Malaga – the best of Andalusia

Malaga Walking Tour

Málaga is not only the birth town of Pablo Picasso; it is also one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the world. Hence, we no longer have any doubts about it after discussing it with some of the local guides!

The Spanish city will enchant you right away and cast a spell over your holidays with many charming places, pleasant discoveries, and some of the Spanish lifestyle’s unique features.

A Malaga walking tour with a local guide or a Malaga self-guided tour will take you through the city’s best places, activities, and people. 

With great guided-visits options (the “visitas guiadas”) and free tours, Malaga’s city offers a fascinating mix of relaxation, sightseeing, delicious food, and lots of Spanish flairs. 

Between the visits for which you can decide the price (“Decides el Precio”), a free walking tour Malaga Spain and the discovery of Plaza de la Constitución or the Teatro Romano, or a free walking tour Malaga evening, there is something to do everywhere. In the late afternoon, when the siesta ends, the city comes to life.


Malaga Walking Tour

Choosing the right and the best local tour guide in Malaga is a great way to make your trip to the coastal city an unforgettable experience. 

Here, you will find tons of exciting places, fantastic sights, excursion destinations in the area, restaurant and accommodation recommendations, as well as some useful travel tips for Malaga.


Tours in Malaga

Malaga is the second-largest city in Andalusia and, due to its long history, has a lot of exciting places to offer. 

Therefore, here are some of the best sights and highlights from our local guides in Malaga:


  • The Centro Histórico: The old town of Málaga is not only the historical center of the city but a dream come true. Narrow streets, historic houses, lovely cafés, delicious restaurants, flower-adorned windowsills, and numerous street artists: this is Malaga! 


In the evening, when the streets start to glow, it is time to discover Malaga’s glamourous and party side.

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Malaga – the best of Andalusia


Insiders’ tip: The “Pasaje de Chinitas” and the area around the Plaza de la Merced are incredibly beautiful.


  • Plaza de toros de La Malagueta: In a big city in Spain you can find a bullring. The “Plaza de toros de La Malagueta” is even one of the largest bullrings in the country.


  • Gibralfaro Castle: The most famous sight during a Malaga walking tour. The real highlight, however, is the countless viewpoints along the fortification wall. From there, you have a fantastic view of the entire city.


  • Alcazaba de Málaga: it is one of the most exciting places in Malaga. It is located directly below the Gibralfaro and is no less well known. It was the city’s former fortification and palace complex and is still in excellent condition today. 


  • The Roman Theater: Immediately to the left of the Alcazaba entrance is the open Roman theater of Málaga, one of the oldest buildings in the city. The street “Calle Alcazabilla” runs right next to the Roman theater. From there, you have a great view of the walls of the Alcazaba in the background.


  • The yellow town hall: It is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city without any ifs or buts. Above all, the outer facade with its numerous figures and the distinctive yellow color looks gorgeous.


  • The port promenade in Malaga: It was converted into a lovely harbor promenade with heaps of palm trees restaurants and bars.


Insiders’ tip: On Sundays, there is usually a hip market along the promenade. A wide variety of things are offered, from freshly squeezed mojitos to handmade clothing to typical tourist junk.


These are only some of the many things you can discover during your walking tours Malaga. Also ask your local guides for more specific information and the best local places to enjoy great local foods!


Moreover, the Spanish love food! It is more likely for them to save on the car or the apartment than on delicious food. That’s why the same applies to Malaga!

So, you will find tons of restaurants throughout the city, and it smells of Spanish cuisine almost everywhere. It doesn’t get any better than that. Also you should take a closer look at the local bars and restaurants that your local guide will show you.

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Prepare your Malaga walking tour map and list down the many unique places you will discover with your private guide in Malaga!

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