Your stay in Chile will undoubtedly begin/end with the capital, Santiago. The opportunity to stop for a few days to take in the atmosphere of the large city of nearly 5 million inhabitants.


Today we are giving the essential information to explore the city with Riviera Bar Crawl & Tours local guides for the best pub crawls in Santiago, Chile!


Santiago Pub Crawl- What to do in Santiago at night?

Santiago Pub Crawl

If you want to party, you can find good nightlife in Santiago. There is a wide selection for all ages and tastes.


Book your ticket now and join Riviera Bar Crawl & tours local guides at the meeting point for the best pub Crawl Santiago!


Nightlife in Santiago – Where to party in Santiago? 

The districts Bellavista (relatively inexpensive) and Vitacura (more exclusive) are particularly popular. The spectrum ranges from techno, house, and electronic beats to rock/pop and Caribbean rhythms (salsa, cumbia, merengue, reggaeton).


Here is a small selection from our local guides and party experts:


  • Club La Feria for electronic music
  • Las Urracas is a famous nightclub
  • Clan Destino for electro and folk music
  • Club Subterráneo offers both the nightclub scene and live music
  • La Fonda Permanente for Cumbia and local folk
  • La Maestra Vida is a fun “salsa club” with live music.


Start your Santiago pub crawl tours 

If you want to understand what a city is about fully, you need to discover its nightlife through locals’ eyes.


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