Beer Bike Paris

Are you and your friends ready to take Paris by storm? Well then, the Beer Bike Paris Tours are the way to do it! With a capacity of up to 15 people, there’ll be plenty of space for everyone on your little adventure. Lasting for up to 2 hours, you’ll combine sightseeing with a fun and lively atmosphere. It will be like killing two birds with one stone!

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What is a Beer Bike tour?

It will be up to your own manpower to get this bike moving. But don’t worry, there’ll be 15 liters worth of beer provided that’ll be sure to give you plenty of energy. The bikes themselves are equipped with 10 pedalboards and 4 passenger seats. So don’t worry, you’re more than welcome to take a break from cycling at any time.


There will also be a driver aboard the bike who will take you along some of the most scenic routes of Paris. After all, it wouldn’t be a Paris tour without passing through the Eiffel Tower! We also can’t forget about the experienced waiter who will be there to serve a delicious selection of savory snacks along the way. Another nice feature of the Beer Bike Tour is its Bluetooth stereo system. So by all means, feel free to become the DJ for the evening and play all your favorite tracks.


What is offered?

The Beer Bike company offers 3 unique packages to its customers. The first package is the Byke Tour (EUR 25/pers). Lasting for an hour and a half, this bundle includes 10 liters of non-alcoholic cocktail mixes and some savory snacks. The second package is the Beer Bike (EUR 32/pers). Also lasting for an hour and a half, it includes 10-15 liters of beer and the same savory snacks. The last option is the Byke Brunch tour (EUR 39/pers). This package lasts for 2 hours and includes all your popular brunch favorites. From pastries to fruit smoothies to mixed cheese boards, you’ll be spoiled for choice!


Coming along on a Beer Bike tour for your birthday or Bachelor/Bachelorette party? Well then add a little something special to the day. Choose to blow out your candles with a fantastic view of the Eiffel tower. Or maybe even rent a beer helmet or pink bunny suit to bring that little bit of wild fun to the occasion. Whatever it is, Byke & CO. Paris have you covered.

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Pro Tips

There are a couple of important things to note about the Beer Bike tours. For starters, it is essential that you arrive at the activity sober. The company does have a breathalyzer on-board and reserve the right to deny access to anyone who shows up inebriated before the tour. It is all prohibited to bring your own drink along on the tour. Minors are more than welcome to join the Beer Bike tours but will only be served non-alcoholic beverages. For your own sake, we also recommend wearing comfy shoes for the occasion.