If you are visiting Peru and are wondering how best to spend the evening here, you will find below an excellent overview of the exciting nightlife in Lima.


The capital of Peru has a lot to discover and experience. It is the same in the evening, at night, and until the early hours of the morning. The unique sunset on the South American west coast heralds the evening spectacularly.


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Lima Pub Crawl– What to do in Lima at night?

A delicious dinner of Peruvian cuisine provides energy for the night before heading to the city’s numerous bars and clubs, where you can have a relaxed drink and dance the night away.


There is a large selection of entertainment locations such as live music in the evening in Lima.


The tasty aperitifs wonderful to sip at sunset are called “previos” in Lima, which means “previous.” One of the national drinks is the pisco liqueur, which should be tried in one of Lima’s many refreshing cocktails.


Nightlife in Lima – Where to party in Lima? 

Lima Pub Crawl

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A great address is the Mangos cocktail bar, which serves Peruvian specialties and drinks and provides a fantastic evening on Miraflores’ cliff.


The hipster district of Barranco also offers a spectacular view of the sunset. Either directly on the beach or at viewpoints high on the cliffs, an unparalleled sea view awaits. An excellent address here is the beach bar Cala, which heralds the perfect start to the evening with live music.


The Miraflores district in the Peruvian capital attracts attractive nightlife.


  • Located in Miraflores around Kennedy Park, the district offers plenty of nightlife options. There are also numerous hip bars lined up next to each other.
  • The Open Tapas bar is a popular address, serving delicious drinks on the open terrace in a chic atmosphere.
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  • In addition to Miraflores, Barranco also offers numerous nightlife spots. From bars to clubs, everything is there. One of the most famous bars is the Ayahuasca.


Those who would like to swing their legs afterward can look forward to many clubs and discos.


  • The Club El Dragon in Barranco is also located in a former villa and offers a unique flair. According to many residents, it is said to be one of the best dance locations in Lima.


  • A top address in Miraflores is Club Tequila Rock, which is open all year round and offers party nights every evening of the week. Somewhat more upscale is the Club Lima Bar in Miraflores, which is also one of the capital’s most popular dance locations.

Lima Pub Crawl

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