Haven’t signed up to yoga in Nice France yet? Well hurry up and get involved! It stretches you; builds your muscles; relaxes you; and makes you meditate. In short, there are only good sides. To make sure you don’t end up with a crazy teacher or terrible class, we compiled a list of the best yoga studios in the area. And if you really feel liberated, you can still do yoga by yourself or with a yoga group.

Many Types of Yoga

Where can you find the best yoga studios and teachers? What kind of yoga are you looking for? And how to choose? Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Raja, Nidra, Iyengar and Kundalini, laughter or prenatal yoga, yoga yin, relaxation yoga … there are plenty of yoga methods waiting for you to experiment in.

But which one is best for me, which kind of yoga, which postures? Do you need to get in shape, practice a physical activity, yoga anti-stress, or heal and get back to the top? These are all questions that need to be taken into consideration.

Is yoga good for you?

Yes! And to argue a little more, yoga is perfect for you because it is for everyone. All bodies are made for yoga. There is no typical profile. You can be young, old, fat, slim, ultra-sporty, or never have practice any sport, etc. You can be a man, a woman, a beginner, everyone is made for yoga.

The yoga practice is clean and personal, there is no performance, no competition, no comparison. The idea is really to find your own practice, your own way. To test your abilities and your limits, and to discover oneself 

Some yogis have impressive flexibility. Others are more athletic. Some will be comfortable in postures on the head. And others will avoid anything too strenuous. Just go to one of the best yoga classes in the French Riviera capital and see the diversity of profiles and levels.

Yoga in Nice

How to discover Yoga in Nice France? 

I have enjoyed some great yoga lessons in the city, known to many different teachers from all around the world. It is here that I discovered and learned more about the small network of teachers and yoga classes.

Most teachers do not have a fixed studio 

Many yoga teachers in Nice give classes everywhere. My advice is to subscribe to their Facebook pages, studio newsletters, and send emails to ask your questions. You will be kept informed regularly of the various workshops and courses organized. You can then join the yoga lessons in private studios, or even on the beach, or in the form of retreats of a few days on the French Riviera.

The yoga teachers you will meet in Nice are fascinating and often come from very different backgrounds. They are often foreigners, cosmopolitan and globe-trotters, just like a lot of people who take part in their classes. People here, are locals or tourists, as the Côte d’Azur is a pretty attractive place. Most teachers speak French, but classes are also often given in English. 

The teachers are different, as the yoga practice is different: vinyasa, yin, Ahstanga, Bikram, Batha, Iyengar, etc., and they have different philosophies. Some are purist, more spiritually oriented, others more athletic and technical, encouraging risk-taking and self-transcendence physically. 

Yoga in Nice

Some of the best Yoga classes in and around Nice 

Here are the teachers and studios that I advise you to follow on social networks to be kept informed of their news. I specify that my list is not exhaustive at all since it classifies only some of the best yoga lessons in Nice that I know.

Tetiana Kushchynska – Top Selection of Yoga

Style: Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa

Tetiana is a Nice-based yoga teacher (RYT-200) dedicated to cultivating space for mindful practice. Come to her class for accessible and creative sequences that encourage students to live mindfully in their bodies, while honing safe alignment to enable life-long movement. Trained in Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga at RYTTC (India, Rishikesh), Tetiana is passionate about helping others find their joy through a safe and sustainable practice.
Instagram: @tati_yogini
yoga in nice

BH Studios Riviera

Located in the center of Nice, this is a great yoga studio with some of the best yoga lessons in the city. The teachers are taking care of your needs and your goals while pushing you to achieve more. 

Riviera Yoga

Located on rue Garibaldi, and easy to find, this great studio offers a set of yoga courses and different approaches of yoga.

Arty Studio

Also located in the center of Nice, on rue Gubernatis, this studio is having some of the best yoga lessons around. This is also a dance and performing arts studio, well-known on the French Riviera.

Shawanda in Cimiez

This yoga studio is located on rue Georges V. This is a beautiful holistic center, which offers osteopathy, yoga, meditation, breathing, Pilates, aerial yoga, reiki, shamanic treatments, and massage. Led by an expert in the art of movement and a student of Shamanic practices, the Shawanda Center welcomes you to be who you are.