Find our selection for the best Hookah and Shisha bars in Nice

Thick smoke hovers over the heads, an unusual but very decorative object is laid on a table, it looks like a bottle of water… A circle of people surrouns this object and each member takes turns with the pipe. The shisha, more commonly known as hookah, is an ancient object which is now the subject of certain fame all around the world. Superficially known, the Shisha deserves attention, as it created a certain enthusiasm with the young people. So, why do we see more and more hookah and shisha bars in France? And where could you find the best shisha bars in Nice?

What is Shisha?

the best hookah and shisha-bars in nice

Also called narghile, hookah or chilam, the shisha is a kind of large water pipe that consists of several parts: a water tank, a chimney, a tray used as an ashtray, an upper bowl, a flexible hose, and a submerged pipe. Then, a small bowl sits at the top of the chimney and contains the “tabamel” (a mixture of tobacco, molasses and fruit pulps). The “tabamel” has the appearance of a moist paste.

The smoker places the “tabamel” in the small top bowl and covers it with a sheet of aluminum that it pierces with a few holes. Someone then places the coal on top of the sheet. The tobacco burns and the smoke goes down into the water tank via the submerged pipe. In the water, the smoke is filtered and cooled. Then the smoke rises in the upper part to reach the smoker’s mouth with the hose.

Generally, the shisha tank is filled with water half its height. But in some shisha bars, people sometimes add rose water, alcohol, milk, or other additives to give taste or provide certain effects.

Fashionable shisha bars in Nice

the best hookah and shisha-bars in nice

The shisha has become popular in recent years in the West. The hookah and shisha bars see more and more during the day, especially in student areas. The shisha has been meeting for a long time decade a worldwide craze… It comes to an object of consumption of some kind which like any consumer object is delivered to mass marketing despite any culture… A real business is gradually being established and part of your early night out in Nice. Many coffee shops, even non-Oriental, now offer smoking shisha while sipping a cocktail on a terrace or in one of the best rooftop bars in Nice. In practical terms, this has been illustrated by the opening of many shish bars and restaurants all over town.

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The best Hookah and Shisha bars in Nice

It is obvious that in the company of your most interesting and fun friends, the evenings you spend in a shisha bar in Nice will remain in your memory. With our selection of establishments, you are sure to find the perfect place to go out in Nice.

If you particularly enjoy spending time chilling with your friends, to tell them the highlights of your days, listen to their confidences and advise, laugh at their jokes, and even meet new people … then the following hookah and shisha bars will be perfect for you. These are the perfect bars and restaurants to add to your list of cozy meetings place that only knows how to bring a good shisha time in Nice.


In the city center of Nice, these Hookah and Shisha offer a complete oriental experience, with the opportunity to try some great cocktails and some oriental food. You can come all year round to savor the delicious Lebanese and other oriental flavors with shisha over a cocktail, a tea, or a beer.

We selected some delicious shisha experiences with thousands of flavors.

A few steps from La Promenade des Anglais, in the Vieux Nice or within the party area in Nice, these oriental hookah and shisha bars are the reference on the French Riviera, where you will taste quality tobaccos through varied and original flavors, all year round, in an oriental lounge atmosphere.

The Pacific Hookah Bar

Pacific is a refined address in the heart of the Vieux Nice, the old part of the town. It opens its doors to lovers of great Mediterranean cuisine and it offers a chill and relaxing atmosphere.

Located on Rue du Pont Vieux, thanks to the cozy and warm atmosphere, it attracts a huge crowd. Here, you will always find something to satisfy your desires. You will be able to both start smoking shisha and try new flavors of teas. In Nice, all year long, the Pacific is the perfect place to enjoy every moment in a relaxing atmosphere.

Safran Shisha Bar

On the quay Lunel, in the Nice center, facing the port, the Safran restaurant opens its doors to Persian atmosphere lovers. Enjoy an escape from the crowd, rest your mind and excite your taste buds. The view of the sea and the mix of oriental spices will transport you, let yourself go to the Mediterranean and Persian flavors, and chill with a hookah before heading out for some of the best nights in Nice.

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Soho Shisha Bar

In Nice city-center, rue Assalit, Soho welcomes you in a friendly atmosphere that evolves over the hours … In the late afternoon and on an early evening, football fans love to navigate for sports broadcasts or direct on giant screens. At nightfall, Soho reveals a more subdued atmosphere. It is a “lounge time”, and this will be the opportunity to meet friends with a drink or a shisha. Starting at 9 pm, the DJ’s take over and dance you until the middle of the night.


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