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Valencia Walking Tour

Valencia enchants the Spanish city with its bright orange trees, the colorful old town streets, modern architecture, and the silk exchange, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But what should you see on your trip to Valencia? Our local guides reveal why it is worth visiting Valencia, what to see, and how to choose within the many free walking tours Valencia and the private walking tour Valencia.


Valencia Walking Tour

Everyone knows Madrid or Barcelona, ​​but only very few have the third largest Spanish city on their radar. Valencia has a lot to offer and is an absolute trend travel destination for 2020.


Discovering the city and choose some of the best local tour guides in Valencia for your free guided walking (visitas guiadas) tour options such as:


  • A free evening walking tour Valencia 
  • A free architecture of Valencia walking tour 
  • Free walking tour Valencia English, German, French …
  • El tour: classic Valencia walking tour Sandeman 
  • A Valencia old town walking tour 
  • And a large choice on alternative vest free walking tour Valencia 


Get your Valencia walking tour map out, and let’s discover the best must-sees in the Spanish city.

 Tours in Valencia

Valencia Walking Tour

For your Valencia walking tour, our tour guides are often starting from the Old Town. Let’s discover what you should see in the stunning Spanish city.

  • The “Lonja de la Seda” silk exchange with its Gothic architecture was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1996. The hall of columns is particularly worth seeing.


  • The “Tribunal de las Aguas de la Vega de Valencia” court the water’s weekly meetings. There, disputes about using the river water are settled at the Apostle portal of the Cathedral of Valencia. This millennial tradition was recognized as an intangible cultural asset in 2009. 


  • Plaza Del Mercado is just a few minutes’ walks from Lonja de la Seda. The gorgeous Art Nouveau market hall is interesting for architecture fans and especially for fans of a market with lots of fresh delicacies. 
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  • Madrugada Verde is about a 20-minute walk further south, in the Ruzafa district, you will find the Mercado de San Valero, the city’s first street food market. 


  • Stroll through the Carmen district. It is also located in the heart of the city – and is a must for any visitor to Valencia. 


  • The Ateneo’s viewing platform rises 50 meters and offers you a great view of the heart of the city. 


  • Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias – the “City of Arts and Sciences” is an architectural highlight.


  • In the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía you can take a tour to enter the areas where operas and other musical works are performed. The Centro de Perfeccionamiento Plácido Domingo, where future artists are trained, is also part of the tour. 


There are so many more sites to visit. Ask your local tour guide to get more tips and insiders’ advice on how to discover Valencia as a local.

Start your Valencia Walking Tours

That you choose a classic walking tour Valencia old town or an alternative free walking tour of the city, we believe that a local guide is the best way to get a real first impression of the city and understand the local culture’s people.

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