Zurich –the largest city of Switzerland

Zurich Walking Tour

Zurich is Switzerland’s capital, and it regularly ranks high in the ranking of the most livable cities in the world. It is the largest city in Switzerland, with around 1.5 million inhabitants in the whole agglomeration.

During your Zurich walking tour, you will see that almost everything fits together in Zurich: coziness paired with cosmopolitan importance, spectacular nature, and mountains, with lakes and rivers, noticeably high quality of life at every corner, picturesque streets …

One word that immediately comes to mind about Zurich is “charming.” Zurich makes a charming impression that you can easily discover on foot during your town walking tour of Zurich.

Zurich Walking Tour

There is so much to do and see in Zurich during your free walking tours in Zurich, Switzerland. Let’s discover the city through the advice and useful information from our local tour guides in Zurich

In Zurich, you can easily choose from many options of free walking tours Zurich and around the Lake Zurich.

  • A classic free walking tour Zurich
  • A walking tour Zurich old town 
  • An alternative Zurich guided tour
  • A private city tour

A good starting point for a free walk or a self-guided walking tour Zurich Switzerland is the main train station. Then, we would suggest exploring the best Zurich sights in one day. 

Tours in Zurich

Zurich Walking Tour

That you choose the Zurich old town walking tour or Zurich self-guided walking tour, there are many things to discover in the city. Here is a shortlist of things to do in Zurich:

  • Take the tram from Seefeld to Altstetten to see the contrasts between old and new, inner-city and periphery, poor and rich Zurich can be experienced on a tram or bus ride across the city. 
  • Enjoy the quiet in the middle of the city in the Sihlfeld cemetery and discover famous Swiss people’s resting places.
  • Spend a night on Langstrasse: In addition to countless bars and clubs in the side streets, the Kanzleischulhaus area with its beer garden.
  • Imagine yourself in the quarters around Europaallee and Hardbrücke train station.
  • Visit an exhibition in the State Museum.
  • Go to the Hardturmbrache that the area is anything but fallow. Besides the Hardturm Stadium ruins, there are community gardens, a small skate park, and a small football field.
  • Stroll across the redesigned Sechseläutenplatz and a detour into its underground for a small exhibition about Zurich’s first settlers.
  • Swim a lap in Lake Zurich at the seaside resorts of Enge and Utoquai. Many people in Zurich go swimming in the lake from one of the public parks such as China- or Landiwiese.
  • Look at the city from above on the Üetliberg. At the top of the Kulm, there is a beautiful view of the town and the lake.
  • Stroll through the narrow streets around Niederdorf.
  • Pay a game of chess on the Lindenhof, the oldest public green space in Zurich. 
  • Be amazed at the flora in Zurich’s parks.
  • Experience the architectural fusion of Europe and the Orient with a visit to Villa Patumbah. 
  • Walk across Lake Zurich while taking a walk on the Cassiopeiasteg: the 284-meter-long footbridge.
  • Go to the Helvetiaplatz market in the morning.
  • Head to the university quarter and admire the old town’s view and descend the steep stairs for the way back.
  • Marvel at the works of the world’s best artists in the Zürcher Kunsthaus. It is the most important traveling exhibitions in the world.
  • Travel into the time when Zurich was still called Turicum in Thermengasse. These are the remains of a Roman bath found during construction work in 1984 in Zurich’s old town. 
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