Inverness – The Highland Metropole

It is the northernmost city in Great Britain, the Highlands’ capital, and gateway to the north of Scotland. 

Keeping with the turn of the millennium, the capital of the Highlands made it! In 2000, Inverness was declared a “City.” No wonder because around 60,000 Scottish now work and live here in the northern part of the UK: the Highlands.

Inverness Walking Tour

Inverness Walking Tour

Of course, Inverness is a tourist place for many reasons, and you should enjoy an Inverness city walking tour and an outlander walking tour Inverness.

After all, the famous Culloden battlefield is only a stone’s throw away, as is the Cawdor Castle or Elgin and Fort George … and the mysterious Loch Ness!

That you choose an Inverness self-guided walking tour or a free walking tour Inverness Scotland, download a digital map of the area (that works offline). It is a great way to trace your steps and marks the best sights, local wonders, and best restaurants and pubs that your Inverness local guide will show you.

Our tip: If you want to enjoy the old rows of houses and the unique flair of the river after your walking tours in Inverness, the Ness Island Walk is worthwhile. 

You start at Inverness Castle and walk down the Island Bank Road, past the War Memorial and small parks.

After a little over a kilometer, you will reach a small island in the river. The Ness Islands’ walk begins, where you can see the big wooden Nessie and other lovely things.

 Tours in Inverness

Located at the north end of Loch Ness, Inverness is best visited on foot. Check for a local guide and start discovering the city.

Divided in two by the River Ness’s mouth, the city center is east of the river, where Inverness Castle is located with a beautiful view of the city. 

Discover the High Church, the impressive townhouse, St Columba, and more through the city center of the capital of the Highlands 

As you continue your walking tour towards the east coast, you will see the Inverness castle before heading for a photo stop at the Culloden Moor Battlefield.

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