Find out the things to do when visiting Cannes

Where To Visit In Cannes France ?

An ancient fishing village, a seaside resort for wealthy tourists since the 19th century, Cannes is world-famous for its film festival, the Croisette and the luxury hotels on the French Riviera.

You are chilly to visit Cannes because of its reputation as a seaside luxury city at exorbitant cost?

Your ideas of the Dolce Vita and the life in the Cote d’Azur will lose ground to see all that the city of Cannes has to reveal … because Cannes is not only the Croisette and the obscene ostentation of wealth pushed to its climax.

Visit Cannes allows you to explore the authenticity of an old center that has preserved its Provencal life, its picturesque markets, a splendid turquoise bay and much more.


About the city of Cannes

Where To Visit In Cannes France ?

Cannes is a city of over 75.000 inhabitants, which sees its population triple in summer, has many things to do and see: art exhibitions, breathtaking landscapes to blaze in the sun, beautiful beaches, gourmet breaks, history museums of Cannes, etc.

How to get to Cannes?


Cannes has its own airport, Cannes-Mandelieu Airport, but no airline offers flights. To get to Cannes by plane, you have to go to Nice International Airport, which is served by most classic and low-cost airlines. A shuttle is then planned to transport you to Cannes.

It is, of course, possible to go to Cannes by train by a direct route from Paris, or with connection to Marseille and other cities.

Find out our Cannes Map for useful informations.


Where to stay in Cannes, on the French Riviera


Belle Epoque hotels and villas along the Boulevard de la Croisette are generally off-budget if you want to visit Cannes a few days, especially during the beautiful days of April to October …

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To find more affordable hotels, look rather in the old- center for example around the Forville Market or in the streets around the Rue d’Antibes. You can find a cheap hotel in Cannes by doing a search and on reading our articles and blogs about Cannes and life on the Cote d’Azur.

The essential things to do in Cannes

What are the best things to do and see in the Cité des Festivals? Here are some unmissable for those who really wonder what to do in Cannes.

Cannes private tours

Cannes Walking Tour

The definitive way to explore any city is on foot. And, the best way to discover everything a new city has to offer is with a well-informed local guide. It all comes down to the guiding, who and what they know. Cannes-Walking-Tours puts you into the hands of a trusted local expert.

Le Suquet: the authentic old town

In the old quarter, walk along the narrow streets of Suquet and enjoy the tranquility that seems to reign there, far from the tumult of La Croisette.

A 360 ° panorama of the sea and the city will be offered to you by going up to the top of the square tower of the castle. Visit the Church of Our Lady of Hope, a Gothic building of the 17th century. Take a picture of the famous buildings with colorful blue shutters, emblematic of Provence with a sprig of lavender at the windows.

The Forville Market


Located at the foot of Suquet, the Forville market has a reputation as a quality market, fresh produce and offer a wide variety of products.

Because even the inhabitants of the neighboring communes come to stock there. It is a covered market, one of the most popular places in Suquet, where fishermen and market gardeners meet every morning. It is the social lung of the city. Smell the perfumes of fruits and vegetables, glean the specialties of small local producers and savor the freshness of the fish just caught. You have to try a Provencal specialty, the Socca, a slab made from chickpea flour … typically delicious.

The Malmaison Art Center

On the Croisette, here is a rich collection of photos of artists sometimes unknown but talented a set of great sculptures: the art center La Malmaison. The place will delight lovers of contemporary art and offer an artistic and relaxing break in the middle of a comfortable anthill that is the Croisette.

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The Castre Museum

Located on the heights, in an old castle listed on the list of Historical Monuments, the museum of Castre includes a collection of primitive art as well as many Mediterranean antiques. You will find paintings of 19th-century landscapes representing the Côte d’Azur.

The museum also displays a large collection of musical instruments from around the world. At the end of the visit, climb the 109 steps of the square tower, for a breathtaking view of the bay of Cannes.


The Palais des Festivals


A must-see for cinema lovers who come to visit Cannes, the Palais des Festivals is the venue for the film festival in May.

Set foot on the Walk of the Stars and follow in the footsteps of the best-known actors from Marilyn Monroe to Chaplin, and more recently with Brad Pitt, Georges Clooney, Gerard Depardieu, and way more.

It is a great occasion to climb the stairs and the famous red carpet. Do the same and take yourself for an international star! The Palais des Festivals is obviously inaccessible during Cannes festival period. 

When we talk about Cannes, it is often to evoke its very famous festival, from the rise of the steps to the mundane parties that take place there at that time. But this city in the south of France has another side, in the shade of sequins and flashes of paparazzi.

Indeed, Cannes has kept an authentic side and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the peaceful atmosphere that prevails during the year. Keep reading and checking our blogs to find out about the best tips and bits of advice on Cannes, Nice, and the whole French Riviera.


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