Seville – the Spanish holiday-destination

Seville Walking Tour

In Seville, life takes place on the streets decorated with orange trees. The best Seville’s attractions include not only the oriental palaces reminiscent of so many fantastic stories.

Flamenco dancers with maroon, fiery, blazing eyes who seem to lose themselves in the guitars’ rhythm are more than just lovely to look at.

As part of our new program and city tours, we are now giving you access to the tips and advice from local tour guides in Seville.

By the way, Seville is one of the most popular destinations for a holiday in Spain as you can find a great free walking tour Seville and other specific Seville walking tours.

Seville Walking Tour

Strolling is the sport of the Sevillians. Provided that sport is possible in Seville due to the frequent heat. 

Stroll means deliberately go slow, be entertaining to your partners, have a chat while standing. Go on slowly. In the evenings, the Sevillians like to stroll through and in high heels, which makes this activity’s slowness all the more necessary!

It is what explained our best local tour guides in Seville. It is the kind of thing that you can only learn from the locals, and this wat we are looking for when discovering a new city.

Are you ready to discover the Sevillian wonders? 

Let’s take one of the best free walking tours Seville. In the Spanish city, you have plenty of excursions to choose from, with:


  • A Seville free walking tour 
  • A free walking tour Triana Seville
  • A free walking tour Seville Jewish quarter 
  • A Seville rooftop walking tour
  • A free walking tour Seville English
  • As well as a lot of Seville walking tours in different languages


Seville’s free walking tour is the way to learn the históricos de Seville (the history of the city). With the best local guides: “guías locales,” you can explore Seville and try to find the hotspots already listed on Tripadvisor Llc. You can also add many more local destinations and sightseeing along your walking tour.

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Why not ask your tour guide for some visits to the neighborhood close to Seville, such as Santa Cruz and other countryside towns?

Tours in Seville

Seville Walking Tour

It is time to discover and enjoy the Seville way of living and “iniciar session” (start) a walking tour of Seville at your own pace.

Here are some of the best spots and places to in Seville as say the locals:


  • The most famous of the Seville sights is the Alcázar


  • Visit the Alhambra: The highlight inside the palace is the Sala de Embajadores; the ambassador’s hall impresses with an overflowing decorated vaulted ceiling. 


  • The Giralda & Seville Cathedral: The former minaret of Seville’s main mosque is also one of the city’s leading architectural attractions. The Seville Cathedral is one of the largest churches in the world.


  • Plaza de Espana: one of the most famous and characteristic squares in Seville. 


  • Maria Luisa Park: The botanical garden and public park in Seville is ideal for taking a break and a good breath. 


  • The Bullring and Museum: Not far from the Cathedral of Santa Maria de la Sede and the Plaza Nueva is the bullring of Seville (Plaza de toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla) in the middle of the old town.


  • The Metropol Parasol: Seville can be old, but the metropolis in southern Spain can also be new: the Metropol Parasol, a wooden structure in the old town.


Insider’s tip: The corridors on the roof of the building are accessible as a viewing platform. The view over the city is spectacular.


You can also ask your local tour guide to take you to:

  • Casa de Pilatos
  • Isla Magica
  • Puente de Isabel II
  • Archivo-General-de-Indias


Or simply ask your guide to tell you more about the local eateries, nightlife areas, or any feature of the city that you want to discover.

 Start your Seville Walking Tours

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