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Sofia Walking Tour

First of all, Sofia is not only the Bulgarian capital but also the cultural and economic center of the country. The largest city in Bulgaria (almost 1.3 million inhabitants) has an eventful history that is thousands of years old, and the first settlements are up to 6000 years old. 

One of the most exciting aspects of Sofia is its versatility. 

By taking a free walking tour Sofia or a cultural walking tour in the Bulgarian capital, you will see many places you can discover with relics from Roman antiquity and evidence of the Ottomans. 


Also, one often encounters signs of the much more recent communist past – but ultimately, Sofia is also a modern and green city with many parks and hip cafes, and street art on every other corner, especially around Tsar Shishman Street. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets, and start planning your walking tour Sofia to discover the Bulgarian capital, St George, the Sofia city’s history museum, the saint Alexander Nevski Cathedral, Banya Bashi mosque, national theatre, etc.


With private tours and local guides, you can fully explore Sofia and discover Sofia’s history while walking the Vitosha boulevard in small groups at your own pace.


 Sofia Walking Tour

Sofia Walking Tour

Sofia is original and refreshingly different. The Balkan metropolis is perfect for switching off from everyday life on a weekend or short trip and getting to know a new culture. 


So, what is to know about the city? How to get around, what to see, what to eat, and what to drink during your tours of Sofia? 

You will find out all of this in this article, thanks to some of Sofia’s best local tour guides.


When arriving in Sofia, you could immediately fall on the dreary district with run-down prefabricated buildings. The color gray dominates the picture.

But as soon as we reach the center, the cityscape changes. Small streets with pretty but peeling Wilhelminian style facades next to expensive fashion boutiques or flea markets. Cobblestones are still there on some streets. But we have to look closely to discover these beautiful and colorful spots.

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Above all, Sofia is green. It is speaking of colorful. Here you will find many parks and green areas to linger in summer.

Furthermore Sofia  scores with low prices, fantastic food, great cafes, restaurants, and hip shops. From the first moment, I am spellbound and fascinated by Sofia.

Tours in Sofia

The Bulgarian capital is one of the oldest cities in Europe, and it is still changing since the end of communism. That is what we like from the first moment. 

The city is exciting and it is one of the most underrated cities in Europe. Because there’s that unique charm. At first glance, this Eastern bloc romanticism, crumbling prefabricated buildings, socialist monuments, and poverty. In the next moment, modern facilities, expensive fashion boutiques on Vitosha Boulevard, and street art.


  • Klek Shop: knee shops in Sofia

One of the discoveries in Sofia is “knee shutters.” These are improvised cellar kiosks on the street, for which you have to bend down far. 


Insiders’ tip about Sofia: You nod to deny it, and you shake your head to say yes. Precisely the opposite of our ways


  • Tsar Ivan Shishman Street – the Street Art in Sofia

Sofia is a bit like Berlin. If you walk carefully through the streets, you will find a work of art on every corner. But especially in and around Tsar Ivan Shishman Street. It is the center of alternative culture. If you want to stroll relaxed, this is the right place for you.


  • Traffic lights controlled by people

These strange “boxes” that stand at all the city center’s intersections fall under special features and bizarre features.


  • The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a Bulgarian Orthodox church. The shining golden landmark of Sofia.


  • St. George’s Rotunda (Sweti Georgi Rotunda)

The St. George’s Church was built in the 4th century under Constantine the Great rule. It is the remnant of the oldest building in Sofia with a roof. St. George’s Church is located in the courtyard of the Presidential Palace behind the Sheraton Hotel.


  • Ivan Vazov National Academic Theater

Go there and the start garden in front of it. In front of the National Theater, you can watch young Bulgarians who are crazy about dancing or dance along.

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  • Gradska Gradina 

The City Garden of Sofia is located directly opposite the National Theater.


  • Sveta Nedelja Cathedral

It is an Orthodox church on the “square of tolerance.” It forms this with the neighboring Catholic Church, the synagogue, and the Banja Baschi mosque.

Incidentally, the Banja Bashi Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Europe. Besides, one of the most important buildings from the time of the Ottoman rule.


  • Market Hall: Tsentralni Hali or Halite

In addition to the better-off Bulgarians, more and more tourists flock to the central market hall, over 100 years old.


 Start your Sofia Walking Tours

A city free walking tour Sofia is highly recommended if it is your first time in the city or only in town for a short time. 

At Riviera Var Crawls & Tours, we love the fact that you come into contact with others here and that you get insider tips from a local guide.

We are continually developing our local tour network, and we are listing the best walking tours in Sofia and other cities around Europe, so you can always start your trip with the best tours and people.

If your time in the Bulgarian capital is tight, we have summarized the most important things for a city trip to Sofia.   

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