Verona – Romeo and Juliet’s romantic city

Verona Walking Tour

Verona is one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Not only because the famous story of Romeo & Juliet takes place here, but because the city and the province of the same name beckon with countless sights, unique flair, and unsurpassable beauty. 

In Verona’s historic old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can choose Verona’s best tour to discover the preserved roman heritage. 

Besides, the city walking tours and free walking tour take you to one magnificent Pallazzo after the next. The romantic alleys with the many historic houses and authentic restaurants are pure Bella Italia.

A particular Verona highlight is the opera festival in summer, which takes place in the world-famous amphitheater, Arena di Verona. The proximity to the beautiful Lake Garda also makes a city ​​trip to Verona an exceptional experience.


Verona Walking Tour

Today, we discover the top Verona sights! Get ready for your free walking tour Verona and some of the best city tours with Verona’s local tour guides.

Verona Walking Tour

Tours in Verona

The best walking tour of Verona should cover the must-sees and iconic locations in the city.


  • Start your Verona tour in Piazza Brà and let the impressions of the city sink in before you head for the Arena di Verona. 
  • Take a stroll on the shopping street Via Mazzini to Via Cappello. 
  • From there, it is not far from the balcony, where Juliet Romeo’s love confession awaits. You can relax from your stroll in one of the nearby cafes and restaurants.


If you only have a day to visit Verona’s sights, here would be our local guide selection. Many exciting Verona sights are located in the city center and can therefore be seen in one day. The following attractions are incredibly close to each other:


  • In Verona’s old town, you will find the Arco Dei Gavi, the Ponte Pietra, and the Roman theater.
  • Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore
  • Castelvecchio
  • Arco Dei Gavi
  • Arena di Verona
  • Casa di Giulietta
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