Siena – Italian flair and elegance 

The love of art. A very well-kept way of life. The lively Italian character. A certain stylish elegance. These and many more things make city life in Siena so appealing. So, iff you want to get to know Siena, you should plan for a more extended stay. At least a week is necessary to visit the most important sights.  Be enchanted by the hustle and bustle in the piazzas and the old town’s alleys.

Siena Walking Tour


Siena Walking Tour

Siena, a city to dream, a journey back in time to the Middle Ages! Hence, it is arguably the most enchanting, Gothic city in Italy for art lovers! 

With the best free walking tour Siena, you can discover the city and get to know the people, the Italian culture, and find less-known local spots, thanks to Siena’s best local tour guides.

 Today, our local tour guides are taking you around to discover the Italian city of Siena. Choose between:

  • a classic city tour as a Siena walking tour
  • a free walking tour Siena Espanol
  • an English or French speaking local tour guide
  • a Siena walking tours Costanza


Let’s get your Siena walking tour map out.  Start checking the many tourist sites and must-sees, and unique local spots in the city.

Tours in Siena

Siena Walking Tour

There are over 300 historic villas and gardens in the Lucca area and even more monuments and sightseeing to do in Siena during your walking tours in Siena, Italy. 


The city tours include the best tourist site locations you must see in the medieval city. Visit Siena with guided walking tours: a “tour guidato di Siena” should consist of the Piazza del Campo, 17 Contrade, Torre del Mangia, the Basilica San Domenico, etc.


But why not ask for more from your local guide and add a horse race to your tour of Siena … Siena free walking tours are a great reason to discover what locals like to do.


You should visit the city as Siena your way and at your own pace. To plan your trip and your free walking tour Siena, our local guides gave us a list of unique places:

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  • The Siena Cathedral: The Duomo Santa Maria Assunta towers majestically on the highest point of Siena’s city hill. The magnificent church is one of the most important Gothic buildings in Italy.


  • The Baptistery of San Giovanni: As part of the cathedral base’s extension, the baptistery of San Giovanni Battista was built in 1316. In terms of art history, the baptismal font, which is still in use today, shows the transition from Gothic to early Renaissance.


  • The Palazzo Pubblico: The construction began in 1297 and was completed at the beginning of the 14th century, and about 20 years later, the 100-meter high tower, Torre del Mangia, was built. The Palazzo Pubblico then served as the seat of government of the Republic of Siena, the Podesta, and the Nine Council. Today the city museum is located in the palace itself. There are many famous frescoes in numerous halls.


  • The Piazza del Campo and the Palio: The famous shell-shaped Piazza is one of Italy’s most impressive municipal squares. The square connects the three parts of the city and is practically the heart of Siena. In contrast to St. Mark’s Square in Venice and the Piazza Dei Miracoli in Pisa, it is a square without a church. 


  • Basilica di San Domenico: The towering structure on the Colle di San Domenico in Via Camporegio. In the transept of the church, you can admire six ornate chapels. Every year on July 2nd and August 16th, the horse that competes in the Palio di Siena under the banner of the “Contrada del Drago” for the district is consecrated here.


  • Santa Maria Della Scala: it is one of the oldest hospitals in Europe. It was not until the 1980s when the new Policlinico Santa Maria le Scotte hospital was gradually built to move to the new building. The vast complex was transformed into one of the most important museums in Siena. 


  • Pinacoteca Nazionale: Siena’s painting from the beginnings in the 13th century to the Baroque period is exhibited on three floors in a total of 36 halls. The Palazzo Buonsignori, a late Gothic palace from the 15th century, houses the Museum.
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  • Palazzo Salimbeni: The Piazza Salimbeni locates a three-story palace from the 14th century. It was the world’s first bank founded here in 1472, the Bank Monte Dei Paschi di Siena, which still exists today. 


  • Orto De’Pecci: You can reach the medieval garden and park via steps that lead down from the Piazza del Mercato. After a short walk through Via Del Sole, the many different types of plants’ exciting smells will greet you.


  • Orto Botanico – the Botanical Garden of Siena: it was founded in 1784 by Biagio Bartalini. The entrance to the 2.5-hectare park is in Piazza Sant Agostino. The aim is to bring the exotic plant species and native flora of Tuscany closer to the general public and promote nature’s protection. 


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