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Stavanger Walking Tour

Thanks to the best local guides, here we have put together information for shore excursions in Stavanger on your Stavanger walking tour and Stavanger self-guided walking tour. But first, let’s learn about the Norwegian city.


The fourth-largest city in Norway is closely linked to the country’s history. By winning the Battle of Hafrsfjord in 872, the Viking King Harald Fairhair succeeded in uniting the various Viking tribes into one kingdom. The cityscape today combines tradition with modern business life. 


The old town center, the colorful market, and the cathedral church, which was begun in Romanesque style and later completed with a Gothic choir extension, are worth seeing. 


The city first received economic importance through 70 fish canning factories and efficient shipyards. And last by the North Sea oil. 


Nowadays, every summer, many cruise lines come here as part of Norway cruises.

 Stavanger Walking Tour

The center of Stavanger is grouped around the Vågen harbor basin. So if you want to stay in the city, all sights can be easily reached on foot.


If you are coming on your own or are part of a cruise ship, visiting Stavanger will be a unique experience. City sightseeing and Stavanger free walking tour such as the Old Stavanger walking tour are easy, with the best local tour guides in Stavanger.


These tours often are a round trip with several stops to the main tourist locations and point of interest in Stavanger. It is a great way to discover the city at your pace and finally see iconic places. For example the traditional wooden houses, Gamle Stavanger and Stavanger Cathedral. There are also many other stunning sites to see during your guided walk in the city of Stavanger.


You can also take a break during your walking tour and look at the Norwegian Petroleum Museum and the Norwegian Canning Museum. They will give you a real incentive on the city’s history, and you can even do it by yourself and connect to wi-fi to get the needed information during your visits.

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Tours in Stavanger

Stavanger Walking Tour

Stavanger -a beautiful city with 150,000 inhabitants – is perfect for exploring on foot. In the surrounding area, the beautiful Lysefjord with the Pulpit Rock, in particular, attracts many shore excursions.


  • The fish market: Fisktorget, is located in a small building right at the end of the Vågen harbor basin. It is also the right place for a snack. 
  • The modern column at the end of the harbor basin is called the “Shrimp Statue.” It is because of its shape and it reminds sailors who have stayed at sea. The tiny staircase next door was built for ducks and their chicks. 
  • Around the corner, the Maritime Museum of Stavanger provides information about seafaring, shipbuilding, and trade in Stavanger.
  • Also, stroll through Gamle Stavanger and Øvre Holmegate! A stroll through the narrow streets of the old town “Gamle Stavanger”, lined with white wooden houses, is a great way to pass the time. In total, there are over 170 white wooden houses from the 18th century. The contrast of the white houses with many flowers is beautiful. Several galleries and artisans settled here.
  • As a contrast to this is the area around Øvre Holmegate on the other side of Vågen harbor with its colorful houses. There are many shops and cafes here.
  • The Stavanger Cathedral is the most venerable architectural monument in the city, whose Romanesque nave was built in the first half of the 12th century. Inside there is a baroque pulpit with rich carvings. 
  • Stavanger’s Cathedral is one of the few medieval church buildings in Norway that has not been changed over the centuries. In front of the cathedral is a small market with many souvenir stalls.
  • Canned food and petroleum. It sounds unusual, but it is part of the local’s history. An old factory houses a beautiful canning museum. Dozens of fish canning factories used to be the city’s economic base. 
  • On the other hand, the North Sea oil is even more important today. It made Stavanger and the whole country rich. The modern Stavanger Oil Museum presents the history of Norwegian oil and gas production.

Explored the area around Stavanger:

  • The Lysefjord: Excursion boats to the 40 km long and up to 500 m deep Lysefjord regularly leave from Stavanger harbor. The journey leads past high and, in many areas, vertically sloping steep walls made of granite rock. The fjord owes its name to its light color. 
  • On the way, the Preikestolen – one of Norway’s most famous sights – appears north. The Preikestolen (Sermon Chair). The approximately 25 square meter rock platform protrudes a full 604 meters above the fjord from the steep walls. The view of the fjord landscape from the rock pulpit is breathtaking and is enjoyed by 100,000 visitors every year.
  • The Kjerag plateau at the end of the fjord lies up to 1,100 meters high. Experienced hikers can climb it in three to four hours via secured paths. In its western part, a 5-ton rock, the Kjeragbolten, is trapped in a deep crevice. The very brave venture onto the massive rock, which nobody knows how it got into the rock-cut, and pose for a photo.
  • Swords in the rock: about 5 kilometers from the harbor on Hafrsfjord are the “Swords in the Rock” (Sverd i Fjell). The work of art is a popular photo opportunity and commemorates the Viking King Harald Hårfagre, who won a decisive battle in 872 and united the country.
  • Last but not least, 15 kilometers from Stavanger lies Sola Beach. It is a beautiful and very fine-grained white Sola beach. Also the water is wonderfully clear here—a great place to spend a few hours on the beach on hot days. 
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