Tokyo is very lively during the day, and at nightfall, the city is even more vibrant. Of all of Japan, the capital is arguably the busiest, much to tourists and local travelers’ delight. People who have had the pleasant experience of it are unanimous that a thousand words are not enough to describe a Tokyo night.


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Tokyo Pub Crawl- What to do in Tokyo at night?

Tokyo Pub Crawl

Welcoming, intimidating, effervescent … With its multitude of restaurants, its panoply of bars, and its oversized clubs, Tokyo is full of attractions and festive places. 


The Japanese capital offers a limitless playground: have a drink in an Izakaya, shout out karaoke, or dance in a club… It is a city where the word “party” resonates on every street corner. See a sample of Japanese nightlife for where to party in Tokyo.


Visit Roppongi and the maid cafés

Roppongi is a popular destination for foreign night owls who want to romp in bars, clubs, or live music. Most of the restaurants are now bilingual (English and Japanese) and guarantee a lot of fun with a karting session afterward.

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Of thousands of restaurants, bars, karaoke is scattered through the busiest streets of the city. The city itself is a huge nightclub that you can easily get lost in. Once there, you will notice that the word party takes on a whole new meaning.


Are you fond of quite unusual places? 


  • Meet at one of the giant karaoke bars in the Roppongi district: the Fioria. All the rooms of this karaoke are decorated according to a specific theme. 


  • You can ask to sing the song in a luxurious room, in a room with a very futuristic atmosphere, and even in a bathroom. Singing in a jacuzzi with your friends is an experience that you can try at least once in a lifetime.


  • The maid café is undoubtedly the most frequented place for foreign tourists visiting Tokyo for the simple reason that these places fuel the wildest fantasies. These bars and restaurants are animated by young waitresses dressed as maids or very sexy manga characters (the Akihabara district has the best maid cafes in Tokyo).


Kabuki-Cho: Tokyo’s hottest district

Kabuki-Cho is considered the hottest district in Tokyo. At nightfall, this immense city artery turns into a real paradise for night owls. You will find everything in Kabuki-Cho, from strip clubs, to Kabuki and Noh theaters and to Love hotels where you can spend pleasant moments with splendid geishas. 


Nightlife in Tokyo – Where to party in Tokyo? 

Roppongi is an area in Tokyo that is THE neighborhood for night owls. A large number of bars, discos, clubs, live music, and salsa dance halls make the area particularly popular with international tourists who want to party in Tokyo. In this article, I will introduce you to the hottest bars, clubs, and discos!


Let’s take a closer look at the Roppongi entertainment district, including a map, night clubs, bars, and dance halls.


Night clubs in Roppongi


  • Odeon is the most famous club in Roppongi and is for those who like to party all night. On weekends you can drink until the next lunchtime, so you save your accommodation right away. Odeon is located in the Roppongi party district center and has many events, friendly staff, and good party music. Plus, entry is only 1000 yen!
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  • At V2 Tokyo, you will meet international partygoers who want to party all night. The club is located on the 13th floor of the famous Roi building and offers you a good party with a great view over the district. Unfortunately, the club is quite expensive on the weekend at 3,500 yen for men. Women, on the other hand, come in for free.


  • Wit Tokyo: If you want to dance to the music of famous DJs from the Japanese and international scene, Esprit Tokyo Club is the place for you. Every day (except Monday) is dedicated to a topic, so you have guaranteed variety!


  • The Propaganda bar is one of the most popular places for international visitors and students as there is a wide range of drinks and cocktails. If you don’t know what to order, ask the friendly bartender. 😉


Bars and pubs


  • The Geronimo Shot bar is famous for its “Shot hall of Fame” – try to create 15 different pins in one night and secure a place on the “Wall of Fame” (wall of celebrities). You will also receive a t-shirt. If you have a little more money left over, you can ring the gong and give everyone present a pin. 😉


  • In the Tokyo Sports Cafe, you will find a projector or screen on every corner that broadcasts every major sporting event. Should boredom arise, the pool tables, darts, karaoke, or the VIP room offer a nice change. And: the staff speaks English!


  • The Two Dogs Taproom bar stands out for its many locally brewed and some imported beers. For only 3,500 yen, you can drink your way through all types of beer and try some delicious dishes.


Roppongi live music:

In Japan, you can also visit places that offer live music. Some of the best are:


  • The SuperDeluxe is a small event room used as a bar, gallery, kitchen, jazz club, cinema, … and so on. Events take place every day that represents a small oasis away from the tourist crowds.


  • Kento’s: Every evening there are live rock and pop concerts in Roppongi Kento’s. The audience is made up of more mature listeners.
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  • Abbey Road: In this club, four bands play Beatles songs that put the audience in the mood. The drinks are not exactly cheap, but you get a 1A performance.


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