Bikes and Beers – The Perfect Combo!

We can all agree that exercise can give us a sense of achievement. A sense of happiness. Some people might even get technical and tell you those exercise releases endorphins in the brain, the chemical that actually produces happiness. And we of course can all agree that alcohol tends to have a rather similar effect. I’m sure we can all relate to that giddy feeling that hits after throwing back your third or fourth beer of the night. So then it would only make sense that Bikes and Beers would be the perfect combination! Hence why it’s the ultimate entertainment duo sweeping the nation! And with that, I’d like to introduce you to the Beer Bike!


What is a Beer Bike?


Combine sightseeing with the thrill of pedaling through the streets of France and the joy of sipping on a delicious martini. Hop aboard your 15 seater vehicle and get the show on the road with your own manpower. Allow your professional driver to take you to some of the best sights and attractions around the city. And in the meantime, enjoy the services of your very own personal onboard waiter who’ll be on-hand to serve you drinks and snacks galore! And one of the best features of the beer bike? Become your very own DJ for the night with the onboard Bluetooth sounds system.


It’s not everyday to get to vacation in France with some of your closest friends. So why not go all out? All the more if you’re celebrating a big birthday or your last few nights of singledom with a Stag/Hen Do. And why settle for something that’s been done a million times. Celebrations like these don’t come around often. So you need to party with something unique and out of the box. And what could be more out of the box than Bikes and Beers?!


Where does the Beer Bike operate in France?

As a relatively new concept, the French cities which host this fantastic event is rather limited. However, don’t let that ruin your fun! You can book your ideal Beer Bike event in Nice with several different companies. If you’re further South, then the Beer Bike also operates in the stunning city of Toulouse!

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Other Fun Activities

But the Bikes and Beers aren’t the only way to celebrate a big event. If you’re looking for a way to keep yourself entertained during the day, there’s an abundance of great activities. Maybe consider organizing a Private Walking Tour? Or even arrange a private Food Tasting or Wine Tasting Tour!


But the nighttime is where the real fun will begin. So why not consider taking advantage of some of our fantastic Bar Crawls? Party the night away in some of the best venues in France. And want to spice it up a little with some ‘adult entertainment’? Well then just get in contact with us via our email ( and we’ll arrange just that! So what are you waiting for?! Plan your perfect celebration today!