Luxembourg City 

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the world and covers an area of ​​only 2,600 square kilometers. With its 600,000 inhabitants, the country could be considered a large city, but it remains a fantastic place to visit as many of the main attractions are concentrated in one place, and the town retains the old world charm.

Luxembourg City Walking Tour

Luxembourg City Walking Tour

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has Luxembourg city for the largest town and capital of the country. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994, and there are lots of things to do and see during your guided walking tours in the city.

From historic sights and scenic lookouts to extensive art collections and archaeological finds, there is all you need in the city to spend a weekend or a longer city-escape in Luxembourg City, such as:

  • The Bock casemates in the heart of the old town offer a unique insight into the medieval city’s past. 


  • The Grand Ducal Palace, beautiful churches, and carefully landscaped gardens. 


  • The great Adolphe Bridge: a symbol of Luxembourg. 


  • The ruins of the former city near the city park and Fort Thungen. 


  • The Corniche viewing platform extends over the Grund, a charming district on the river. 


Tours in Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City Walking Tour

In Luxembourg city, the most beautiful sights are located very close to one another on the map. Luxembourg is actually on two levels: the upper city and the bottom. In between, there is the St. Esprit plateau, which is referred to as a medium-sized town.

Here you will find 20 places of interest in the city. So, for your next free walking tour Luxembourg city, visit the sights in the order you want, or follow this order, and you will save some kilometers.

  1. The old town of Luxembourg – the upper town
  2. Saint-Alphonse Church
  3. Place d’Armes and Cercle Municipal
  4. Adolphe Bridge
  5. Bourbon Plateau and Bank Museum
  6. The Cathedral of Our Lady and the Crypt 
  7. The Grand-Ducal Palace
  8. Michael’s Church 
  9. Casemates of Luxembourg City (Casemates du Bock)
  10. The Hollow Tooth: “Huelen Zant”
  11. The Plateau St. Esprit in the middle city of Luxembourg
  12. The National Monument of Luxembourg Solidarity
  13. The Citadel of the Holy Spirit
  14. Reason area- the lower city of Luxembourg
  15. St. John’s Church
  16. Schlassbréck: the Castle Bridge
  17. Sights in the districts of Clausen and Kirchberg
  18. Fort Obergrünewald
  19. Fort Thüngen
  20. Luxembourg City’s Philharmonic 
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Insiders’ tip: At the Palais Grand-Ducal, the changing of the guard is at 4:30 p.m. The ceremony is fascinating, so you should visit the Grand Ducal Palace either at this time or come back here in the afternoon after your city tour.

Start your Luxembourg City Walking Tours

Luxembourg is only a stone’s throw away from most northern European countries, which is why it is suitable for a weekend trip. 

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