you along with this article.

Paris night cruise

Did you know that Paris is the second largest river port in Europe and the first port in the world for tourist transport? More than five million people are regularly using this original mean of transport. Along the Seine and the canals, this is a great and ecological go around the French capital and discover the city.

In Paris, you will find many options for a night cruise with or without dinner. 

Unmissable during a stay in Paris, you must enjoy a cruise on the Seine! Along the water, contemplate the most beautiful museums and monuments of Paris. These tours are usually offered in French and English, with headphones distilling comments in many languages which ​​are available to you and allow you to lose nothing of the story of Paris that is told.

“Bateau Mouche”, barges, dinner cruises, “vedettes du Pont Neuf“, panoramic boats or small yachts; many boats are cruising the Seine and the canals of Paris and you can choose to have the classic dinner and drinks on board, or choose to go for a night cruise without dinner if you are looking for a touristic evening.

But if you are looking for a night of fun and the best parties in Paris, you can simply hit some of the best bars to meet locals and travellers in bars and clubs around town.

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Paris night cruise without dinner

Where to go out in Paris?

Paris is a sublime city to visit: the Eiffel Tower, the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris, the Palace of Versailles, the Louvre Museum, the Orsay Museum, Montmartre, and much more. There are so many monuments and sites to see. 

But after a busy day to do the tourist, you probably want to find some great bars for a drink in Paris, and then why not finish your night in a club? If you do not know where to go tonight, here are some great options.

Paris night cruise without dinner

The best nights in Paris

paris night cruise without dinner pubcrawl

The choice of bars and clubs in Paris is so large, that some companies decided to organize the best Pub Crawl in Paris. These bar-marathons, with some of the best event and party organizers, such as Riviera Bar Crawl & Tours, are taking travellers and drink lovers to some of the best bars and clubs in Paris.

– What is Paris pub crawl? – 


The Pub Crawl, also called “Barathon” in France, is an original and fun drinking night in town. It consists of the tour of the bars of the city during the same evening while experiencing some of the best bars in Paris and meeting new people along the way.

You can do it independently, with a group of friends, or choose to go for an “organized tour”. It is this last option that I would highly recommend. It’s a good way, as a traveller or a new expat or a simple tourist, to meet people and discover some of the best local bars.


Some of the best bars and clubs in Paris 

Paris is definitely a surprising city. Republique-Oberkampf-Bastille, do you know about this area? It’s called the “Golden Triangle of Thirst” and it gained its name for a good reason. The neighbourhoods are full of bars for all people and all taste.

The Rhumerie – 

Welcome to the 6th arrondissement on Boulevard Saint-Germain. The Rhumerie is the ideal place to have a drink in a Caribbean atmosphere. As the name of the bar suggests, you can sip some great rum-based homemade cocktail and have a Creole plater for snacks. A real delight!


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– The Little Red Door – 

If you head to the 3rd arrondissement, you will find a New York style bar with a fantastic atmosphere. The bar was voted the world’s 11th best bar in 2017 by the annual World’s 50 Best Bars. This is one of the best bars in Paris with refined and delicious cocktails. This is also the perfect place to have a good time before going out to clubs as the bar is open until 3 am on weekends.


– Au Taquet – 

In the heart of the 9th arrondissement, you will find a fun and cool bar with a young crowd. Note that they serve a 2.50-euros pint, some 1.50-euro shots, and 4-euros cocktail. The prices are simply unbeatable for Paris! And the icing on the cake: the happy hour begins at 4 PM, and last until 2 AM. In addition, the bar broadcasts many matches, for sports fans and during the weekend evenings, the bar is really crowded. 


– Espit Chupitos – 

Here, we are in a completely different atmosphere with one of the best Latin bars in Paris. Nested in the 11th arrondissement, Espit Chupitos is a bar franchise coming from Spain, and the establishment is famous for its shots and its spirits selection. For happy hour, until 10 PM, shots are going for 2.50 to 3 euros, making the price/alcohol ratio really attractive for the French capital.


– The Loft Metropolis – 

We leave the bars, to head the club. Loft Metropolis, in Rungis, the southern suburbs of Paris, is one of the biggest nightclubs in France and certainly one of the best clubs in Paris. The atmosphere is always at the top with four rooms with four musical atmospheres (Dance, Hip Hop/R’n’B, Reggaeton and Electro). In addition, theme nights (Halloween, Glow Party, Caribbean …) are regularly organized.


– The Dandy – 

The Dandy is another famous address for the Parisian clubbers, right in the centre of the 6th arrondissement. You will love its baroque atmosphere, its stone walls, its vaults, its comfy couches and its soft light, which will delight the electro fans of electro. 


– The Pigallion – 

In the 18th arrondissement, you will find another great nightclub in Paris with a very different atmosphere. The Pigallion will especially delight the clubbers followers of techno because there is more Techno, Deep and House on which you will be able to swing. The plus of the establishment is that it is open until Sunday afternoon, and is, therefore, a reputable address for after-parties. 

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