Warsaw – the modern Polish capital

Opinions are divided about Warsaw. Some love the rebuilt old town; others only see socialist classicism. Admittedly, it’s not easy for the city because of its past. Those who go there will fall in love with it and will appreciate the little discoveries during their Warsaw walking tour and free walking tour Warsaw Praga. 

But you should know that the city is bigger than you think. It is easily accessible on foot, but you should plan the visit over a couple of days or more. Dare to take the train and bus sometimes. 

Warsaw Walking Tour

Today, the best local tour guides in Warsaw have some great tips that will ensure you have a great stay and that you thoroughly enjoy your city tours of Warsaw.

Warsaw Walking Tour

We love that you can find many kinds of free walking tour warsaw such as:

  • The warsaw free walking tour – meeting point in the city center
  • A Warsaw – Praga walking tour that can be combined during your whole trip
  • The same option but as free walking tour Warsaw-Praga area
  • The Warsaw old town walking tour
  • And an entire choice of city tours in English, French, German, Spanish …


Tours in Warsaw

When visiting the city, there are plenty of options and must-sees. Ou local guides give you some tips about the Polish capital.

  • Explore Warsaw Old Town (Stare Miasto) & New Town (Nowe Miasto): Anyone wondering why Warsaw’s old town looks like a pretty film-set will find the answer in the bitter past. During the Second World War, Warsaw was 90 percent destroyed. Today, the original houses and squares have been restored but still feel a little artificial. A walk through the alleys is worth it. You should only have dinner elsewhere. 
  • Stroll in the Łazienki Park: Besides the old palaces and monuments, you can also see many squirrels and even peacocks here. 
  • Look over the city from the 30th floor of the Kulturpalast: At Warsaw Central Station, the first thing you should see is the Palace of Culture. The tower, which is over 240 meters high, can be easily seen from various corners of the city so that you can see everything from the 30th floor. 
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Warsaw Walking Tour

But there is more to see:

  • Visit the Warsaw Rising Museum 
  • The Wilanow Palace
  • The Palace of Culture and Science
  • Vintage shopping at New Lady in Town
  • Eat at the Hala Koszyki food hall
  • Go on a discovery tour in Old Praga, probably the prettiest neighborhood
  • Marvel at the architecture in Saska Kępa

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