Salzburg – a fairytale city 

This little town on the Salzach could be seen as a bit kitschy that it keeps amazing us again and again.

Salzburg is manageable, so you can easily reach almost all sights on foot. It’s best to go directly to the old town. It is the perfect city to discover with a Salzburg walking tour or even a free guided walking tour Salzburg. Ask your local guides explained, most of Salzburg highlights are located near the city center.

Are you ready to fully experience Salzburg with the best city tour? Get your Salzburg walking tour map, and let’s follow our guide through the town of Salzburg.

Salzburg Walking Tour

Salzburg Walking Tour

Salzburg: the city that could have stood as a model for all the snow globe towns in the world. Fairytale castles, unicorns spouting water, magnificent baroque buildings, small narrow streets, and cuckoo clocks. And in the background always these beautiful mountain peaks.

However, Salzburg is primarily known as the city of Mozart. Mozart’s birthplace, Mozart concerts, Mozart balls, and so on. Everything seems to revolve around the talented boy. 

But is there anything else to see here? Our best local guides in Salzburg are showing us the way to discover the Austrian city best.

Then it is up to you to choose the right free walking tour Salzburg for you: 

  • “Classic monuments and tourist sites” free walking tour Salzburg Austria?
  • Free walking tour of Salzburg English?
  • Sound of Silence Salzburg city walking tour?
  • Alternative Salzburg guided walking tour?
  • Food tour of the best eateries and delicacies in Salzburg?

The city of Mozart already has an extraordinary flair. It doesn’t matter whether you stroll through the alleys in summer or winter. Every season has something exceptional about it. 

The festival city from the eyes of the locals

On the one hand, there is the hustle and bustle during the festival season or the romantic atmosphere in the Christmas markets. There are also new bars, new shops, and recent special exhibitions – there is always something going on in Salzburg …

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Our local guide’s tip: The most stylish way to enjoy your coffee break is in Café Tomaselli, the oldest coffee house in town. 

Tours in Salzburg

In Salzburg, you can walk through the old town to the most important squares. We recommend that you start your city trip with a walk through the old town below the fortress. The historic center of Salzburg is a winding alley labyrinth with some unexpectedly spacious, splendid squares.

One thing is sure: you should not miss these top sights and things to do and see on your next visit to Salzburg! 

Salzburg Walking Tour

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s discover cool insider tips from locals.

  • Getreidegasse is one of the most popular shopping streets in the city. From the most prominent brands to international franchises, there are shops for every wallet. Also, direct your gaze a little upwards to the traditional guild signs. These give you a slight suspicion of what to expect in the shops. 

Local tip: Unfortunately, Getreidegasse is often very crowded, which is why a visit in the morning is recommended.

  • Mozart’s birthplace and home: A personality and two classics that should not miss during the visit to Salzburg: The Mozart Birth – and residential building belonging to the classic tourist program do so. The old bell whistles at Mozart’s birthplace in Getreidegasse are particularly worth seeing. It’s worth taking a closer look!
  • The Schranne: Every Thursday, the square in front of the Andräkirche is transformed into a colorful market. Fresh fish, fruit, vegetables, or fried chicken: on the Schranne, there is almost everything that makes a gourmet’s heart beat faster. 

Local tip: the locals meet afterward for coffee in the Wernbacher.

  • Salzburg by night: Salzburg by day is wonderful. Salzburg at night is incomparable. That is why we recommend a night city walk to all romantics. 

From Dom- to Residenzplatz, along the Salzach and back to the old town. Simply fantastic! By the way, you have a wonderful view of the fortress from Mozarsteg.

  • Get out of the old town! Not only the alleys and imposing squares around Getreidegasse are worth seeing. How about a short walk through the Andräviertel? 

Small shops, nice coffee houses, restaurants, and bars as far as the eye can see! 

  • Salzburg’s bridges: Numerous bridges connect the right and left sides of the old town. The largest and most famous is the State Bridge, which leads almost directly into Getreidegasse. In addition to her, you should cross the following bridges:
    • Mozartsteg – pay attention to the ground! Often there are charming hints like “cuddle here without restraint” or “Heast, look good again today!”.
    • Makartsteg – don’t forget your love lock!
    • Müllnersteg – one of the best photo spots in Salzburg!
    • The Makartsteg in Salzburg with all its love locks in the sunset
  • Salzburg’s coffee house culture: No visit to Salzburg without its coffee houses! Whether Café Konditorei Fürst, Café Tomaselli, or Café Bazar – coffee lovers will find a paradise of coffee house tradition in Salzburg. 
  • The Hohensalzburg Fortress is the best viewpoint of the city. Whether on foot or with the fortress train, you have to go.
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From the Hohensalzburg Fortress, you have the best overall view of Salzburg’s city (go on foot). 

But that’s not all. There is a beautiful stroll from the fortress to the Museum of Modern Art.

  • Salzburg’s Christmas markets: A must in the run-up to Christmas: the Salzburg’s Advent markets. The choice is huge. Whether on Domplatz, in Hellbrunn, on the fortress or in the Sternbräu – every Advent market has its unique charm. 

The Christmas market in the Stiftskeller St. Peter is a bit hidden but fantastic.

You can also decide to visit the surrounding area. The Salzkammergut is located near the city of Salzburg. A trip to the lake region is worthwhile, especially for more extended stays in the Mozart city. 

Whether in summer for swimming or in the cold season for a winter walk through idyllic places like St. Wolfgang. Hot tip: a boat trip on Lake Wolfgang. Simply fantastic!

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